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Bianca Belaire

Bianca Belair looking forward to Raw Women's Title defense against Iyo Sky

Following her impressive victory on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair took the time to speak with Cathy Kelly about her future opponent, Iyo Sky. Bianca is excited to step into the ring against such a seasoned high-flyer, but also warns Iyo that she’s ready to go as soon as it’s time to throw down.

I’m ready for whoever is next, whether that’s Iyo or whoever, you know? We saw what happened when Dakota got in the ring tonight. She gave it all she had; she pushed me to my limits but I walked out still with the ‘W.’ But, don’t think I don’t know what Iyo’s up to. She did that so she could study me and see what to get ready for, so, if Iyo is my next opponent, she’s got a lot of studying to do because I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready!

Kevin OWens

Riddle, Zayn, & Owens aren't going down easy

Back from the break, Priest and Riddle are exchanging forearms in the middle of the ring. They change ’em into kicks, but Priest gains the advantage. He gives a running elbow in the corner on Riddle and then Judgment Day trades tags. Priest follows up multiple offensive maneuvers with a leg drop and a close two count. Riddle somehow comes back with a German suplex and starts inching near the corner. Zayn tags in and goes on the attack on Dominik! Clotheslines and a big back body drop follow. He tosses the other members of Judgment Day to ringside, but Dom meets him up there.

Zayn with a sunset flip powerbomb for a close two (Dom’s head hit hard there!). Rhea Ripley interferes and shoves Zayn crotch-first onto the top rope. Dom hits a frog splash on Sami but the cover is broken up by Owens. Balor dropkicks Owens; Riddle with a ripcord knee to Balor. Damian takes out Riddle, and then Sami knocks Damian over the top rope. Rhea Ripley interferes once more and is ejected from ringside. Sami nails the blue thunder bomb in the center of the ring on Dom, but he still only secures a two.

Owens tags in and goes for a swanton bomb, but no, Dom’s knees were up. Finn uses the shotgun dropkick and tries for the coup de grace. He misses! Owens with a stunner for Balor and Priest, followed by a Helluva kick from Sami to Balor in the corner. Riddle is tagged in and delivers the floating bro for the win! Owens, Zayn, & Riddle are your winners.

Immediately, The Bloodline flood the ring and try to take out the babyfaces because Judgment Day didn’t get the job done. Mysterio and LWO come running down to the ring! It’s mayhem! It’s a giant brawl all over the ring! Raw ends with the LWO and Riddle, Owens, & Zayn standing tall for now.

FInn Balor

Damian Priest, Finn Balor, & Dominik Mysterio vs. Riddle, Kevin Owens, & Sami Zayn

Judgment Day comes down to the ring, followed by Riddle. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn make their entrances last.

Sami and Finn start things out, locking up. Finn immediately gets the advantage, wrenching back with a headlock. Off the ropes, Zayn with deep arm drags. Finn backs off and tags in Dom. Dom flexes his muscles and then immediately tags in Damian Priest. Owens asks to be tagged in, which Zayn obliges to. Owens with a kick to Priest’s abdomen, but it hardly fazes him. He uses a dropkick and a senton to make his impact. Damian returns it with an uppercut.

Finn tags in but Kevin is able to get a couple of shots in and a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count. Finn with a chop block, and as Kevin rolls out of the ring, the Finn distracts the ref so Rhea Ripley can level Owens with a clothesline. Owens goes back inside the ring and gets stuck in a front-facing headlock. Owens escapes and tags in Riddle. He fights off all of Judgment Day, then using an exploder suplex, a senton splash, and a fisherman suplex for a two count.

Finn rakes at the eyes of Riddle and then tags in Damian. Riddle runs over and knocks Damian off the ropes. He tries to fight off Balor and Dom, but Priest runs over and chokeslams him right on the ring apron. We’re off to our final commercial!


