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Popular indie wrestler to undergo surgery

Independent wrestler Tony Deppen, who regularly performs with promotions like Game Changer Wrestling, took to social media earlier today and revealed that he will be out of action indefinitely due to a surgery needed on his broken arm. The injury occurred when Deppen battled Zack Sabre Jr. for GCW in Brooklyn this past Thursday night.

Once the surgery occurs, Deppen will have a two-month recovery time. You can see his social media post below:

Somehow I’ve made it 17 years into my journey of pro wrestling without a major injury – until now.

Last night a freak accident turned into a severe break on my arm. I continued to work with a broken arm for a few more mins, cause they match meant way more to me than anything. According to the doctor, There’s no way for it to heal back into place naturally, so the only option is to undergo surgery.

At the moment they can’t schedule it for about a week or two; after that it’ll be a 2 month recover to make sure the steel plate in my arm heals properly.

I’ll be honest, at the moment, I’m scared and a little overwhelmed. 2 kids, not a contracted wrestler, and a variety of other things that come up as an adult; and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. But I’m going to do what I do, and get through this, and come out stronger than ever.

It’s not gonna be fun – besides COVID, this will be thee longest I’ve gone with out wrestling in 17 years. I don’t know what to do with myself, especially with one arm. Ha. all I know is I’m going to work harder than i have ever done.

Thanks to gcw the opportunity, thanks to Zach for the match – truly the botb – and thank you to the fans for the amazing support.

See y’all in 2-3 months

Love you


Roman Reigns

Updated card for WWE Night of Champions

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown was one to remember, as the cracks in The Bloodline only seemed to get worse. Roman Reigns spent part of the show shaming The Usos for recent losses, eventually revealing that he and Solo Sikoa will get a shot at the Undisputed Tag Team Titles at the Night of Champions PLE. We also learned who will face Seth Rollins in the finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

You can see the updated card for WWE Night of Champions below:

  • Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes (A “fight”)
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (c)
  • Finals to crown the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles

What's in store for next week's SmackDown

Tonight was an action-packed edition of WWE SmackDown, with two triple threat matches, a WWE Women’s Tag Team Title match, and the semi-finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, amongst other bouts. But what do we have coming up next Friday? Several matches and segments have been announced, including a confrontation between WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa and WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn.

You can see the current card for the 5/19 WWE SmackDown below:

  • WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa confront WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
  • Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso
  • Pretty Deadly vs. Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland
  • The Grayson Waller Effect with special guest AJ Styles
AJ Styles

AJ Styles earns his way to the finals at Night of Champions

The break ends with Lashley in control, picking AJ up and giving knees and elbows. AJ kicks Bobby in the legs to break him down, following it up with some stomps at the knee. Styles eats an elbow to the face; then, some punches rain down on his face. Lashley gets caught in the calf crusher! AJ wrenches back on Bobby’s leg, but he uses his power to smash AJ’s head into the mat to escape.

AJ keeps on him with some kicks and a right hand, followed by a DDT. It’s still only a quick two-count! Lashley is busted open in the same spot he was earlier tonight. Styles gets caught in a unique facebuster to slam AJ into the mat. He tries to hit the dominator, but AJ lands on his feet and hits a running phenomenal forearm. He misses Bobby in the corner and gets locked into the hurt lock!

AJ struggles, eventually getting to the ropes. Styles is worn out, though. Bobby moves to the outside and slams AJ into the steel steps. Lashley picks up AJ but is shoved into the ring post, which Styles follows up with an enziguri. He pushes Lashley back inside the ring and attempts a phenomenal forearm. Lashley catches him in mid-air! AJ tries for the calf crusher, but Lashley pulls him into a vertical suplex. Yet again, AJ escapes. Lashley nails a running powerslam on AJ for a close two-count!

Lashley picks AJ up and tries for the hurt lock, but Styles gets out with elbows. This one is so close! Lashley misses the spear and collides with the ring post. AJ uses a running knee on a stunned Lashley. AJ with the phenomenal forearm! HE WINS! AJ advances!!!

