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WWE Aiming To Expanding Weekly Programming, Lucha Libre Show Has Been “Discussed”; May 19th Live Wrestling News Round-Up

John Cena

John Cena Puts Over Newcastle United Star Dan Burn In Bizarre Fast X Interview

WWE has had it’s fair share of bizarre mainstream crossovers across the years but perhaps more bizarre than WWE icon John Cena putting over Newcastle United star Dan Burn during a recent interview promotion the latest instalment into the Fast and Furious franchise: Fast X.

Cena would put over Burn for being a 6’7 man who drives a smart car, something ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ believes is a conscious effort to “make a statement” as a man who “knows his self worth.”

The 14 time WWE Champion would congratulate Newcastle United’s BFG for his “nice flex and sick burn.”

You can watch the bizarre moment below

CM Punk

Danhausen "Has No Nipples" - CM Punk

This may be the most important CM Punk update this week…as ‘The Second City Saint’ has revealed that fellow AEW Superstar Danhausen HAS NO NIPPLES?!

Danhausen and Punk’s friendship is well reported with the former AEW Champion previously gifting AEW’s resident curse master with a vintage CGC graded comic worth over $10,000.

In a hilarious Instagram Story, CM Punk and Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen debate who Danhausen’s true father is with Punk claiming that the man responsible for birthing Danhausen is none other than 360kg American wrestling legend Happy Humphrey.

Punk would then go on to joke that “a little known fact” about Danhausen is that he in fact… has no nipples.

You can check out the hilarious skit in full below!

Zack Ryder

Matt Cardona Rejected 5 Year WWE Contract On "Significantly More Money"

Matt Cardona Thumb

Former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder (now known as Matt Cardona) has revealed that prior to his WWE release in 2020 he was offered a new five year contract on “significantly more more” that he refused to sign something that he believes led to his eventual release from the company after nearly 15 years.

In a recent interview with Good Journeys, Cardona would open up on his WWE departure, revealing that he rejected the enhanced contract because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay with the company when his original deal expires.

“Well, I did not see it coming leading up to that. But that morning, at the time worked for WWE, all the talent got a video message from Vince McMahon basically saying that there would be some cuts. And once we got that message I knew, ‘okay, I’m probably gonna be one of the guys on that list.’

I didn’t know for sure. A year prior, WWE had offered I’d say pretty much everybody a new five-year contract with significantly more money. But I did not sign that contract because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay or go.”

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Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy ADRESSES Working Alongside Jeff Hardy

In this never before seen interview clip Broken Matt Hardy reveals what it was like for him and his brother Jeff Hardy to work with Michael Hayes of The Fabulous Freebirds as well as discussing how Hayes taught him to compliment the high flying ‘SPOT MONKEY’ style of his brother and elevate the Hardy Boys as a tag team.

Check out the clip in full below ⬇️

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny "Got Hurt" During WWE Backlash, Thought He Was "Going To Die"

Bad Bunny at WWE Backlash

International music sensation Bad Bunny stole the show at WWE’s Backlash PLE in Puerto Rico earlier this month, but the 29-year-old has revealed it wasn’t without it’s consequences.

During a new interview with Zane Lowe on New Music Daily, Bunny would reveal that he was injured during his match against Priest and thought he was going to die after the match.

“I suffered. Yeah, I got hurt. I got hurt. My back, my back. My whole body, bro. My whole body. I felt that I was going to die after that match. I really thought that I was going to die after the match, but it’s part of it. I was prepared then, and now I’m going to drop a song. I know. I’m a crazy guy. I love it. I love it, and that’s what matters,” [h/t Fightful]

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JBL Accused of "Bullying Everyone" By Former ECW Ring Announcer


Former ECW Ring Announcer Stephen DeAngelis has accused WWE Hall of Famer JBL of “bullying everyone” during his time in ECW noting that people were overjoyed when Joey Styles “punched out” the future WWE Champion, adding that many in the roster “couldn’t wait” to tell people about it.