WWE prepares for the draft

Backstage, The Street Profits, Rick Boogs, and Elias all chat about how the draft makes anyone eligible for the draft. Baron Corbin appears and reminds the Profits that tag teams can be split up. Elias tells Boogs that he shouldn’t worry too much because wherever he goes, he’ll put in a good word for Boogs. Akira Tozawa shows up and says Boogs is a big star but Elias will be last pick in the draft. Corbin shows up and Akira says nobody wants him! Lmao!

The Usos are backstage, dropping a promo about how they destroyed the LWO earlier tonight. They’re hyped for Backlash when they team with Solo Sikoa vs. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, & Riddle.

Chelsea Green

Candice LeRae & Michin vs. Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville

Chelsea Green and Michin start out the match, but as soon as Michin hits a headbutt, Candice tags in. She is Irish whipped into Chelsea, following it up with several offensive maneuvers and a running senton to the back for a one count. Deville tags in and she and Chelsea try for a tandem suplex; LeRae counters and delivers a double DDT. LeRae with another senton splash. All of a sudden, we see Nikki Cross in the front row, waving to Candice.

Back in the ring, Chelsea and Deville take over, hitting the tandem vertical suplex. LeRae tags in Michin and Sonya also comes in – they collide in the corner and Michin uses a leg scissors. She uses chops and strikes on Deville, lastly hitting a dropkick. Candice and and Chelsea with an exchange, but Michin keeps on Deville with a code red and a close two count. Chelsea gets a tag in and delivers the unprettier for the 3 count. That’s it, y’all! Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez are sitting ringside, and Chelsea and Sonya walk over and throw a bottle of water in their faces. This Friday, they will clash for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Next up is the main event!

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is interviewed

Backstage, Cathy Kelly is speaking with Cody Rhodes. She wonders if Rhodes is satisfied that he got the match he wants at Backlash. Cody says he is ecstatic, but he’s confused about tonight’s happenings because he lost the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania and then he was the one to be held back by security guards, not Brock. Ultimately, he can’t allow for Brock to win this upcoming match.

Coming out next are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez!

Candice LeRae & Michin go up against Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville after the commercial break!

Trish Stratus

Why, Trish, why?!

We’re back from the break and Trish Stratus is still getting some good heat. She tells everyone that she’s going to give everyone a bit of a history lesson. When she started, women’s wrestling “was a joke.” She says it was all her that made people take their sport seriously. Was it her and Lita? She says it was only her. Without her, there would be no women’s revolution and no women in the main event of WrestleMania. She remembers people chanting, “This is awesome!” during the first women’s WrestleMania main event. Trish believes the crowd should have been chanting thank yous to her.

She says that Becky Lynch walks around acting like she and the four horsewomen were the ones to change the game up, but that’s not the truth. Stratus is amazed she believes her own hype. She returned to get close to Becky and see what the truth was, and apparently, Becky never got appreciation for paving the way. Stratus hated the fact that Lita joined up with Becky after they had so many issues in the past. Trish is nobody’s sidekick, but she calls Lita a sidekick. Trish says she took out Lita – she’s the one who attacked her last week – so it would be crystal clear that the person that screwed Becky out of the belts was her.

Trish asked if she remembers when Becky hugged her and called her a friend. She’s not her friend, and in that moment, she did what was right and she took out the man. Stratus says she doesn’t care because Becky Lynch and the fans are not going to re-write history. Trish says she is the greatest of all time and is the most important figure in the history of WWE, and she’s here so we never forget it.

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is on the way next

We see that Owens, Zayn, & Riddle vs. The Judgment Day is still ahead! Up next, Trish Stratus is making her way to the ring in her signature cowboy hat and coat! She’s getting good heat, too!

Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed interrupts the bout

Back from the break, Lashley is attempting another hurt lock but Theory avoids the referee’s gaze and bites at Lashley’s hand. He takes the advantage, raining down punches on a downed Lashley. He exclaims, “I’m the champ!” A snapmare takeover and a stomp to the chest give Theory another two count, following it up with a headlock. Lashley is bleeding a bit in his mouth at this point. “The All Mighty” pushes himself to finally escape out of the headlock, but Theory immediately goes back to attacking the legs.

