Tony Khan cuts a promo on AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan Promises “One The Most Important Announcements” In AEW History; May 11th Live Wrestling News Round-Up

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Eddie Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero Dismisses Claims Eddie Guerrero And Rey Mysterio Were Best Friends

Chavo Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero with SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Chavo Guerrero has continued his recent tirade of criticism against Rey Mysterio, this time shooting down the claim that he and Eddie Guerrero were truly ‘best friends’.

In recent weeks, Chavo has blasted Rey for his continued ‘prostitution’ of the Guerrero name for his own benefit, even going as far as to claim Mysterio was out of line for his entrance at WrestleMania 39.

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Guerrero discussed this thin line between fiction and reality, likening wrestling to a soap opera where fans begin to wonder whether on-screen couples are really together. He added that the perception is that Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were best friends, as that is what’s been presented, however, that wasn’t quite true.

“When people say oh they were like best friends, no they weren’t best friends, they were not best friends.”

You can read Guerrero’s full scathing comments, here.

Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard Breaks Down The "Catch-22" Of WrestleMania

Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 39

As WrestleMania has grown it’s become a weird kind of WWE New Year. The vast majority of the company’s biggest stories come to a climax at the event while seeds are often planted during this period for the major stories that will dominate television for the next 12 months.

However, this means that when stories don’t come to a ‘logical’ conclusion at WrestleMania, a fan backlash is somewhat inevitable. This was highlighted at WrestleMania 39 when Cody Rhodes failed to “finish the story” and Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Title.

Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, WWE Executive Prichard explained how it can be challenging to juggle all these factors.

“Different people look at WrestleMania in different ways. Some people look at it as the end. Some people look at it as the beginning. So, there’s a lot of both.

You try to have that variety where you’re not just ending stories, but you’re starting new ones, and that’s that fine line that you have to walk to make sure that, ‘Alright, you’re gonna build something up for the big climax, and we also have to build something up for the first one where you want to see a lot more of that going further.’ So it’s a Catch-22,”

You can read more about the catch-22 of WrestleMania, here.

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Rising NXT Star Loses Teeth In Spot Gone Wrong [VIDEO]

WWE NIL graduate Tank Ledger found out the risks of wrestling the hard way as he was forced into a dental appointment following a vicious clash with Brooks Jensen during this weeks episode of NXT.

The two powerhouses would clash during the May 9th episode of WWE NXT with Jensen coming out on top in more ways than one.

Jensen would strike Ledger across the jaw with a devastating big boot, although Ledger was able to kick out and recover it was not without it’s consequences as the 300lb WWE Superstar was forced to spit out his own teeth in the middle of the match.

You can check out the nasty spot down below ⬇️


Will Ospreay Confirmed For AEW All In

Will Ospreay

AEW All In looks to be the biggest international wrestling event of the year with over 70,000 fans reportedly already confirmed for the event at Wembley Stadium in London, England this August.

The ticket sales are monumental and it is particularly impressive when you consider that nothing has been announced for the show so far.

However, as reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the company has already booked a major non-AEW name for the show. Meltzer notes that British star Will Ospreay will be wrestling on the show, but his opponent is currently unknown.

“Will Ospreay, as of a couple of days ago, was booked on the show. I do not know his opponent. I do not know the match, but he was booked on the show,”

To add to the speculation, Don Callis turned his back on Omega on the May 10th episode of Dynamite. In the aftermath of the betrayal, the veteran changed his bio on Twitter “to “King of Winnipeg Bruv,” seemingly a reference to Ospreay.

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WWE Star Mace Reveals They Almost Had A Bizarre "Cyberpunk Mercenary" Gimmick

WWE Maximum Male Models Mace Mansoor LA Knight Max Dupri ma.ce man.soor

During a recent interview with The Metro, Maximum Male Model Mace would reveal that he almost had a very different, very sinister gimmick in the WWE.

“Honestly. I was sitting at home for a couple of months, kind of waiting to decide what I was going to do next. I got a call and they said, “All those things that we talked about, you’re not going to do. We have an idea for you!”

‘I was almost a cyberpunk mercenary, a bounty hunter, an executioner. Axe, hood and all – there’s concept art.”

Mace would go on to recall the hilarious conversation with WWE following this, in which he discovered he was no longer going to be a sinister bounty hunter but instead… a male model.

“They gave me a call and they were like, “All that stuff? Nah! What we’re gonna do is you’re going to be a male model now.” I said, “Great!” They said, “You’re going to do it with Mansoor”.