During a recent interview with The Hannibal TV, DeAngelis would discuss Style’s altercation with Bradshaw, noting that what happened next was simply “karma” for JBL “bullying everyone” during his time with the company.

“We all know that Bradshaw bullied everybody…So everybody had a Bradshaw story.

So the fact that he got his comeuppance, people couldn’t wait to share the story. And I don’t know if it had so much to do with Joey as it did the fact that Bradshaw no longer could operate with the same mystique. I mean he still tried, but the mystique was gone, the idea of ‘He’s the bully. He’s the locker room enforcer,’ not so much. And I was happy for Joey because he got him off his back.” [h/t WrestlingInc]

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman Revealed As Mastermind Behind Bronson Reed's Recent Character Shift

Bronson Reed on WWE Raw

Paul Heyman is widely regarded as one of the greatest minds in wrestling history, and his impact can still be felt throughout the WWE today with Bronson Reed revealing that his recent character and new nickname were creative gems of Heyman himself.

Speaking on ‘Out of Character’ with Ryan Satin, the former NXT North American Champion would discuss the origins of ‘Mr Nice Guy’ accrediting it to ECW and WWE legend Paul Heyman.

“That actually wasn’t my idea (to be billed as Mr. Nice Guy) but, it is sort of input so, you know, I’ve been watching a few different television shows that has a character that’s sort of similar to what I do. Australian TV shows and the Mr. Nice Guy was actually Paul Heyman.

He suggested that and obviously when such a great mind of the business like Paul Heyman suggests anything, you should go with it because he knows what he’s talking about…

Again, huge ECW fan. So, if he has an idea like that, of course, of course that’s what I’m gonna go with. But yeah, Mr. Nice Guy and it is representative of what you see, like us chatting right now. I am that nice guy.

You can speak to me. It’s just when I step into the ring, that’s when the beast is unleashed, that’s when things change and I go to make my money. My money is by cracking skulls.”


Carmelo Hayes Credits Conversations With The Undertaker For Recent Rise

The Undertaker in sneaker shop

The Undertaker is widely regarded as one of the greatest WWE Superstars in history, beloved for his incredible character and size defying in-ring abilities, but it is for his abilities as a mentor that ‘The Deadman’ has once again made headlines across the wrestling industry.

NXT Superstar Carmelo Hayes has revealed that a recent conversation with The Undertaker enabled him to shift his mindset and allow a number of ideas click like they never had before.

The NXT Champion even went as far as to accredit his recent rise within the WWE to that very conversation with ‘The Phenom’.

Speaking with Alistair McGeorge for The Metro, Hayes would recall this conversation, stating:

“The cool thing is, he was so chilled. Not like he wouldn’t be chilled, but you just never know. But he’s just so cool, he was just so relaxed and broke it down in a way – sometimes you’ll hear the same thing said a different way from somebody else, and it clicks.

He had told me one or two things that I was like, “Oh Shoot! Yeah, that’s pretty much what they’ve been telling me but not like that!” Taker was cool, man, and I’ve seen him a couple times since and he’s always being very cool.”

You can read Hayes’ full comments, here.

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Randy Orton

Teddy Long Calls For Randy Orton To Retire From In-Ring Competition

Randy Orton in the ring

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long has called for Randy Orton transition from in-ring talent to a backstage role with NXT following his reportedly career ending injury last year.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, the former SmackDown General Manager would reveal why he believes Orton could make a positive impact to NXT noting that if Orton “was smart” he would take the opportunity to sit back and be proud in his work helping craft the WWE Superstars of tomorrow.

“If Randy is pretty much set, and the other thing you said about him taking somebody under his wing and helping him out.

This is what I would do if I was this guy. Randy is still a young man; he’s still got a long future. That’s what I would do. If I were him, I would go to maybe NXT, take a job there, and help some of the young kids and show them the right way.