More stomps from Theory follow. He hits a running shoulder into a cornered Lashley. He tries another but misses and eats the ring post. Bobby with a clothesline and a HUGE spinebuster that nearly spikes Theory through the mat. He continues the attack in the corner, followed by another clothesline. The crowd gets hyped and Lashley tries for a spear, but he misses. Theory tries for the A-Town down, but it’s reversed into the dominator by Lashley. It’s still only a two count!

Lashley gets ready for another spear but Theory just rolls out of the ring. Lashley suddenly catches Theory in the Hurt Lock. Suddenly, Bronson Reed runs in and interferes! He sends Lashley to the outside and delivers a shoulder tackle off the apron. He then splashes him into the ring post, but he’s not finished. Reed puts Lashley in the ring, but no, Lashley is going to hit the hurt lock. Theory helps Reed out, which sets him up to hit the tsunami off the top rope on Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory

Theory makes it down to the ring, and the bell rings. Theory just poses at first, evoking boos. Theory keeps coming after Lashley but he’s consistently reversed. Lashley with a front face lock, and he keeps it on while rolling around the ring. “The All Mighty” then nails a delayed vertical suplex and a clothesline that knocks Theory out of the ring. He comes back in and tries to get in offense, but it’s futile. Lashley is already going for the hurt lock!

Lashley kicks him in the face to reverse. He hits several elbows in the corner on Lashley, but that doesn’t faze the former WWE Champion. He clubs Theory in the back of the head and delivers shoulders in the corner to Theory’s abdomen. They spill to the outside, where Lashley Irish whips Theory into the ring apron. He keeps on him by picking up Theory and running his face directly into the ring post.

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus still set to explain her actions from last week

We see a replay about what happened last week between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch. Lynch was betrayed by Stratus after they were unable to defend the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Trish Stratus is still scheduled to explain her actions later tonight.

We then see a replay about what happened between Bobby Lashley and Bronson Reed last week. They both got counted out as they clashed outside of the ring. Big, meaty men slapping meat! Bobby Lashley is on his way to the ring to face Austin Theory in a non-title match!


Riddle is ready for a fight

Backstage, Owens, Zayn, and Riddle are talking about everything they have to deal with tonight and in the coming weeks. Zayn thinks they should hear about some of Riddle’s ideas, but Kevin doesn’t like that idea. He wants to keep the strategizing between them. Riddle says that since Solo has the Samoan spike, he should use his big toe the same way and call it the “toe bro.” Riddle says he was just joking. He will never forget what The Usos did to him. He’s not here to joke around and play, he’s here to kick some a**!

Seth Rollins

Rollins keeps on singing

Returning from the break, Rollins nearly catches Miz in the pedigree. It’s reversed, but Rollins still nails an enziguri to The Miz. He hits multiple clotheslines, followed by a discus clothesline. The crowd sings along to his signature song as he trades reversals with Miz, ultimately catching him in the sling blade. Seth climbs to the top rope but he’s caught by a right from The Miz. Seth attempts to powerbomb, but it doesn’t come together. Miz with a codebreaker for another close two count!

Miz goes for the “Yes!” kicks, but Seth catches the last one and hits the buckle bomb. He comes off the top rope for the frog splash, but Miz uses the knees and rolls him up for another close two. Miz attempts the skull-crushing finale, but it’s reversed. He hits a kick on Seth but eats a superkick in return. Miz with a jumping knee on the back of Rollins’ leg, followed up by the figure-four leglock. Seth just barely makes it to the bottom rope, but Miz goes for another one. Rollins with a small package, followed by a discus clothesline. Miz avoids the stomp and uses two DDTs that spike Rollins into the mat. But, no, it’s still only a two-count! This one is intense!

Miz sets Rollins up on the top rope. He’s going for an avalanche skull-crushing finale! Rollins twists and turns it into a superplex, followed by a falcon arrow. The crowd is electric! And Rollins hits the stomp for the 1-2-3! Rollins wins!

