Lykos Gym Will Use “Brains, Smarts & Tactics” To Win PROGRESS Tag Titles

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Lykos Gym have discussed their strategy for their PROGRESS Tag Team Championship match against The Young Guns, claiming they’ll use their “brains, smarts and tactics” to win the gold!

Speaking to Inside The Ropes‘ own Innes McVey, Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II were asked about how they planned to overcome the experience edge of their Chapter 112 opponents The Young Guns who’ve teamed together for almost three years versus Lykos Gym’s three months.

Lykos II responded by calling said advantage “laughable” whilst Lykos discussed how their natural chemistry as a team, abilities inside the ropes and overall wrestling experience will allow them to eclipse their opponents’ tag team experience!

Lykos II: “So the fact that the word experience was just mentioned is funny, to be honest, it is. Between us now is over 20 years of professional wrestling experience. You’ve [Lykos I] been wrestling since you were a child. I have been wrestling since I was a child. We’re two of the youngest veterans… We are the youngest veterans in this country, in Europe. There’s not two professional wrestlers that have the same story as we do. There’s not two professional wrestlers that’ve had the same upbringing in wrestling as we do. So the fact that experience is a team is even considered a threat to us is laughable.”

Lykos: “They’re experienced as a team but their experience in the ring is probably just about as long, they’ve been together since day one. The natural chemistry between us, for one, incredible; the wrestling ability, incredible; the experience, incredible – we eclipse everything that they have. They can do a fancy wristlock all they want but [when] we get in there, we can do anything. You don’t know what’s going to happen.

You’ve seen our previous incarnations, we can fly about with the best of them. [Lykos II] is a technical wizard but he doesn’t get to show it that often. He can outwrestle everyone. And that’s what we plan on doing: We’ll use our brains, ours smarts, our tactics and we’ll go in there and we’ll eclipse this ‘tag team experience’ that they have.”

Later, the duo were asked about the statistic that Lykos will become the man with the most PROGRESS Tag Team Championship reigns in history should they be victorious and if accolades like that added any pressure to this title bout.

The original Kid Lykos claimed that not only did it not add pressure, but it instead calmed him due to his vast experience in both the PROGRESS tag division and main event scene:

“I would say it adds no pressure. I would say, if anything, it’s calming because I’ve been here countless times before. I’ve wrestled incredible teams in the past and I’ve proven I can do this at the highest standard. Like I’ve said in promos gone by, I’m the only wrestler in the tournament with legitimate PROGRESS main event and tag title experience and that’s what I’ve been teaching [Lykos II].

That’s why we’re going into the main event, we’re going into the final, wrestling The Young Guns who are incredible – incredibly annoying as well – but within their right, very good wrestlers. But they’re nothing like us. They’re not as smart as us. They don’t have the knowledge that I possess and Kid Lykos II possesses. That’s why we’re going into it, we’re taking the tag titles, and that’s why I will become the person with the most PROGRESS Wrestling tag title reigns in history.”

Lykos Gym are set to face The Young Guns in the final of the PROGRESS Tag Team Tournament to crown the next PROGRESS Tag Team Champions at Chapter 112: The Flowers Are Still Standing, streaming live via Peacock and the WWE Network at 5pm BST on June 5th.

You can check out our interview with Lykos Gym in full here.

Photo credit: Rob Brazier / Head Drop Photography