AJ Styles

AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley

We return from a commercial with Bianca Belair freaking out in the trainer’s room from her eyes being sprayed with blue mist. Next week on SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa will confront Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn! Also, next week, Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar vs. The Usos. Lastly, Pretty Deadly vs. Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland. The Grayson Waller Effect will also occur, with the winner of the main event tonight.

The bell rings and AJ chops at Lashley. Bobby is frustrated that he keeps getting evaded. The crowd chants let’s go AJ as Bobby knees Styles in the abdomen. Lashley hits multiple elbows and stomps in the corner on AJ. He elbows Styles but misses a right in the corner. Styles returns with forearms, chops, and kicks. Lashley with a hard Irish whip that sends AJ over the top ropes. He comes after him, slamming Styles spine-first into the apron of the ring. He picks AJ up on his shoulders and smashes him into the ring post as we go to the final break!

Bianca Belaire

Bianca Belair's Championship celebration is interrupted

We return from the commercial break with an official announcement for Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

Bianca Belair comes down to somewhat of a mixed reaction in her hometown! Wow! She gets inside the ring and poses with the Raw Women’s Championship as pyrotechnics go off. Suddenly, she is interrupted by Asuka! She doesn’t have makeup on her face. She offers a hand to Bianca as the crowd chants, “EST!” THey shake hands, but Asuka sprays mist into the eyes of Belair! Asuka is turning heel!

The trainers and referees try to help Bianca, but Asuka just mocks Belair and the crowd as she hustles up the ring. Backstage, we see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley getting ready for their match after the break!


Pretty Deadly confront The Brawling Brutes

Backstage, The Brawling Brutes try to cheer up Sheamus after his loss in the triple threat match. Pretty Deadly from NXT show up, which Sheamus responds by asking which one is pretty and which one is deadly. They tease The Brawling Brutes, but sneak away before any trouble starts. Sheamus says they’ll find out if they’re “pretty deadly.”

Bianca Belair celebrating her Championship record is next!!

Raquel Gonzalez

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez retain their titles

We return from the break with both Bayley and Liv Morgan down. Dakota and Raquel tag in, with Rodriguez taking control using powerful clotheslines and two fallaway slams. She goes for a corkscrew elbow, but Dakota rolls out of the way and tags in Bayley. Raquel catches them both with a double chokeslam. Liv tags in and they work together for more tandem offense, even applying Liv as a battering ram.

Dakota kicks Raquel straight into the face, but they both roll out of the ring. Liv focuses on Balyley, going for a superplex as Dakota does a blind tag. Damage CTRL get the double team off the top rope, but Dakota might have hurt herself! She’s struggling to go for the pin as she and the referee exchange words. Raquel breaks the count up at the last minute! Bayley tags herself in and tells Iyo Sky something we couldn’t hear.

Iyo grabs the tag team titles but Raquel takes them from her. Liv Morgan with a sudden victory roll that gets the pin on Bayley! Liv and Raquel retain the Women’s Tag Titles!!!

Liv Morgan

Bayley & Dakota Kai vs. Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

We return from the break with a recap of the success of WWE Backlash last Saturday. The Usos are infuriated backstage, confronting the LWO and starting some drama. Rey and Santos Escobar say it isn’t their fault their father doesn’t love them anymore. The Usos are ticked off and walk away from the LWO.

We then see the tail end of the Damage CTRL entrance. The bell rings with Dakota and Raquel getting it started. Dakota tries for different pin maneuvers but Raquel is too strong. She tosses Dakota into the corner and tags in Liv Morgan, who works in some tandem offense with her partner. Dakota kicks out at a two count. She tries to kick Liv but only gets a taste of it. Liv eats a right forearm to the mush.

Dakota tags Bayley in the corner, and they work together, but Liv actually gets the advantage with a roll-up on Bayley. Damage CTRL comes back and nails a clothesline on Liv Morgan as we go to commercial.