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins vs. The Miz

The Miz doesn’t even let Seth get to the ring; he attacks Seth on the outside of the ring, smashing him into the steel steps and the announce table. The crowd is still singing, thought! Referee Rod Zapata separates the two men and checks in with Seth. He seems okay, so the bell rings. Miz with multiple knee strikes, then backing Seth up in the corner with shoulders. Miz comes running towards him, but eats a double forearm strike. He pushes Miz out of the ring and hits a suicide dive! And another one! And a third! Rollins is on fire!

The crowd continues singing along. Seth tries to stay on the attack, but he leaps up to the ring barricade and gets shoved off into the time keepers area.

Seth Rollins

Sing that Seth Rollins theme song!

We come back from the commercial with a replay of what just happened between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar. Brock is backstage, walking out of the arena. Still, it’s official! Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes will take place on May 6 at WWE Backlash.

The Miz comes out first, decked out in red gear. Seth is out next, wearing gold tights and a mink/leather jacket as the crowd belts out his theme music.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins vs. The Miz is next!

More in-ring action after the break!

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is ready for Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes comes down to the ring, but he’s not dressed in a suit. No, Cody looks like he’s ready to throw down! Cody asks Little Rock what they want to talk about, but he knows who he wants to talk to. He demands that Brock Lesnar to come down to the ring.

Adam Pearce interrupts, saying he appreciates what Cody is trying to do, but he can’t let this happen tonight in Little Rock. Pearce says he can’t do it – he’s not medically cleared to be here this evening. Pearce says that man to man, he respects his spirit, but he can’t do it. Rhodes is asked to leave the arena, as he is not supposed to be at the arena. Cody says, “Okay, just like that. Thank you for the respect. It’s shared. I’m going to leave.” The crowd boos. Cody hesitates as he leaves the ring, finally deciding to grab a steel chair.

He’s all amped up inside the ring, but no, Pearce demands that 20 security guards come down to the ring to get Rhodes out. Pearce emphasizes that it doesn’t have to fall apart like this. As the security guards surround Rhodes, Brock Lesnar’s music hits! He’s back in his cowboy gear! Pearce says he will give Cody the match with Brock in Puerto Rico! It is official, but he needs to leave right now and not fight right now.

Cody doesn’t care, though! He starts fighting off all the extras with strikes and chair shots. He keeps battling through the ocean of men while trying to make his way to Brock. He almost gets to him, but a big wave of security grabs him and holds him back while Brock laughs. Brock puts his hat on and leaves as the crowd boos. Rhodes becomes enraged, beating down everyone in sight. He grabs the microphone and says that Brock can wear his silly cowboy hat all day long. He says that he grew up around cowboys, and Brock isn’t a cowboy, he is a coward!

Damien Priest

Paul Heyman and The Judgment Day exchange words

We come back from a commercial with a Bronson Reed hype vignette. Backstage, Judgment Day is talking to each other. Priest says that it’s big news that Bad Bunny is coming back next week, but if he causes any issues, they won’t be friends anymore. Dom says that he doesn’t have to worry about it.

Paul Heyman comes up and asks what he thinks about what they did. Balor says, “Eh!” Heyman tells Balor that Judgment Day better “eh!” Sami, KO, and Riddle in the main event. If they don’t want a problem with Roman Reigns, they need to hold up their end of the bargain. Priest says that’s an issue between The Usos and Roman, ’cause The Judgment Day handles their own.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is coming up next!

We see a replay of what happened two weeks ago when Brock Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes. Rhodes is shown walking into the arena from the backstage area. Rhodes is on the way to the ring now!

Bianca Belaire

Bianca Belair pulls out the win

Back from the break, Belair goes for a roll-up for a two-count. She tries to hit a delayed vertical suplex, but Dakota turns it into a small package for another two count. Belair with a running blockbuster. She keeps on with a dropkick and two vertical suplexes back to back. Belair with a back handspring into a moonsault for another two.

