Logan Paul Denies WWE Image Was Photoshopped

Logan Paul at WWE Headquarters

On April 10th it was announced that Logan Paul had signed a new contract with WWE.

Heading into WrestleMania 39, Paul revealed that the contract he signed back in June 2022 was coming to an end following his match with Seth Rollins. Paul has been a success story for WWE, helping generate large amounts of publicity, while his in-ring performances have drawn praise from both fans and critics.

As such, the YouTube star said that WWE would be “silly” not to try and tie him down to a long-term deal. It had even been reported over WrestleMania weekend that the feeling backstage was that a deal had already been done.

According to ESPN Paul has signed a new “multi-year deal,” while the man himself is looking forward to adding to his WWE legacy.

“I feel incredibly blessed to have found something that I’m good at, at 28 years old,” Paul said. “And the fact that the organization believes I’m good enough to continue hopefully building this WWE legacy is mind-blowing. And I’m incredibly grateful and incredibly blessed. And as long as I can keep putting on good shows, man, I’m gonna keep doing this sport.”

However, the part of the announcement that caught the eye of fans was that the image used appeared to be a photoshopped version of a photo from 2022. The two photos appear identical aside from the colour of Paul’s jacket, PRIME bottle, and missing Stephanie McMahon. It was also highlighted that the PRIME bottle still says Blue Raspberry.

Fans were quick to share their theories, but Paul is having none of it.

What Next For Logan Paul?

In the months leading up to WrestleMania 39, it was reported that Logan Paul was in the frame to face John Cena. The star himself also went public with his desire for the match. Although they both went in different directions it was recently reported that the bout “remains on the table” and could instead take place at SummerSlam.