‘I was like, “Even better! Rock and roll!” At the end of the day, we’re God’s greatest clowns, and if you give us anything – in this grand circus of life, we are God’s greatest clowns.’

You can check out the original interview, here.

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Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez Call Out Meg Thee Stallion & Cardi B To "Make It Happen"

Cardi B

Bad Bunny’s incredible performances at WrestleMania and Backlash have the world asking, what other celebrities could tear it up inside a WWE ring.

According to WWE’s Women’s Tag Team Champions Liv Morgan & Raquel Gonzalez there would be no better team to step up to the plate than music icons Meg Thee Stallion & Cardi B.

Speaking during an interview with Billboard, Morgan and Gonzalez would name the hip hop duo as their dream celerbrity opponents in the WWE, citing Stallion and Cardi B’s chemistry and existing passion for wrestling as the reason behind their pick.

“I would love to see Cardi and Meg The Stallion,” the tandem offer. “I think Meg would be incredible. They’ve also been so active with us on Twitter and just responded to different things. Those two would be interesting to see in the ring. Us versus Cardi and Meg. Make it happen.”

Morgan was quick to make it clear that she wouldn’t be going easier on the outsiders however, even going as far as to suggest the four women lock horns in an Extreme Rules or Last Woman Standing match.

“I’m not gonna go easy on them, though,” relays Morgan. “They look like they could take the titles: an Extreme Rules Match, Last Woman Standing Match. Let’s do all of it.”

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Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Announces Limited Edition Protein Powder In Partnership With Project 1 Nutrition

Kurt Angle wearing a wig at WWE Hall of Fame induction

Kurt Angle has taken his supposed love of milk to a whole new level as he partners with Project 1 nutrition on a limited edition ‘American Dream’ Whey Protein.

The former Olympian would take to Twitter to share the news of his partnership.

Angle would share an incredible photo of the product alongside a stack of Oreos, revealing that the whey is Cookies & Cream flavoured, ideal for any fellow milkaholics.

Kurt Angle American Dream cookies and cream whey protein. If you love cookies and milk this is your protein. 2 servings has 50 grams of protein and only 4 carbs. Order it at #itsreal #project1nutrition

The Project 1 product description states:

“Project#1 Nutrition has teamed up with the legendary and olympic champion Kurt Angle to bring you the American Dream – Cookies and Cream flavor Whey Protein, crafted to provide an elite and superior source of the most potent proteins available. With a unique blend of ingredients designed to optimize digestive health, our ultra-clean and rapidly absorbed protein is perfect for fueling lean muscle growth and recovery, all while delivering a delicious taste.”

The product is available in a 1kg tub for the price of $49.95 or is available in the ‘American Dream’ package alongside a Kurt Angle shaker, shirt and autograph for $149.95.

Diamond Dallas Page

DDP Gives HONEST Opinion On Triple H Controlling WWE TV

DDP spoke to Kenny McIntosh about Triple H’s run as the head of creative since last summer after taking over from Vince McMahon.

Check out this previously unseen interview clip below ⬇️


What Happened After AEW Dynamite Went Off The Air?

Jon Moxley lying in barbed wire spot at AEW Revolution 2021

AEW Dynamite ended in chaos and betrayal, so what happened when the cameras stopped rolling?

In a chaotic main event, the rivalry between The Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite reached a new high. The two factions have been at war for months with the Young Bucks and Callis himself feeling the wrath of the BCC.

The match would end in shocking fashion as Don Callis would turn on long time client Kenny Omega, stabbing him in the face with a screwdriver and handing Moxley the win.

The show went off the air as a slightly confused Moxley looked on as Callis threw Omega to the mat after kissing him on the head. After the cameras stopped rolling, the Young Bucks came to the ring to help their fallen friend. In the clip below, the Bucks can be seen carrying a bemused and beaten Omega backstage.

You can watch what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, here.

Bron Breaker

Backstage Update On Why Bron Breakker Wasn't Called Up To WWE's Main Roster

Bron Breakker

During the WWE Draft many NXT stars were picked for Raw and SmackDown but surprisingly Bron Breakker wasn’t one of them.

The WWE roster recently went through a number of drastic changes when the Draft saw multiple Superstars and champions switch brands.

Breakker was one of the names heavily touted to be involved in the roster changes during the lead-up to the Draft, yet he remained where he is.

According to WRKD Wrestling the former Champion wasn’t called up to the main roster due to management wanting him to “cultivate his character.”