Dakota uses a wheelbarrow-type maneuver to smash Bianca’s face into the mat, but it only gives her a two count. Next, she hits a running pump kick on Bianca in the corner. Kai misses the coup de grace and suffers a gutbuster. Bianca struggles but pulls Kai up for the KOD. Kai held onto the braid! She throws her face-first into the turnbuckle. Bianca avoids a kick and still hits that KOD for the 3 count! Bianca wins!

After the match, Iyo stares Bianca down from the outside of the ring. Belair is unfazed – she’s ready for it.

Bianca Belaire

Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai

The two women lock up, with Dakota getting a bit of an initial advantage. She reverses a scoop slam and pulls Bianca by the hair. Belair didn’t like that! She yanks on Dakota’s hair and tosses her into the corner. A bit of a  botch in the corner, but Bianca does a back handspring and kicks Dakota in the face. She nails an arm drag and keeps up the offense. Hard back elbow in the corner on Dakota.

She tries to use The EST’s hair again, but she’s shoved off. Dakota still pushes her into the ring post and then does a running kick on Bianca. We’re off to another break!

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny returning to WWE Raw next week!

The host of Backlash, Bad Bunny, will be back at Raw next week!

Chad Gable

Chad Gable and Otis on the way to a breakup?

We see a backstage segment from earlier where Chad Gable told Adam Pearce that Alpha Academy needs to be a packaged deal in the WWE Draft. That’s when Maxxine Dupri says that she wants to be drafted with Otis. They bicker a bit before Pearce asks them to leave because he’s stressed out about how big Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes in the ring is.

We then see a replay from last week, when Damage CTRL asked Bayley why they couldn’t be in the #1 contender’s match. Iyo took Bayley’s place and ended up winning the bout. Bianca Belair is now on the way to the ring for a match against Dakota Kai!

Solo Sikoa

LWO is left to waste in the ring

The Bloodline gang up on LWO, with Solo hitting Samoan Spikes on everyone he can get his hands on. Lastly, The Usos with the 1D on Mysterio to take out the WWE Hall of Famer. Will Judgment Day be able to hold up their end of the deal that has been made?

Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa puts away Rey Mysterio

Returning from the commercial, Solo has Rey back in that vice grip hold. He breaks him down with more blows to the back and an uppercut to the face. Solo then runs at Rey for a hip attack in the corner, but Mysterio avoids it at the last second. Rey with a seated senton and a dropkick for another quick 1 count. Rey with elbows and kicks, followed by a springboard moonsault but he’s caught and squashed with a Samoan drop.

Solo tries for another one, but Rey thwarts him off and sends him into the ropes. 619! Solo eats a springboard splash but, no! It was a close 2 count, but no dice. Solo is still in this, and it doesn’t take him long to get back to his feet. Rey with another drop toehold, but as he prepares for the 619, The Usos make their way down the ramp and distract him. LWO comes out of nowhere! They start beating down The Usos as Rey goes for the 619, but it’s reversed. Rey hits another 619 but misses a top rope splash. Samoan spike! Sikoa is your winner!

Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio vs. Solo Sikoa gets started as we return from a commercial break. Rey uses quick kicks to keep the initial advantage, but an elbow floors him. Sikoa with a scoop slam and strikes to a grounded Rey. Sikoa throws hard punches on Rey in the corner, but Mysterio still hits a springboard crossbody for a quick 1 count. Hard Irish whip bounces Rey back down to the floor. Solo with a vice grip on Rey’s collar bone, followed by a stiff clothesline.

Rey looks for a bit of mercy but keeps getting stomped by Sikoa. Another hard Irish whip crushes his sternum in the corner again. Rey finally regains some control by using a drop toehold into the turnbuckles on Solo. He climbs atop Solo’s shoulders and uses his legs to pull Solo over the top rope. We’ll be right back!

Rhea Ripley

The Judgment Day makes a deal with The Bloodline

The Judgment Day walks down the ramp together, hesitating on the ring apron before they come face to face with The Bloodline. Damian Priest acknowledges Paul Heyman, and they shake hands. Heyman says that it’s a very good day to be a bad guy. They want to make a “short-term deal” approved by Roman Reigns.