Bayley vows she'll win the Women's Tag Team Titles tonight

We go backstage, where Kayla Braxton interviews Damage CTRL. Bayley says this interview is about them, not Roman Reigns. But she does have a lot in common with Reigns because she’s a grand slam champion and a leader. Bayley apologizes to Iyo Sky for pushing her towards the Raw Women’s Title when she wasn’t ready yet. This night will be different, however, cause she and Dakota Kai are about to win the Tag Team Titles.

Here comes Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez to defend their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships!

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns addresses The Bloodline

We’re back with Reigns posing with the Undisputed WWE Universal Championships. Paul Heyman has the mic, eventually handing it over to The Tribal Chief. He tells Knoxville to acknowledge him, per usual. Roman says that such a reaction is what greatness garners — it garners respect. But regardless of the reactions, Roman says one thing needs to be respected. He says that there is only one true royal family in WWE — the Anoa’i Family. They main evented both nights of WrestleMania, and Roman assures the fans that they are the only ones who will main event that show.

Even at Backlash, Roman says the Bloodline had a major match. Who stepped up? Solo Sikoa stepped up. Roman says that he was concerned when they first got Solo on the road because he was with some of the best of all time. But to be honest, when you sink or swim, he swims like a shark. He eliminated the Riddle problem, right? Roman likes that he’s still thinking about Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, too.

The crowd chants for Sami, but Roman shuts that down by telling Solo not to worry about it. Roman says KO/Sami isn’t the problem, the problem is something else. The problem is The Usos!!! Jimmy and Jey don’t like that answer, clearly. Roman brings up the losses that The Usos recently experienced, shaming them for dedicating matches to them. Roman says they disrespected The Bloodline by dedicating the tag team title match on SmackDown to him. He says The Usos misrepresent him and they should know better than that.

Roman tells The Usos to apologize. The Usos aren’t sure what to do. Roman tells them that he doesn’t want anything coming out of their mouths other than “I’m sorry.” The crowd chants “No!” while Roman tells The Usos not to listen to the “idiots” in the crowd. Jimmy isn’t sure what to do. Roman shoves his face away because he’s smiling. Roman asks if Jimmy is going to do something about it?! Jey looks so conflicted right now, too! Jey comes back with some censored words for Roman Reigns. Jey apologizes! He says if Roman gives them one more shot, they can bring the Tag Team Titles back.

Reigns says the Tag Team Championships will come to The Bloodline, but that’s when Paul Heyman speaks up. He tells everyone that Roman Reigns has a game plan in hand. Reigns told Heyman to make sure the tag team championships come home at Night of Champions. This time, however, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will defend the Tag Team Championships against Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns. What?! The Usos have been exiled.

Roman says that at Night of Champions, Roman will do what he always does and hold it down for The Bloodline. Roman says he will win the belts for The Wild Samoans, the greatest tag team champions of all time. The Usos are humiliated right now!

Cody Rhodes

What's next for Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar?

Next, we get a recap about what’s been going on at WWE Raw between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes, including their match at WWE Backlash and the subsequent attack from Lesnar on Raw. We will see Rhodes and Lesnar collide once more in a “fight” in Saudi Arabia at Night of Champions.

Here comes Roman Reigns! He’s baaaaaaack!

Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin grabs a microphone and points out how Grimes was the last pick in the WWE draft. Corbin says he’ll be flat on his back soon, wishing he was in NXT. Grimes with the Cayman Stomp for an instant 3! Grimes wins!!!

Cameron Grimes

Y'all ready to go to the moon??

We come back from a commercial with Adam Pearce backstage, hyped up about AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley in the main event tonight. He welcomes Grayson Waller to SmackDown, who says that they should have picked him sooner in the draft. Grayson wants the winner of Styles and Lashley to appear on his talk show next week, the Grayson Waller Effect.

Up next is Baron Corbin vs. Cameron Grimes!