You can read more details on WWE’s decision to keep Breakker in NXT, here.

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On This Day In 2008 - TNA Sacrifice

On May 11th 2008, TNA Wrestling presented ‘Sacrifice’ a block buster PPV featuring a mammoth main event between Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner and Kaz.

TNA’s Sacrifice PPV took place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. The show featured a tournament to crown new World Tag Team Champions after Kaz and Super Eric were stripped of the titles.

The tournament was won by the Latin American Xchange  who beat Team 3D in the final.

The main event was Samoa Joe retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Steiner and Kaz in a three way match. Kaz was part of the match in place of Kurt Angle who withdrew at the start of the PPV with a neck injury.

You can watch the full PPV for free, down below!

Lince Dorado

Happy Birthday Lince Dorado

WWE Lucha House Party Lince Dorado Gran Metalik Kalisto

Happy Birthday to Puerto Rican Lucha Libre legend Lince Dorado who turns 36-years-old today.

Dorado, best known for his extended run in the WWE as part of the Lucha House Party, will be looking to channel his birthday cheer into recapturing his MLW World Middleweight Championship after unsuccessfully defending the title against AKIRA at MLW War Chamber back in April.

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Carlito's WWE Return Surpasses 'Cool' Milestone

Carlito’s WWE return in Puerto Rico during the semi main event of Backlash 2023 was met by an electric reception from a very hot crowd and now he has surpassed a very ‘cool’ milestone.

The electric crowd reaction on Saturday night led to WWE sharing footage of the former Intercontinental Champions’ return on social media to huge rewards.

Over one million views of Carlito’s return were clocked within 24 hours of Backlash across Twitter and YouTube, now growing to nearly ten million views on WWE’s official Twitter alone.

Carlito would hilariously respond to his warm reception, noting that his indie booking fee has now gone up.

You can check out the incredible WWE footage down below.

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Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley Considering Bareknuckle Boxing Debut

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is no stranger to the cage, but his latest MMA goal is set to be his most terrifying yet!

After departing the WWE in 2008, Lashley would pursue his passion for MMA leading him to make his Bellator debut at ‘There Will Be Blood’ in what was meant to be a highly anticipated clash with WWE legend Ken Shamrock.

Shamrock however would test positive for steroids, leaving Lashley to take on Jason Guida instead – an opponent he would easily dismantle.

‘The All Mighty’ would go on to make 17 professional MMA appearances with a record of 15 wins and two losses (Chad Griggs in 2010 and James Thompson in 2012).

Lashley would make his ‘final’ MMA appearance in 2016, defeating Josh Applet via Rear Naked Choke to seemingly end his MMA career on a high.

However, in a new interview with BT Sport, Bobby Lashley would reveal that he wants to get back into the cage and has even begun looking into the possibility of fighting for BKFC – Bare Knuckle Fighting Champion.

Speaking with Sam Stride, Lashley would comment on still wanting to scratch the itch of MMA and his current plans relating to it.

Sam Stride: “Is that an itch then, that you still want to scratch [MMA].

Bobby Lashley: “Yeah, I’ve talked to the Bare Knuckles guys, so I think I might do a bare knuckle fight. It’s pretty cool that the WWE partnered with Endeavour, cause that’s basically the UFC and I still have a lot left in the tank man, I’m still in good shape, I train boxing, wrestling, ju-jistu, I do all that. So, I think I have a couple for fights in me.”

You can watch the full interview down below ⬇️

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Kayden Carter

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance Didn't Believe They Were Being Called Up To The WWE Main Roster

NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

NXT Duo Kayden Carter & Katana Chance have revealed that their on-camera reaction to their WWE Draft was 100% legitimate as neither one of them expected to be called up to the main roster.

Speaking on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, the duo would comment on their WWE call up, noting that they were so shocked when it happened that they didn’t even hear what brand they had been drafted to.

Katana Chance (FKA Kacy Catanzaro) would state:

“We actually were pretty sure it wasn’t happening. Not only did we not know, we thought we weren’t [getting called up].

Especially when the Women’s Tag Champs got brought up, we were like ‘Man, that’s the tag team that they’re taking and that’s it’, you know?

Then, the very last [second], at like 10:30pm on Monday and we’re at the watch party and we were like ‘I think it’s over’ and then they just like, said our names and we were like ‘Wait, what’s happening? What brand did they even say?”

