Logan Paul Gets The Upper Hand Over Seth Rollins On WWE Raw

Logan Paul

Seth Rollins may have gotten his wish and a meeting with Logan Paul face-to-face, but things didn’t quite go to plan for the former World Champion.

The Miz was first to the ring and said that he would be acting as mediator before being joined by Logan Paul. After a pause, Rollins made his entrance and the fans sang his entrance long after he arrived in the ring.

Paul told the fans to shut up before he and Rollins got down to business. The YouTube star pondered why The Visionary has such a problem with him, wondering whether it was because he’s achieved in one year what it took Rollins 20 years to accomplish. He added that he was working smarter, not harder, and is on his way in, as Rollins is on his way out.

Rollins fired back by calling Paul the “scum of the earth,” a coward, and saying that everyone doesn’t want the star in their house. Continuing on he said he didn’t come to talk he came to fight. Paul said that he didn’t fight for free hinting that he’d face him at WrestleMania.

The Miz said he could make that happen before being thrown out of the ring by Rollins. Paul went for a stomp on Rollins but missed, and Rollins was attacked by Miz. As The Visionary turned around, he was laid out by a huge right hand from Paul.

The match between the pair at WrestleMania was made official later in the show.

When Did The Rivalry Between Seth Rollins & Logan Paul Start?

The issues between Seth Rollins and Logan Paul began back at the Royal Rumble when the YouTube star eliminated Rollins from the men’s Rumble match.

In a series of interviews after the event, Rollins ran down Paul, leading to the star costing The Visionary the United States Title at Elimination Chamber.

On the February 27th episode of WWE Raw, Rollins attacked The Miz and stole his phone, and used it to call his rival. Rollins then challenged him to meet him face-to-face on March 6th.