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley earns his way to the semi-finals

We come back with Lashley in control, tackling Theory on the outside of the ring. Bobby then throws Theory face-first into the ring post. Sheamus and Lashley stare each other down before meeting in the middle of the ring. They talk some smack before trading right hands back and forth. Sheamus comes out on top for a moment, kicking Lashley. Bobby comes back with a clothesline. Sheamus with boots to the face to come back; he climbs to the top, but he’s caught and gets a belly-to-belly throw.

Lashley tries for the hurt lock, but Theory breaks it up with a dropkick. Theory pins Sheamus, but it’s broken up, with Lashley then coming at him in the corner but eating a blockbuster. Sheamus breaks up the pin, so Theory turns towards him with boots in the corner turnbuckle. Theory tosses Bobby face-first into the steel ring steps. He turns to Sheamus but gets caught and slammed into an Irish curse backbreaker.

They stare one another down, but Sheamus is unafraid and nails clothesline after clothesline on Theory. He climbs to the second rope with Theory and delivers the white noise for a close two-count! It’s still not enough! Sheamus prepares for the Celtic cross, but Theory rolls through with a close two count, yet again. Sheamus boots Theory and then prepares for the Brogue kick. Lashley runs in and spears Sheamus! Theory throws Lashley into the post and tries to steal the winning pin, but Sheamus kicks out!

Lashley spinebusters Theory into the mat with one arm, following it up with the hurt lock. Theory tries to break out but eats a Brogue Kick in the process. Lashley tosses Sheamus out and pins Theory to win! Lashley advances!!!

Austin Theory

Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus

We return to SmackDown at the conclusion of Bobby Lashley’s entrance. Theory makes his entrance last, holding the U.S. Title in all its glory. The bell rings and this one is starting up!

Off the bat, Theory jumps out of the ring, but the other men chase him. They beat Theory down at ringside and toss him back into the squared circle. Lashley with a running clothesline and a swinging neackbreaker. Sheamus follows it up with a knee and a rolling senton on Theory. Lashley sends him out of the ring with one more clothesline. Sheamus and Lashley go at it with right hands. Lashley hits him with a facebuster and a toss into the corner. Bobby hits a shoulder to the abdomen in the corner, but as he runs at Sheamus, he eats a body slam for the two.

Sheamus keeps on him with a strike to the back. Lashley returns with a shoulder to the abdomen on the apron, but Sheamus isn’t staying down and fights back. Sheamus tries for the ten beats of the bodhran, but Theory jumps in the way, knocking Lashley out of the way. He gets the ten beats, himself! Theory falls to the outside as we go to another break.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is here to address the drama between The Bloodline

We see a replay of what happened at WrestleMania 39 between The Usos and Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn and the rematch they had on SmackDown. At Backlash, The Bloodline nearly fell apart when The Usos and Solo Sikoa confronted one another. This all will be addressed when Roman Reigns returns to WWE SmackDown tonight!

We see Jimmy and Jey Uso last night looking hyped up for the fact that Roman is here tonight. Coming up next, Sheamus battles Bobby Lashley and WWE United States Champion Austin Theory in the second match in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament tonight!

AJ Styles

AJ Styles earns his way to the semi-finals

We return from the commercial with Rey nearly being suplexed from the ring to the floor by AJ Styles. Edge nails them with a spear through the ropes! Everyone is wiped out on the floor! Edge throws Rey in and gets a close two-count following the spear. Edge stomps away at Rey as AJ slowly rolls into the ring. Edge turns his attention to AJ but is tossed out of the ring. Rey forearms AJ and hits a step-up enziguri to take advantage. Styles catches him and rolls through the calf crusher!

Edge pulls Rey into a crossface, but who wins if Rey taps out to both submission holds?? Edge headbutts AJ, and they begin focusing on one another. They trade right hands until Rey grabs them in a double hurricanrana for a potential double 619. They reverse by hitting a double dropkick on Rey, then running into one another with a double clothesline. They slowly make it back to their feet, with Rey first up.