Randy Orton is another guy who knows how this works, and that’s why you gotta have people like him, Shawn Michaels, or Terry Taylor,”

“If Randy was smart, I would take that. That’d be easy and plus, he’s giving back to the business. Then you can watch what you’ve done if you have helped some of the young kids out. You can sit back and watch and be proud of your work,”

[h/t Sportskeeda]

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Ivar Joins Sheamus On Latest Episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts

Former NXT Tag Team Champion and WWE mainstay Ivar is the latest guest on Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts taking the former WWE Champion through his yoga routine that he believes has enabled him to remain health and flexible throughout his career.

You can watch the video in full below


WWE's Highest Paid Male Superstar's Revealed

Brock Lesnar Randy Orton WWE SummerSlam

A new report has revealed which of WWE’s male superstars are bringing home the bacon including an absent WWE Superstar who is currently the companies third highest earner.

Randy Orton hasn’t appeared on WWE television since May 20th, 2022, and there remains little sign that he will be returning to action any time soon.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed reports that The Viper might not get back in the ring at all. In doing so, Meltzer revealed that Orton is actually the third-best-paid male member of WWE’s roster behind only Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

You can read Meltzer’s full report, here.

Eddie Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero Recalls Brock Lesnar's Backstage Altercation With Eddie Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero with SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Chavo Guerrero has shared the incredible story of a backstage altercation between WWE legends Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar during which the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion thought he may have to help his uncle beat up ‘The Beast Incarnate’.

During a recent episode of The Undisputed Podcast, former WWE and AEW Superstar Chavo Guerrero would recalls a stiff strike during a match leading to a heated confrontation between his uncle WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero and multi-time WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

“Brock is such a strong guy, people don’t really understand how strong he is.

After the match, Eddie was pissed because Brock stiffed him a bunch of times, that Eddie felt. Brock was working, but he was working so hard.

Eddie pulls him into his dressing room and he’s like, ‘Brock! Get in here!’ They get into the dressing room and I’m like, ‘Am I going to have to open this door and help Eddie fight Brock?’ When they got out of there, they had straightened it out, and I remember Brock looking at me and going, ‘You know I was going to beat up Eddie in the ring, right?.”

The former Kerwin White would continue revealing that Eddie was not one to shy down from confrontation and was more that prepared to try his luck in a fight with the former UFC Champion.

“Eddie came to fight…He was ready to die with honor [laughs]. He was like, ‘You never know what’s gonna happen out there.” [h/t WrestlingInc]

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Mick Foley

Mick Foley Refused To Take Chair Shot Live On Jimmy Kimmel

Randy Orton Mick Foley

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is known for his death defying in-ring style and lack of self preservation when it comes to what he is willing to do for the enjoyment of the fans.

But in a recent episode of his Foley is Pod show, ‘The Hardcore Legend’ revealed that there are even somethings that he was not willing to put himself through including a potential chair shot to the head live on The Jimmy Kimmel show.

“I’ll give you an example of something that I did say no to so people know, so it’s not just a blank check.

Is that when I was co hosting the Jimmy Kimmel show, they had gimmicked steel chair. And I said, But what about the rim of the chair? What about that, you know, and they were like, Oh…

I said, yeah, if he misses me, it’s gonna split my head wide open and he’s got no history whatsoever in using it. Not talking about Jimmy, Jimmy wasn’t gonna hit me. So I said no to a chair shot, even though it was a gimmick chair, because I was afraid, you know, I had no biases, what if he misses and I thought there was a good chance he would miss and the lip of the chair I mean, 27 stitches against Terry Funk, that opened me up like a can of sardines!”

Big Show

Big Show Reveals FRUSTRATIONS With WWE Debut

Paul Wight, aka The Big Show speaks to Kenny McIntosh about frustrations with his initial WWE run, working with Stone Cold Steve Austin, learning what it took to become a top talent and how he advises the AEW locker room now.