[h/t to Fightful]

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Thunder Rosa Still Struggling With "Really Bad" Injury Despite Return

Thunder Rosa Double or Nothing entrance

Thunder Rosa might be back on television, but it appears her injury struggles are far from over.

During last night’s episode of Dynamite, Thunder Rosa appeared backstage heading to a meeting Tony Khan, shortly after Miro had made his own return to do the same. It has since been reported by Fightful Select that these returns are directly tied to the impending launch of AEW Collision.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on the returns, admitting that he was surprised to see Rosa given her back is still “really bad.”

Rosa’s back is really bad, I was kinda surprised. She’s been at the tapings every week and I know that when she’s trained in the ring… they showed one of them on All Access and granted that was months ago, but I’ve heard still, when she’s training, she’s hurting a lot. Her back is not better.

They reintroduced her, so I don’t know what the role would be. I didn’t get the impression she was ready to return so quickly.”

You can read more about Rosa’s ongoing injury issues, here.

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Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn Heaps Praise On "Gift To Wrestling" Kota Ibushi

Sami Zayn Kevin Owens Matt Riddle WWE Raw

At WrestleMania 39, the culmination of one of WWE’s hottest angles saw Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens reunite to dethrone the record-setting tag team champions The Usos.

Sami Zayn in particular was heralded as one of WWE’s most over superstars of the past decade, something that the former NXT Champion was always hesitant to accept.

However, it appears Zayn is not as shy about giving praise as he is at receiving it.

Taking to Twitter, Zayn would respond to a clip of former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi setting over fireworks whilst standing atop a car in London, England.

‘The Underdog from The Underground’ would heap praise on the free agent even going as far as to call him a ‘gift to wrestling.’

“This man is a lunatic and a gift to pro wrestling, and I need to wrestle him once more before my career is done.”

Kota Ibushi has been a free agent following his 2022 departure from NJPW, there have been ongoing rumours that WWE and AEW remain interested in signing the Japanese star.

You can read more about these rumours, here.


AEW Has "Marquee Match" Planned For AEW Collision Debut

CM Punk at AEW All Out

Major changes are in store for AEW’s television programming, and according to a new report, the company has “major plans” for its new AEW Collision show.

An update from Fightful Select provided insight into Tony Khan’s upcoming announcement as well as plans for Collision, stating that AEW has “major plans and a marquee match tentatively scheduled for the Collision show” as well as noting that CM Punk has been pushing for a “huge match.” While it’s rumoured that Punk could be in line for a feud with real-life rival Chris Jericho after meeting with Jericho last month, Punk reportedly wants to face another big name opponent early in his return.

Punk hasn’t been seen on AEW programming since taking part in the now-infamous brawl with The Elite after the 2022 edition of All Out.

You can read more about this report, here.

More details on the upcoming Warner Bros Discovery announcement can be found here.

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Don Callis Teases Alliance With Will Ospreay

During the main event of last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Don Callis shocked the world by turning on his long time client Kenny Omega by striking ‘The Cleaner’ in the skull with a screwdriver, allowing Jon Moxley to pick up the win.

The turn shocked AEW fans across the world, with many fans demanding to know why.

A question that may now have been subtly answered by Callis on Twitter.

The ‘Invisible Hand’ would take to Twitter following his brutal betrayal of Omega and subtly updated his Twitter location to state ‘King of Winnipeg (bruv)’ a clear and obvious reference to Omega’s bitter rival Will Ospreay.

Don Callis Twitter Bio

Although this is only a subtle tease, given Ospreay and Omega’s relationship and talks of a WrestleKingdom rematch between Ospreay and Omega at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium in London, England – the turn would make a lot of sense and help fuel a revitalised babyface run of Omega in AEW after his extended stint as the companies biggest heel.

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Miro Makes Shocking Return On AEW Dynamite

Miro & CJ Perry

Miro’ future has been a talking point for almost a year now as ‘The Redeemer’ has been absent from AEW since September 2022.

However, following last night’s episode of Dynamite the former TNT Champion’s future is no longer in doubt as he made his sensational return to AEW.

After Claudio Castagnoli defeated Rey Fenix to earn a future shot at the ROH Tag Team Champions with a partner of his choosing, we were directed backstage to see Miro approaching Tony Khan’s office. The question prompted by Renee Paquette was ultimately ignored as Miro glanced her way and stepped into the office.

Miro wasn’t the only former champion to return to AEW during last night’s Dynamite, Thunder Rosa also confirmed she is ready for her in-ring return, you can read more about that here.

