Lykos Gym Reveal Their Dream PROGRESS Tag Title Challengers

Lykos Gym

Lykos Gym have discussed their dream challengers for their PROGRESS Tag Team Championships, naming the likes of The Motor City Machine Guns and The Usos!

Speaking to Inside The Ropes‘ own Innes McVey prior to capturing the PROGRESS Tag Team titles, Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II were asked if they had any specific goals should they become champions or if there were any teams in particular they’d want to defend the gold against.

Both men agreed that they were above every other team in the company before the original Kid Lykos revealed his desire to face the best tag teams in the world – including The Motor City Machine Guns, The Young Bucks and The Usos!

Lykos II: I mean, so far we’ve beaten everyone that we’ve wrestled. We’re the only team [in PROGRESS] who hasn’t lost as a team.

Lykos: No one seems to be intriguing at the moment: We’ve beaten veterans like Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley, we’ve beaten newbies and comedy wrestlers like Gene Munny and Big Guns Joe. I’m sure we could beat laughable wrestlers like The Sunshine Machine, could easily pin Danny Black as has been seen. I think personally, I think there’s no one that intrigues me to wrestle unless you get to bring in someone ridiculous.

I want to wrestle The Motor City Machine Guns, I want to wrestle The Young Bucks, I want to wrestle The Usos, I want to wrestle anyone who’s been doing this at a high level like we have. The goals for it is just to carry the PROGRESS tag team division, like we already have been doing, on our backs and prove that tag wrestling is the superior style of wrestling and that we do it better than anyone else in the UK, let alone Europe.

Later, the duo were asked about Eddie Kingston naming Kid Lykos as someone he’d love to see in AEW and if they’d consider a move to Jacksonville, or anywhere else across the globe, if the opportunity arose. Lykos explained that whilst AEW would be appealing, he’s keeping his focus more global on promotions like IMPACT, Dragon Gate and DDT!

Lykos: AEW is a great example. I think we can both say with [Lykos II’s] relationship with Kip Sabian, we’d love to be there and I think we could tear it up with people like Jungle Boy, I mentioned The Young Bucks previously but who couldn’t kill it with them?

I think the tag division there… Angelico and Jack Evans, I’ve already wrestled them but I think we’d have a banger. AEW is very appealing, but then there’s loads of wrestling everywhere that’s incredible. IMPACT is killing it, Dragon Gate is my favourite promotion of all time, my favourite place to watch. And I’m not speaking for [Lykos II], but I’m sure it’s similar in stature in your regard.

Lykos II: Absolutely, it’s right up there.

Lykos: DDT, obviously, I love and I still appreciate to this day the way they were looking at bringing myself and Chris in, but I’m happy to go anywhere. I just want to prove that we are exceptional professional wrestlers. I want to prove that we can do it to the highest standard with anyone, put us anywhere. Send me back to Tijuana with [Lykos II] and we’ll kill it. Bandito, Flamita, [El Soberano Jr], anyone. We’ve got it and we’ll kill with anyone. I want to prove that to everyone worldwide. America, Japan, Mexico, we can do it.

Lykos Gym also detailed their strategy for their PROGRESS Tag Team Championship match at Chapter 112, discussed Kid Lykos’ comeback from retirement earlier this year and explained why Joe Nelson, now Kid Lykos II, was picked to continue the legacy of the Lykos moniker!

You can check out our interview with Lykos Gym in full here.

Photo credit: Rob Brazier / Head Drop Photography