Main Event For AEW Double Or Nothing Is Official

MJF middle fingers at AEW Dynamite

Tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite included a high-stakes tag match that had major repercussions on the main event at the next AEW pay-per-view, Double or Nothing.

After weeks of scheming and working together, MJF and Sammy Guevara believed they had pulled a fast one over on the AEW roster by setting up a rigged singles match between them at Double or Nothing. Guevara intended to lay down in the ring and let Friedman pin him in exchange for a blank check on which Guevara wrote the deal’s price. AEW Founder and President Tony Khan was understandably against this idea and would instead set up a tag team match this week that could change the entire complexion of that main event bout.

Darby Allin and Jungle Boy — the two other “pillars” of AEW — were put together as a duo to battle Guevara and MJF, and if they could win the tag team match on tonight’s Dynamite, they would be added to the main event of Double or Nothing to make it a “pillars” four-way match.

The main event for AEW Dynamite is set in stone

Guevara and MJF, united by a similar goal of wanting the Double or Nothing main event for themselves, did well at working together in heelish ways. They even distracted the referee at one point as they choked Darby Allin with Friedman’s signature scarf. However, there came a time when MJF blind-tagged Guevara and appeared to be trying to steal his glory by winning the match with Sammy’s move. Guevara returned the favor, which inspired MJF to slap him across the face. Their partnership dissolved quickly, allowing Darby Allin to pick up the pinfall by coffin-dropping Guevara.

After tonight, MJF will officially defend the AEW World Title in a four-way match against Guevara, Allin, & Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing on May 28, 2023.