Jey tells Heyman he knew nothing about a potential deal with Judgment Day. Heyman tells Jey that he only told Solo ahead of time because of how unstable he is; he didn’t tell The Usos because of how big this situation was. They know that Finn Balor may not be as keen to group up because of his past with The Bloodline, but he knows how important this is. Solo Sikoa and Rhea Ripley are staring each other down hardcore, so Heyman tells Jey to switch spots in the lineup with Solo. Rhea switches spots too!

Heyman asks Rhea if everything is okay, to which Rhea says, “For now.” (Solo vs. Rhea someday?!) Heyman explains that since Priest needs help with Bad Bunny, Solo Sikoa will take care of that. The Bloodline needs to take care of Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Riddle. So, tonight, the deal is that The Judgment Day will team up to “take out” KO, Zayn, and Riddle. Heyman says they’ll extend some credit beforehand, so right now, Sikoa vs. Rey Mysterio is taking place!

Jey Uso

The Bloodline is confronted by The Judgment Day

The Usos come down to the ring with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman in tow. Meanwhile, Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick do a rundown of the matches already announced for tonight.

Jey Uso grabs a microphone and tells Little Rock, Arkansas that The Bloodline is now in their city. Heyman takes the mic and introduces himself, adding at the end that history will unfold tonight. Suddenly, Judgment Day comes out from the back!


Time for some Monday Night Raw!!!

Here we go, folks! It’s that time of the week! Let’s get going with another episode of Monday Night Raw 😄

We are welcomed to the show by Kevin Patrick, and first out are The Usos!

Sami Zayn

New match made official for WWE Backlash!

We’re just minutes away from a new episode of WWE Raw, but breaking news has emerged in the lead-up. It’s been made official that WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens will team up with Riddle to take on The Bloodline’s Solo Skioa and Jey & Jimmy Uso in a huge six-man tag team match at Backlash on May 6.

Of course, at that point, we may have new Undisputed Tag Team Champions, as Zayn & KO are scheduled to defend their belts in a WrestleMania rematch against The Usos on the April 28th episode of SmackDown. No other matches have been announced for Backlash as of now, but it’s expected that Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes will be added to the card following their confrontation this evening on Raw.


AEW's Hikaru Shida shows off her cosplay skills

Hikaru Shida became a household name in AEW early on, winning the AEW Women’s Championship during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and carrying the gold through the worst of it. But did you know she’s got creative prowess outside of the ring, too?

Shida took to her Twitter account earlier today and revealed that she’s a big cosplay fan. She shared photos of herself portraying several Final Fantasy VII video game characters like Yuffie Kisaragi, Tifa Lockhart, and Yuna. Additionally, Shida has cosplayed Doctor Strange of the Marvel Universe!

You can see the photos below:

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle recalls Rob Van Dam getting stoned before producing matches

Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam has never been shy about his fondness for marijuana. But RVD defies the typical “stoner” archetype, creating a memorable legacy filled with World Championships and phenomenal matches over his career.

In a new episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, who worked with RVD in several different companies, looked back at how Van Dam would smoke before producing matches for some creative inspiration.

“Well, this is what Rob did. You go to Rob and say, ‘Hey Rob, we have a match tonight.’ He’d say, ‘Okay. Give me five minutes’. He would go outside and smoke for five minutes, get high as a kite, and then come back in, and he was full of ideas.”

You can read more about this story here.


A new episode of AEW Dark: Elevation is now live!