He attacks AJ with kicks to the thighs, following it up with a dropkick that puts him on the apron. Edge boots Rey in the face and throws Styles face-first into the middle turnbuckle. He climbs to the top rope, but Mysterio meets Edge with a forearm. They battle on the top rope, with Rey hitting some headbutts on Edge. Styles grabs Rey and powerbomb him into the mat for another two count. Edge is still on the top rope, so AJ meets him there and prepares him for a superplex. Suddenly, Mysterio comes over, and they do a sunset flip/superplex that gives Rey a two-count on Styles.

Rey is in control, getting Edge ready for the 619. Edge pulls his feet out from under him and prepares for a phenomenal forearm on Edge. Edge tries for the spear but misses, allowing Rey to set up for a 619. Mysterio is caught by the feet! Edge puts him in the Edge-o-cater, but changes over to the same submission hold on Styles. Will Styles tap?! He gets to the ropes, but it makes no difference with no DQ. Rey catches Edge with a sudden 619! Rey catches him with a spear, but suddenly, Styles hits a phenomenal forearm for the win! STYLES WINS!!!


Edge vs. AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio

AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio were already ready in the ring. They team up to take out Edge. Styles turns his attention to Rey but they trade reversals into pinning combinations. Edge boots AJ in the face and knocks Rey into the corner. He goes to work on both men, but Rey throws him onto the apron. A tandem move happens where they all hit moves on one another while causing damage to the third man. Edge hits an Edgo-o-matic on Styles for a two count already.

Edge turns his focus to Styles in the corner, giving him a hard Irish whip to the opposite end. He boots Rey to the floor to stay away. Styles fights back with several strikes, a clothesline, and a sliding forearm. Rey comes back in but gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Styles. Styles clotheslines Edge out of the ring so he can focus on Rey. Mysterio is coming back, though, with leg scissors to throw both AJ and Edge around the ring. Rey with a kick to AJ’s face, but Edge comes from behind and catches him in a springboard crossbody. Edge with a fallaway slam and a boot to AJ.

Edge is on top, preparing to spear both men. They kick him away, but Rey hits a leg scissors on AJ followed by a code red for a close two count on Edge. This is intense! Edge rolls out while Rey remains on top, giving forearms to AJ. Styles throws Rey out of the ring, but Edge catches him and hits an impaler DDT off the apron.


WWE SmackDown starts now!!!

It’s that time of the night, folks! It’s time for a new episode of SmackDown!

We see the signature intro and are welcomed to the show by Michael Cole. We’re at the University of Tennessee, and first out is Edge! The triple threat match between Edge, AJ Styles, and Rey Mysterio looks to be kicking off the show!


New Company Encompassing WWE And UFC Given Name, Expected To Change

So far in 2023, nothing has quite compared to the news that UFC and WWE would merge into one company following the acquisition by Endeavor. The sale and merger are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, but we’ve received a new update earlier today about the progress of the changes.

The new company name for the merged UFC and WWE is titled “New Whale Inc.,” though this name is expected to change once final changes are made. The new company board will be made up of 11 people, with five coming from WWE, including two from their management team. The six other members will come from Endeavor.

You can read more about this story here.

CM Punk

Sound off: Who should CM Punk work with upon his return to AEW?

More and more information regarding CM Punk’s return to All Elite Wrestling has emerged throughout the week, including a new report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealing Punk will return on the debut episode of AEW Collision. The episode will be titled “The Second Coming” and center around the former AEW World Champion making his first comeback to AEW since All Out 2022.

Earlier today, our Inside the Ropes Twitter page posed the question: Who would you like CM Punk to work with when he returns to AEW? The answers you all provided ranged from rising stars like Hook and Ricky Starks, to more seasoned opponents like Kenny Omega and Jay White.

