Major Free Agent In Play To Join WWE

WWE WrestleMania crowd

A new report has claimed that WWE has set its sights on signing a major free agent — a signing which is taking priority over rumoured links with New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Jay White.

On February 11th White lost a ‘Loser Leaves Japan’ match against Hikuleo. The bout was made even more intriguing by reports that WWE also held an interest in signing White’s opponent. However, White was eventually felled by a massive Chokeslam, sending him out of Japan. It is something of an open secret that WWE has been a long-time admirer of White, while he also has links to AEW.

White is scheduled to appear NJPW Battle in the Valley in a match against Eddie Kingston on February 18th. This match recently gained some extra spice with the news that the loser will not be able to wrestle for NJPW again. The stipulation seemingly confirms that White is on his way out of the company.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer stated that while White has previously expressed little interest in joining WWE, priorities can change. Although perhaps more interestingly, Meltzer also claims that WWE is chasing a bigger free agent, and that is the priority over signing Switchblade.

“He had in the past expressed little interest in going to WWE when it would be brought up to him, but times always change, and at 30, your priorities also change.

It is not clear what is next for White, although one would suspect WWE or AEW would be his next destination, because nothing else would make sense. Those in WWE who would normally know of major acquisitions during Mania season didn’t know about this one and only said that there was a much bigger major free agent in play right now that was internally the priority.”

Could CM Punk Be Returning To WWE?

While some fans might feel that this potential signing is a reference to CM Punk it is important to note that he remains under contract with AEW. Furthermore, suggestions that Ace Steel was at the Royal Rumble attempting to broker a deal for Punk appear wide of the mark.