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Bad Bunny

WWE Considering Major Match For Bad Bunny At 2023 SummerSlam PLE

Savio Vega with LWO celebrating Bad Bunny at WWE Backlash Carlito Rey Mysterio Santos Escobar Joaquin Wilde Cruz del Toro

Bad Bunny stole the show (alongside the WWE Universe) when he took over Backlash for his highly anticipated street fight against The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest.

The match is being dubbed WWE’s greatest ever celebrity cameo topping the likes of Mr T, Logan Paul and Cindy Lauper to the prestigious title.

WWE appears to agree with fans, as plans are already in motion for Bad Bunny’s next PLE appearance – which appears to be SummerSlam 2023 in Lord Field, Detroit.

During an interview with Sportskeeda, Savio Vega would comment on San Benito’s incredible performance at Backlash before dropping the news that WWE are already planning his role at SummerSlam later this year.

“This kid has two full matches. One at Wrestlemania, and this singles match against Damian Priest. He’s natural. You know, they take him step by step all the way to the end, but he has the mentality. He has the power, he’s hungry for that. He loves it, he wants to make it good… He has it, and I hear they’re maybe talking about Summerslam for him. I don’t know. They know what they’re going to do. But Bad Bunny hit the ball out of the park.”  [h/t WrestlingInc]

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Update On WWE Potentially Returning To Puerto Rico

Zelina Vega at WWE Backlash

The WWE Universe stole the show when Backlash came to Puerto Rico on May 6th, 2023.

The crowd has been labelled one of the best in WWE history by fans, talent and critics alike with many fans calling for WWE to make all ‘B PPV’ shows international as to ensure they are much watch events.

Following the show fans have been calling for WWE to return to Puerto Rico, but it turns out that might not be happening any time soon.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer would reveal that it is likely that unless the Puerto Rico Tourist Board wishes to continue paying WWE, the Superstars will not be heading back.

“The thing is, they’re only going to come if they get paid to come. So, that’s up to how much the tourism board wants to pay. And usually, when it comes to this type of thing. Everything is different. Generally speaking, if they want to bring you in, if the tourism board brings you in, they’re not going to bring you in every year.

They’re going to use their money to bring in another act…they’re going to use their money on another act next year, it won’t always be WWE.”

You can read more about this disappointing news, here.

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CM Punk

AEW Drops Major Hint That CM Punk Will Be Returning Imminently

CM Punk & Ace Steel

*Sound the alarm* it’s time for another CM Punk x AEW update – this time directly from AEW themselves.

Over the past several months, news and reports that CM Punk is working with Tony Khan to facilitate a return to AEW have circulated with most reports stating that Warner Brothers are the driving force behind a desire to see Punk return to All Elite Wrestling.

Since then everyone from fans, to ex-pros and even the AEW roster themselves have shared their opinion on a potential CM Punk return with some (such as Dax Harwood) very vocally in favour of the return and others stating that Punk should be sent packing after ‘gaslighting’ AEW.

While there has been no official comment from either Punk or the company, it seems that the groundwork is being laid for that comeback.

On the May 10th episode of Dynamite, MJF referenced Punk by name as part of the build-up to his “Four-Pillars” World Title defence at Double or Nothing. This is the first time that Punk has been mentioned by name in months.

You can read more about plans for a CM Punk return, here.

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Tony Khan

Tony Khan Promises "One Of The Most Important Announcements" in AEW History

AEW President Tony Khan

Tony Khan loves an announcement, but his upcoming announcement promises to be ‘the most important’ in AEW history!

On the May 10th episode of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan revealed that in a matter of days, a huge announcement is coming concerning the future of All Elite Wrestling.

During a short backstage promo, Khan said that it was clearer than ever that the company is capable of producing more content and that there are stars queuing up to be involved.

“I’d like you to stay tuned to TNT next Wednesday for a huge announcement, and then please join us next Wednesday on AEW Dynamite where we’ll follow up on one of the most important announcements ever, in the history of AEW.”

You can read more about the upcoming AEW announcement, including a potential spoiler, here.

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Good Afternoon!

Good Afternoon!

After a quiet afternoon yesterday, it was a crazy evening with AEW stealing headlines thanks to a sensational return from Miro, a shocking betrayal from Don Callis and Tony Khan breaking the internet with a fresh tease of CM Punk’s return and the promise of ‘the most important announcement’ in AEW history.

Add to that news that WWE are planning a feature match for Bad Bunny at this years SummerSlam event and it’s going to be a busy afternoon in the world of wrestling!

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