You can see some of the answers provided below:


The week ahead: What awaits us on AEW Rampage

We’re less than an hour away from a new episode of WWE SmackDown, but before we dive in, let’s take a look at what All Elite Wrestling has to offer us this weekend. AEW Rampage, which usually airs Friday nights on TNT at 10 pm EST, is jumping to Saturday night at 10 pm EST this week. Some of the top acts appearing on the show include The Acclaimed with Daddy Ass, as well as former AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm.

You can see the current card for AEW Rampage below:

  • The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass vs. Kip Sabian, Butcher & Blade
  • Mogul Embassy’s Swerve & Brian Cage vs. Dark Order’s Silver & Reynolds
  • Action Andretti vs. Kyle Fletcher
  • Toni Storm vs. Allysin Kay
  • We hear from The Gunns
Drew McIntyre

Could Drew McIntyre be at AEW All In?

Reports of late describe some tension between Drew McIntyre and WWE as they continue being unable to come to a new contract deal. With his future up in the air, speculation has begun running rampant about what McIntyre’s next moves will be in the pro wrestling world.

Some even claimed that McIntyre could be a surprise wrestler at AEW’s All In stadium show in the UK this Summer. However, according to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that’s not possible right now. McIntyre won’t be a free agent until 2024, and it’s likely they will add time to that deal due to an injury McIntyre was previously recovering from.

“Regarding McIntyre and the idea he could be at All In, there is basically almost no chance of that. His contract expires months after that date so even if he were to leave WWE when the deal expires (a big if) and goes to AEW (which would be the most likely destination if he were to leave), that can’t happen until 2024.”

You can read more about this story here.

Bianca Belaire

WWE SmackDown stars are hyped for a big night on SmackDown

We’ve got a stacked card for SmackDown this evening, but what may be even more important is the fact that this is the first episode of SmackDown since the 2023 Draft went into full effect. Budding stars like Cameron Grimes are ready to shine on the main stage, as he is scheduled to face Baron Corbin in a one-on-one match this evening. caught up with the former NXT North American Champion ahead of the show.

My name’s Cameron Grimes and I’m ready to take SmackDown to the moon.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is also excited to make her mark on tonight’s episode of the blue brand, especially considering it will be in her hometown state of Tennessee. Belair is aiming to celebrate her accomplishment of being the longest-reigning WWE Raw Women’s Champion of the modern era.

We’re back in Tennessee. 865, I’m lady Vol until the day I die, but we’re here and we’re celebrating tonight. I’m bringing the Raw Women’s Championship and we’re going to celebrate me being the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion of the modern era, so let’s do it. Let’s show ’em how we party in Tennessee!

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee gives update on recent lawsuit

Multimedia crossover star Pat McAfee has never been one to sugarcoat his words; he tells it how it is. But McAfee’s mouth got him in a little more trouble than he bargained for when he recently discussed Brett Favre on his podcast. McAfee was sued by Favre, with the lawsuit citing the phrases “every time [Favre’s] name gets brought up, we have to mention that he tied the hands of the poor people and took money right out of their pockets” and that “Favre is certainly in the middle of stealing from poor people in Mississippi right now.”

You can see McAfee’s follow-up quotes below:

“My statements, expressed in comedic style, were based solely on public information and allegations. As I have previously stated, I respect the hell out of Brett Favre the football player, and his Hall of Fame career on the field, and I have no personal knowledge about any case involving Brett in Mississippi.

“I am pleased to report that based solely on me again clarifying these points now, with no settlement paid, Bret is withdrawing his suit against me. I would much rather talk about sports than lawsuits. So I’m glad we have all of this behind us. We now move on.”

You can read more about this story here.

Young Bucks

Injury update on Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks

Far into the lifespan of AEW, The Elite remains a main fixture of television programming, even main eventing this past week’s episode of Dynamite with Kenny Omega representing the stable in a steel cage match against Jon Moxley. But one member of The Elite, Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks, has been on the sidelines due to an injury he was rehabbing. The original recovery timeline was 6-8 weeks since Matt didn’t want surgery.