Check out this previously unseen interview clip below ⬇️

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Claims "Needs To Appeal To More Casual Fans”

The Hardy Family Office Matt Hardy Jack Evans The Butcher The Blade Marq Quen at AEW All Out 2021

Ever since AEW established itself as the number two promotion behind WWE, a massive conversation among fans and the media has been about how the company can move to the next level.

According to WWE legend and current AEW Superstar Matt Hardy, the next step in AEW’s success must involve the company appealing “to more casual fans.”

Speaking on an episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the tag team legend explained why this next step will be key for Tony Khan and AEW:

“To grow the fanbase of AEW, I do think we need to appeal to some more casual fans who might not be all about just the wrestling and the five-star matches.”

You can read Hardy’s full comments, here.

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Bray Wyatt-fs8

Booker T Claims Bray Wyatt's Supernatural Gimmick Is Holding Him Back

Bray Wyatt Alexa Bliss

Bray Wyatt’s WWE return was initially met with mass plaudits and fanfare, however now just seven months removed from Extreme Rules, Wyatt appears to be lost in WWE limbo with his last appearance being back in February prior to his scrapped WrestleMania match against Bobby Lashley.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has weighed on the cause of Wyatt’s continued failures in the WWE, citing ‘The Firefly Funhouse thing” and Wyatt’s general supernatural presentation as the primary reason for his frustrations.

During his latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T would state:

“This Firefly Funhouse thing and the magic, you can only take it so far… The fans are looking to see a good match. That’s what this business has been predicated on since day one, storylines is always been great, but the payoffs.”

The five time WWE Champion would continue, claiming that it is Wyatt’s inability to put on an excellent in-ring performance that is truly holding him back in the WWE.

“I think that’s the problem that Bray Wyatt has had, being that magical creature and not being able to go out there and, I wouldn’t even call them five-star matches or anything like that, but just really good matches,” Booker said. “I think that’s what’s held Bray Wyatt back more than anything.”

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Recent AEW Signing Forced To "Work Remotely"

CM Punk held back by security Ace Steel

It was recently reported that as part of a move to bring back CM Punk to AEW, Tony Khan had quietly re-signed his friend and former AEW employee Ace Steel, who was previously the only individual fired as a result of the now infamous AEW All Out brawl.

A new report has now revealed that although Steel has been re-hired by Khan, it has been done under one major condition – Steel must work remotely and is prohibited from attending tapings of AEW Collison.

Writing in this morning’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer would break down the news surrounding Punk’s pending AEW return including the fallout from the ‘botched’ Collision announcement and reports of Steel’s silent return to the company.

“Steel, who was the only person fired after the Brawl after All Out last year, for allegedly hitting Nick Jackson hard with a chair in the head and biting Kenny Omega, was apparently one of Punk’s requests or demands to return.

Steel and Punk were under the impression he would be back in his old role as a producer.

Steel had been in talk with Impact until several weeks ago, concurrent with the detailed story (and as noted denied to us by AEW) that he had inked a new deal to return. The story is that Tony Khan told Punk that Steel could have his job and work closely with Punk, but that he would work remotely and not be brought to the Collision tapings.”

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Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey vs Hiromu Takahashi Awarded 4.75 Stars

Speedball Mike Bailey in Impact Wrestling jacket

The 2023 Best of the Super Juniors tournament is now well underway with Mike Bailey & Robbie Eagles leading the way for blocks A & B respectively.

The tournament is now six nights deep, however, it is the main event from night one of the show that is stealing all the plaudits so far.

On night one of the prestigious tournament NJPW new comer Mike Bailey would clash with two-time BOSJ Champion Hiromu Tanahashi in the shows main event with the duo putting on an instant classic and Bailey shocking the world by coming out on top.

Now, writing in this morning’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has named the match as his ‘match of the week’ awarding it a near perfect 4.75* rating.

“From what I’ve seen, the standout match so far was from night one with Mike Bailey in his New Japan debut beating multi-time former winner and current IWGP jr. champion Hiromu Takahashi. I’d go ****3/4 for that one and it was the best match I saw this past week.”

