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Madcap Moss Apologised To Vince McMahon After Elimination Chamber

Madcap Moss

A new report has suggested that Madcap Moss made a personal apology to Vince McMahon after a frightening moment at Elimination Chamber that saw Moss land hard on his head.

Heading into the Falls Count Anywhere match between Madcap Moss and Drew McIntyre, fans knew the action would be hard-hitting, but maybe not quite this hard-hitting.

With the bout in full swing, McIntyre attempted an inverted Alabama Slam on Moss but instead of flipping all of the way through, Moss ended up getting spiked straight onto his head and neck.

Referee Jessika Carr immediately went to check on Moss, who was then pulled out of the ring by Baron Corbin, to give him more time to recuperate. However, much to the surprise of just about everyone, Moss was quickly back into the action and appeared to finish the match as planned.

After the match in an update posted on social media, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that he had been told that Madcap Moss “seemed fine” as he made his way back through the curtain.

Now Fightful Select has provided more of an update on what happened backstage following the match. There was said to be no heat on either man with the report adding that Drew McIntyre is highly regarded “for being a safe worker.”

Madcap Moss spoke to numerous people backstage confirming that he was alright and the star apologised to Vince McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and the agents who worked on the match for the incident.

Moss is said to have been evaluated by WWE medical staff following the match as well. The report concludes that there was initially a lot of concern at the Gorilla position where McMahon runs the show from and once it became apparent Moss was ok, the production quickly called for replays of the grizzly moment.