It appears that Jackson is healing on schedule and may get to return at Double or Nothing like he was hoping. Dave Meltzer wrote in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“Matt Jackson’s recovery from a partially torn biceps has obviously gone quicker than expected with all the stuff he’s done on television. He was actually cleared this week, a few weeks ahead of schedule and was bumping and running the ropes in the ring before the 5/10 show and has done resistance training for a few weeks.”

You can read more about this story here.

Rhea Ripley

A behind the scenes look at Judgment Day's week in Puerto Rico

Last Saturday at WWE Backlash, Damian Priest had the most important match of his career when he battled International music star Bad Bunny in a Puerto Rico Street Fight. In the end, Bunny managed to come out on top, but it wasn’t without a valiant effort from Priest. Before the match even got underway, WWE cameras caught up with Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and Priest to talk about the significance of this pay-per-view. Finn pointed out how Priest has elevated himself to a main event-level position with his Bad Bunny match,

It’s a very, very special week for The Judgment Day. We’re coming up on our year anniversary in a couple of weeks, and the emotions that Damian’s feeling this week especially, have been very strong. We were speaking just a couple of minutes ago and I said, ‘Bro, are you nervous?’ And he said, ‘Man, I don’t have time to be nervous.’”

In his own words, Priest opened up about how he was feeling heading into the highly publicized bout.

I’m still shocked that I’m this calm. I’m excited more than anything, just got to remember this is what I do. You know, the nerves are in general like it’s any other night. I feel good. I’m happy; I’m in a good place and I feel good. Damn sure look good, so, hell yeah.

The Rock

Young Rock to remain on NBC lineup?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has taken Hollywood by storm, appearing in blockbuster films like “Black Adam” and the popular television series based on his own life, “Young Rock.” The series has generally done well, but Deadline revealed earlier today that the show’s return remains in question. Season three wrapped in February, and the NBC Network has not decided whether to move forward with another season.

With such a popular star like Johnson directly contributing to the show, hope remains that another season will get the green light.

You can read more about this story here.


Heel turn pitched for Asuka

Few women have accomplished the feats Asuka has — she’s a Grand Slam Champion, a Royal Rumble winner, a Money in the Bank winner, the winner of the Elimination Chamber, and so on and so forth. But what we haven’t seen from Asuka is a legitimate heel run. Sure, she’s done the “dark” clown-face Asuka in recent months, but even that variation of her persona was way over with the crowd.

A change may be on the horizon, however. PWInsider released a report today that says a pitch has been made to have Asuka as a heel woman on the blue brand.

You can read more about this story here.


What awaits us on the 5/12 WWE SmackDown

It will be a memorable night on SmackDown, with the second wave of matches taking place in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. But not only will there be some intense action playing out, but we’ll also see the return of “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns for the first time since early April. What will Reigns have to say after The Bloodline nearly crumbled before our eyes at WWE Backlash this past Saturday?

You can see the current card for the 5/12 WWE SmackDown below:

  • World Heavyweight Championship Tournament quarter-finals: AJ Styles vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio
  • World Heavyweight Championship Tournament quarter-finals: Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus vs. United States Champion Austin Theory
  • World Heavyweight Championship semi-final match
  • Women’s Tag Team Championships: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Damage CTRL
  • Roman Reigns returns to SmackDown
  • Cameron Grimes makes his SmackDown debut against Baron Corbin

Good evening!

Let’s get this party started, ladies and gents! It’s Friday night, and we’ve got another WWE SmackDown in store for us, which includes the second wave of matches in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles is sure to be a banger, followed by Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus. The winners of those two triple-threat matches will battle in singles action at the end of the night to determine who will face Seth Rollins at Night of Champions to determine the first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Elsewhere in the news, more details on when CM Punk will be returning to AEW television were revealed earlier today. It’s expected that Tony Khan’s major announcement next week on TNT is for the new “AEW Collision” television show. The first episode is rumored to be titled “The Second Coming” and will be the night that Punk returns to the promotion.