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Report On Incident That Spurred Lucha House Party To Ask For Their WWE Releases

Lucha House Party

A new report has shed light on what caused Lucha House Party to ask for their WWE release before they were let go from the company on the 4th of November.

On that date, 18 members of the WWE roster were let go from the company in the latest round of ongoing budget cuts in the company. Stars such as former NXT Champions Karrion Kross and Keith Lee were among those let go as well as the two surviving members of Lucha House Party – Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik.

Now Dave Meltzer in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that the two men had previously asked for their release with Lince Dorado said to be upset after being told to lose on Main Event:

“The story behind the releases of Dorado & Metalik is that both asked for their release after being asked to lose on Main Event to Garza & Carrillo on 9/13 in Boston. The story behind it is that there were those in the company who viewed this as punishment for Dorado, who was booked to lose the fall (usually that would be Metalik when the team would lose) to a makeshift team.”

“At the time there were no plans for Garza & Carrillo and Dorado was hot after the match and asked to talk to Vince. As you can imagine, that wasn’t viewed well, wanting to talk to Vince over the result of a match on Main Event that almost nobody would ever see outside of Canada.”

“Dorado was the one who asked out first after this match and Metalik agreed to do it as well. We were told that Metalik had wanted out but he was not the kind of a guy who would have asked out. The belief is that more likely than not they would not have survived this round of cuts either way.”

The Main Event match between Lucha House Party and Carrillo and Garza aired on the 16th of September, meaning it was almost two months after they asked for their release before they were granted it:

“Both were not given their releases at the time, but it was not a good sign when neither was mentioned in the draft, which kind of showed how the company viewed them after they asked out. And then they were let go in the latest set of cuts.”

“The ironic thing is that the company had no plans for Garza & Carrillo and this match may have saved their jobs because those who actually watched the match thought the two looked good together and it led to the decision to actually go heel with Carrillo and make them a regular team.”

Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza have been rebranded as Humberto and Angel, with the real-life cousins collectively now known as Los Lotharios on SmackDown.