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Luther On Being In Dynamite Main Event With Chris Jericho

In October, AEW marked Chris Jericho’s 30 years in the wrestling business with a special episode of Dynamite. The main event of the show featured Le Champion and his Inner Circle teammate Jake Hager taking on the Chaos Project, Luther and Serpentico. Jericho has a long history with Luther, and they have been friends since early in his career. In an interview with Fighful, Luther discussed when he found out about the match, and his reaction to being told he would be in the main event.

“I was told about it a week or two before. They brought it up to me and I was like, ‘Woah.’ Serpentico was pretty jazzed. Who would have thought that we would get that chance? It’s a memory that will be with me forever. I think for [Serpentico] too. I was so happy for Serpentico. I was almost more happy for him than me. I was happy for Chris’ celebration, but Serpentico came on as a daily guy for the COVID matches, we got put together as a random thing, which really worked. We gelled really well together and next thing you know we got to (main event Dynamite)”

The Original Death Dealer went on to talk about his performance on the night, saying that he tried his best.

“I tried my best, I don’t want to make any excuses or anything, I did everything I had to do. I got a little something on my shoes that made my shoes super slippery. I got new shoes now. So, it was odd, and then I got into my head a little bit. I still tried. One of the best bat catches in wrestling history, I think. I did a good bat catch. Baseball is my thing.”

Jericho and Hager went on to claim victory in the match to top off a night of celebration for The Demo God.

You can see more of Luther and Serpentico each week on AEW Dark.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.