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Don Muraco

Don Muraco Calls Cody Rhodes “The Best Promo Guy I’ve Ever Seen”

Cody Rhodes

Ever since returning to WWE Cody Rhodes has established himself as one of the top stars in the industry and now he has received the plaudits of a one of pro-wrestling’s most legendary Hall of Famers.

Speaking on Wrestling Shoot Interviews WWE Hall of Famer Don Muraco would heap praise on ‘The American Nightmare’ even going as far as to claim that he is “the best promo guy” he has ever seen.

“I love Dusty’s boy. I think he’s the best promo guy I’ve ever seen in my whole time and my whole thing in the business, I like his organization and his delivery, everything about his promos I like.”

The wrestling icon would continue his praise for Rhodes comparing him to multiple WWE legends including ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and Rhodes’ own father ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes.

“I like the way he organizes his promo, his thoughts and his delivery on his speech you know he’s got he’s like he’s like his dad, he’s like Piper, but yet he’s got himself.

I think he should be running auditoriums and doing Tony Robbins self-improvement speeches instead of taking bumps.”

You can read Muraco’s full comments, here.

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Ronda Rousey

WWE's Plans For Ronda Rousey In The Air Following WrestleMania 39

Ronda Rousey attacks Raquel Rodriguez on Raw

A planned break for Ronda Rousey could cause more havoc for WWE’s writing team.

Prior to Rousey’s appearance at WrestleMania 39 it had been reported that ‘The Baddest Woman on the Planet’ was looking to take some time off from the WWE to recover and help restore her hype within the company.

This planned absence is now providing the WWE writers team with headaches as plans for Rousey’s long term storyline following WrestleMania 39 have been pushed back as the result of the injury sustained by Liv Morgan just weeks ago.

Writing in this afternoon’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer would comment on the confusion surrounding the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships noting that WWE may be forced to “speed up” their plans in Rousey is unwilling to delay her planned break from the company.

“The timing of this [Morgan’s injury] is an issue because Rousey is planning on taking time off at a certain time frame which was prior to WrestleMania, and the story was to end well before that…

The original plan was to establish the team [Rousey & Baszler] as champions for a while and then do the actual storyline that this was to build to.”

You can read Meltzer’s full comments, here.

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson Set To Work On Creative For AEW Collision

AEW Collision logo

Bryan Danielson is widely regarded as one of the greatest minds in professional wrestling and ‘The American Dragon’ is now set to put that mind to use as part of the creative team for AEW’s latest venture AEW Collision.

With the launch of the show less than a month away, a new report has offered an insight into who will be involved in producing and writing the new content required.

According to a report via Fightful Select, the team will feature Tony Khan, Pat Buck, Will Washington, Sonjay Dutt, QT Marshall, and a certain Bryan Danielson.

The American Dragon helped out with creative in WWE during his later years with the company, including when he was sidelined. Those who spoke to Fightful about his work during this period only had good things to say.

You can read details of the full report, here.

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AEW Scraps "No Good" Segment From AEW Dynamite


An AEW Dynamite segment featuring a number of top stars was scrapped and replaced on the May 17th episode of the show.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that a AEW Dynamite segment featuring MJF, Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin and Britt Baker was scrapped from the show, instead being replaced by a backstage interview between Renee Paquette and MJF.

The segment was originally scheduled to end with Baker saying that whoever won the AEW Championship match at Double or Nothing wouldn’t hold the title for long “Bay Bay,” a reference to her partner Adam Cole.

Meltzer added that something about the segment was deemed “not good” and it was replaced.

You can read Meltzer’s full breakdown of the scrapped segment, here.


UFC Star Henry Cejudo "Almost" Signed With WWE

UFC Logo

Throughout WWE’s history multiple MMA stars have made the switch from the cage to the squared circle including the likes of Ken Shamrock, Shayna Baszler, Matt Riddle and most notably Ronda Rousey.

