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“This Looks Trash” – Ex-WWE Star’s Reaction To Main Roster Pitch

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A former WWE Superstar has revealed they were less than impressed when presented with their main roster ring gear.

After arriving in WWE in early 2020, Karrion Kross became a dominant force in NXT. The former IMPACT Wrestling star quickly captured the NXT Championship, although he immediately had to vacate the title due to injury.

However, not even that could slow Kross down as he recaptured the title shortly after returning to the brand. Throughout his time in NXT, Kross appeared alongside his wife Scarlett Bordeaux, who formed an essential part of his act and his entrance.

Despite this, when Kross debuted on Monday Night Raw in July 2021, he was flying solo and immediately lost to Jeff Hardy. Furthermore, in the weeks that followed he was given a completely new presentation which was widely panned.

The new presentation included new ring gear, and a mask that he wore to the ring.

Speaking in a new interview with the Two Man Power Trip podcast, Kross opened up about his initial reaction to seeing his new gear. During the conversation, Kross held nothing back, describing what he was presented with as “cheap” and “horrendous.”

“What I was told was this was going to be an upgraded version of what I was previously doing in NXT, upgraded. A bigger and better version of what I did. And they said they wanted to give me new music and they wanted to switch up my entrance a little bit. And then, we got this mock-up of this outfit and it looked cheap and horrendous and I said, ‘Surely this is just a concept? This is not what they’re actually trying to manufacture or engineer because this is a billion-dollar company and this looks like trash.’ Sure enough, the day comes, we get the costume and I was, like, ‘Boy, I don’t know about this.'”

Despite being repackaged, Karrion Kross failed to gain any significant momentum and he was released alongside Scarlett on November 4th.

Since leaving WWE, Kross has appeared in MLW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It was also reported that the former NXT Champion was set to appear in AEW in May, but turned down the opportunity.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.