Monday nights are a win-win for professional wrestling fans; we get a new episode of WWE Raw and a new episode of AEW Dark: Elevation dropping on YouTube at 7 pm EST. The show is now officially live and can be watched in the video player below 🤘

The full card for tonight’s AEW Dark: Elevation:

  • Ashley D’Ambrose vs. Maki Itoh
  • Mike Magnum, Jack Tomlinson & Zack Clayton vs. Jake Hager, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker
  • Brett Gosselin & Bobby Orlando vs. Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy
  • Emi Sakura vs Mizuki
Brock Lesnar

WWE points out how dangerous it is to shake Brock Lesnar's hand

There are a few certainties in life: death, taxes, and getting F-5’d by Brock Lesnar if you choose to shake his hand. Earlier today, WWE’s Twitter account posted a video clip highlighting how Lesnar destroyed John Cena, Goldberg, and Roman Reigns whenever they attempted to trust Brock and greet him with a firm handshake.

Of course, more recently, Brock’s victim was “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. Rhodes responded by challenging “The Beast” to a match at Backlash next month, which Lesnar will respond to this evening on Raw.


What's been announced for this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite

We’ll be back this Wednesday with our AEW Dynamite coverage, but on the road to hump day, several new matches have been announced for AEW Dynamite. The show’s main focus appears to be the ongoing rivalry brewing between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho. This Wednesday, they will finally come face to face after tension has started brewing between them.

You can see the current card for Wednesday’s Dynamite below:

  • Chris Jericho and Adam Cole come face-to-face
  • TNT Championship match: Powerhouse Hobbs (c) vs. Wardlow
  • The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn vs. Jericho Appreciation Society
  • We hear from FTR
  • We hear from The Elite
  • AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm & Ruby Soho
  • Jay White vs. Komander
Becky Lynch

Update on when Becky Lynch's WWE contract expires

“Big Time Becks,” “The Man,” “Becky Two-Belts” – whatever you want to call her, it’s undeniable that Becky Lynch has become one of the biggest stars in WWE history. She was even the first woman to win the main event of WrestleMania! But earlier today, all eyes shifted toward Lynch’s Twitter account when she lost her verified badge and changed her name to “Rebecca Quinn.”

It was then speculated that Lynch’s time with WWE may be ending sooner rather than later, but, according to a new report, that’s not the case. Lynch is still signed with the company through June 2024.

You can read more about this story here.


WWE universe sounds off about upcoming draft

We’re less than two weeks away from the start of the WWE Draft, and during draft season, the WWE Universe is abuzz with ideas about which brand should become home to certain stars. Earlier today, WWE’s Twitter page posed the question:

Who should be the number one pick in the 2023?

You can see some of the answers below! Feel free to give us your opinion on how the draft should play out this year by joining in the conversation.


What's in store for tonight's show

We’ve got another episode of WWE Raw on the way, just weeks ahead of the WWE Draft scheduled for April 28 – May 1. Becky Lynch has already revealed that she will miss tonight’s show, but what about the exciting things that still await?

You can see the current card for WWE Raw below:

  • Seth Rollins vs. The Miz
  • Brock Lesnar responds to Cody Rhodes’ Backlash challenge
  • WWE United States Champion Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley in a non-title match
  • Trish Stratus reveals why she turned on Becky Lynch

Fightful Select revealed some additional details about plans for Raw tonight. Twenty extras have been brought in to work as security guards, and though there’s no official word on where they will be used, the segment between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes seems like a solid guess. The Judgment Day vs. Matt Riddle and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn is rumored for tonight’s main event, and it’s also been rumored that Rey Mysterio vs. Solo Sikoa will take place.


Good evening, everyone!

Ladies and gents, we are back for the April 17 edition of WWE Raw! Prepare for all the action the red brand has planned for us, along with news still unraveling from the start of the week. We’ll be here with you for each new update 😊

Earlier today, Becky Lynch personally took to Twitter and revealed that she will miss tonight’s Raw. A follow-up report from WRKD Wrestling indicated that this was because of a minor injury Lynch is dealing with. The added flare of adjusting her Twitter account and issuing a statement is to continue the story about her falling out with Trish Stratus on Raw last week.

We’ve also received major updates on the return of CM Punk to AEW. Apparently, Warner Bros. Discovery has been informed that Punk is heading back to the company, and Chris Jericho is willing to work with “The Second City Saint” upon his return.