But it has now been revealed that one of UFC’s returning stars “almost” chose a career with WWE before agreeing a contract with Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Speaking in a new interview, UFC star Henry Cejudo would discuss the WWE & UFC’s merger and if he would interested in making the jump from MMA to pro-wrestling.

Cejudo would reveal that he had previously been offered a deal with the WWE with the company offering to fly him out and show him around the company in an attempt to secure his signature.

Speaking to Chamatkar Sandhu, Cejudo would state:

“Before I signed with UFC, we were in talks with WWE. I was going to be The Atomic Flea. I had thought about signing, I had talked to Jerry Brisco at that time.

They were going to fly me out to Orlando and do that whole trial stuff. It did intrigue me, but at the same time, I knew that if I’m going to use my body, I might as well fight and do the real stuff.

Not saying that the WWE isn’t real, it’s 100% real, but I’m talking competitively. I never wanted to travel like crazy. I didn’t want to get thrown like Rey Mysterio. I didn’t want my body to break.

If I was to do the WWE or AEW, I would like to do a one-off. I don’t see myself doing that stuff for a very long time even though I do believe I could be really good at it. I worked out with Chavo Guerrero.

He’s given me lessons. He’s like, ‘Bro, you’re a natural.’ I grew up watching it, did amateur wrestling, and I fought. I understand the acting portion. There are things that come natural to me. Something like the WWE or AEW would be one of them.”

[h/t Fightful]

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Drew McIntyre

"Creative Issues" Preventing Drew McIntyre's WWE Return

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre hasn’t competed in a WWE ring since his appearance at WrestleMania 39, since then reports of unhappiness at both his wage and creative direction have circulated with ‘The Scottish Warrior’ looking like he may be on his way out of the company.

A new report has now revealed that McIntyre has still not signed a new WWE contract, citing ‘creative issues’ as the reason behind the contract dispute rather than financial frustrations.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that McIntyre’s return is now being seen as a “creative issue.” He added that while McIntyre has not asked to leave WWE, a new deal is yet to be agreed.

“At this point, McIntyre’s return is basically more a creative issue regarding what they want, what he wants, and when they agree to it.”

You can read the full details of McIntyre’s creative frustrations and contract negotiations, here.

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WWE Looking To Expand Weekly Programming, Lucha Libre Show Has Been "Discussed"

Lucha House Party

Following the news that AEW would be launching it’s sixth weekly show in the form of AEW Collision, questions have begun to mount regarding WWE’s weekly programming and if the sports entertainment giants would benefit from expanding their weekly programming.

Speaking at the MoffettNathanson’s Inaugural Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, Nick Khan would address questions on WWE’s weekly programming noting that ‘ideally’ they would WWE have shows on TV every day of the week, even going as far as to reveal that a weekly lucha libre show had been discussed internally as something to investigate once the UK and US TV show rights are settled and TKO’s “synergies are in place.”

“Something we’ve discussed internally; lucha libre, which is big in Mexico and Latin America, to start something like that down the road.”

You can read Khan’s full comments, here. 

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Nick Khan

Good Afternoon!

Good Afternoon!

After a busy few days that saw multiple updates on CM Punk’s AEW return, the announcement of AEW Collision and the tragic passing of ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, the Inside The Ropes live news blog is back and we have some massive stories for you this afternoon including:

  • Nick Khan confirms WWE is looking to expand its weekly programming, reveals a weekly lucha libre show has been ‘discussed’.
  • Bryan Danielson set to work on the creative team for AEW Collision.
  • ‘Creative issues’ preventing Drew McIntyre’s WWE return.
  • UFC star Henry Cejudo reveals he ‘almost’ signed with the WWE.

We will be with you from 12pm – 6pm BST [7am-1pm EST] before taking a short break before we are back with our live coverage of this evening’s news and Friday Night SmackDown from 10pm BST.

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