Major AEW Announcement Coming On May 17th

Tony Khan AEW

A report has offered an update on when AEW will confirm plans for its new Saturday night television show.

It has widely been reported that AEW will be adding two more hours of programming to its schedule, with the launch of a new show on Saturday nights. Furthermore, it is believed that CM Punk will be returning on the debut episode.

Although no official announcement has been made, it has been reported that the show will debut on June 17th, at the United Center in Chicago, and Punk will make his long-awaited comeback on the show. The venue famously played host to Punk’s AEW debut back in August 2021.

The new show believed to be titled Collision will spark a roster split between the show on Saturday and Dynamite on Wednesday.

Speaking on the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian noted that the announcement regarding the new show is set to come on May 17th.

“The announcement is most likely happening at the upfronts. So, I believe that’s May 17th. So a month out from the actual show. Which I’ve heard — different sources have said the same thing. I believe that’s happening. I don’t know if Tony [Khan] is announing it upfront or if Turner is announcing it upfront, but they are announcing it at upfronts.”

Interestingly, that date is a Wednesday, meaning another “huge announcement” from Tony Khan could be incoming.

Warner Bros Discovery Pushed For CM Punk To Return To AEW

While it has become something of an open secret that CM Punk will be returning to AEW, it has also been reported that Warner Bros Discovery was heavily involved. A new report noted that Punk was seen as “extremely important” to the deal to create the new show, while his return is said to be “significant to everything.”

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