Luchasaurus Turns Heel… Again


Luchasaurus has turned his back on Jungle Boy yet again, this time with devastating circumstances.

The grudge match between Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Christian Cage was one of the most highly anticipated matches on the card.

The rivalry began on June 15th when in the aftermath of Jurassic Express’ defeat to the Young Bucks, Cage turned on Jungle Boy leaving him laying with a con-chair-to. In the weeks after the attack Luchasaurus aligned with Cage acting firmly under his instruction.

However, AEW’s resident dinosaur re-joined Jungle Boy on July 20th, and the pair have been together since waging war against Cage. But that alliance now appears to be a thing of the past.

At All Out with Christian Cage waiting in the ring, Jungle Boy, using his real name of Jack Perry entered the stage before looking around for his friend. After looking at the ‘babyface’ tunnel, Luchasaurus appeared from behind, Chokeslaming Perry off the stage onto a steel grid. He then followed this up by smashing him through a table at ringside.

Perry rolled into the ring and got referee Aubrey Edwards to start the match, but he was in no condition to continue. After valiantly kicking out a Spear, he was felled by a Killswitch, Cage blowing a kiss to Perry’s family at ringside in the process.

After the match Christian Cage left with Luchasaurus to the disgust of the crowd.