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Logan Paul Responds To Sami Zayn’s Conspiracy Theory Documentary

Sami Zayn shares Pat Patterson story

Logan Paul has once again been chatting with SmackDown Superstar Sami Zayn on Twitter.

The YouTube star turned celebrity boxer had previously replied to Zayn over comments he made where he said his new documentary would do “Logan Paul numbers.”

Zayn then replied to Logan commenting that the documentary would show some “pretty shocking stuff.”

Hey @LoganPaul not sure if you were just messing around with this tweet, but as someone who knows what it’s like to have everyone against you, you should 100% look into the massive conspiracy against me. It’s actually pretty shocking stuff.

Logan Paul has now replied once again, saying that he’ll check out the film.

On the March 12th episode of SmackDown a suitably excited and frantic Sami Zayn bumped into Kevin Owens backstage. Zayn touched on the long and winding history that the pair have before trying to get Owens to appear in his documentary. A documentary that Zayn claims will show that there has been a WWE-wide conspiracy to hold him down.

Owens repeatedly brushed Zayn off, before finally telling him that he would think about his offer. During Zayn’s sales pitch he promised KO that the documentary would be massive, and would be a YouTube sensation, doing “Logan Paul numbers.”