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WWE’s WrestleMania Injury Lawsuit Dismissed; May 10th Live Wrestling News Round-Up

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WWE Rejected The Briscoes Due To Their Appearence

The Briscoes Jay Briscoe Mark Briscoe make their entrance at ROH Supercard Of Honor 2022

The Briscoes are widely regarded as one of the greatest tag teams to never appear in WWE and it has now been revealed why the brothers never made it to the land of sports entertainment.

Speaking on a recent episode of Talk is Jericho with AEW star Chris Jericho, Mark Briscoe reflected on this period of his career and why he and his brother never signed with WWE. Briscoe said that he was told by John Laurinaitis that the company liked their work but was going to pass for “right now.”

Briscoe added that Laurinaitis told his brother Jay that it was because the pair weren’t “cosmetically pleasing enough.”

You can Briscoe’s full statement, here.


AEW Double Or Nothing Ticket Sales Drop Drastically

AEW Double or Nothing 2023

AEW Double or Nothing is one of All Elite Wrestling’s biggest annual events, but ticket sales for the 2023 edition have slowed considerably.

Tickets went on sale in mid-March, and an April 5th report from WrestleTix revealed that 6,585 tickets had been sold. In an update on May 7th, WrestleTix reported that 6,807 tickets had been sold, meaning that only 222 tickets were sold in the course of a month. The T-Mobile arena is currently planned to be set up for a capacity of 9,872.

You can read more about the dwindling sales, here.

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Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley Shows Off His Brutal Workout Regime

Bobby Lashley stopped by Front Line Fitness in Manchester during WWE’s recent trip to the UK and gave BT Sports’ Sam Stride a glimpse into his brutal workout regime.

During the video, Lashley would open up on his fitness journey as well revealing some of his favourite moments from the WWE and heaping praise on ‘the animal’ that is Chad Gable.

Check out the full video below ⬇️

Bully Ray

Bully Ray Says Not Enough People On AEW Dynamite Are “Super Over”

The Dudley Boyz wait for opponents in the ring

Bully Ray has suggested that AEW is being held back by a lack of stars who are “super over.”

Speaking on Busted Open Radio following the May 3rd episode of Dynamite, the WWE Hall of Famer cited the recent debuts of Jay White and Roderick Strong as examples of the company getting things wrong. While White had appeared in AEW before, he wasn’t under contract with the company at the time.

“Not enough people on that show last night are super over. There are people there that they don’t know whether they should cheer or boo.”

Bully Ray added that both White and Strong have followed the pattern of other big debuts. Talents arrive with great fanfare and then cool off immediately.

“You can cut this anyway you want, Jay White and Roderick Strong are on the same trajectory as everyone else that comes into AEW. Little bit of fanfare, and then immediately cooled off,”

You can read the WWE Hall of Famer’s full comments, here.

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette Slams WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has panned WWE’s new World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, questioning why it’s based around “Triple Threat horsesh*t.”

Commenting on the March 8th edition of Monday Night Raw, on The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager questioned why WWE was holding such a convoluted tournament, even going as far as to brand it ‘horsesh*t.”

““You’re gonna have to back up a minute because triple threat matches—I don’t want to bury one of the ledes, but Jesus, we can’t even get a tournament with legitimate matches and eliminations among top people? We have to have this triple threat horses***?”

You can read Cornette’s incredible full rant, here.

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Kota Ibushi

Kota Ibushi Tricked Into Surprise Fight with Aja Kong

Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi was ‘tricked’ into a surprise match against wrestling legend Aja Kong.

Clips from a 2021 Japanese Variety show have resurfaced online showing the then NJPW star being ambushed by screaming fans and cornered into a wrestling ring, only then to be faced with the force of Aja Kong.

The two would go on to have a short comedic match with the Joshi legend forcing Twitter’s favourite wrestler to tap out as fans scream all around them.

Check out the bizarre video below ⬇️

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan's Bizarre 'Gloryholes' Cameo In Sheffield

Hulk Hogan has made thousands of public appearances throughout his career, but his likeness has now made possibly it’s strangest cameo yet.

Well known Twitter user Wrestling Jebus took to Twitter to share an incredible photo of a Hulk Hogan-esque mannequin inside a shop window complete with multiple tattoos include the word ‘Gloryhole’ plastered across his thighs.

Much to everyone’s surprise however, the shop in question was not an adult store…but in fact a mini golf establishment in Sheffield.

Check out the incredible image below ⬇️

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Santos Escobar

Santos Escobar Puts Sheamus To Work In Incredible Workout

Sheamus has been put to work once again by his fellow WWE Superstar Santos Escobar.

Celtic Warrior Workouts is Sheamus’ YouTube series in which he interviews his fellow WWE Superstars whilst they act as his guest trainer and put him through intense and often brutal workouts.

In the latest episode Sheamus joins the LWO as he is put through a vicious workout by former Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar.

Check out the video below ⬇️

Vince McMahon

On This Day In 2001 - The XFL Dies (for the first time).

XFL Dany Garcia The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

On May 10th 2001, It was announced via press release that the Vince McMahon owned XFL American Football league would be closing its doors after just one season.

This was primarily due to poor and declining ratings.

The company would be re-started in 2020, still under the ownership of Vince McMahon but this time lasted even less time after its inaugural season was curtailed after just a few weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making its future untenable.

The company would then be purchased by an investment group fronted by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with an aim of another relaunch in 2022.

After much delay, the XFL officially relaunched in February 2023 and is currently in midst of it’s first season with DC Defenders (Washington DC not Black Adam’s DC) currently the standout team with a whopping 90% win ratio.

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William Regal

Happy Birthday William Regal!

Inside The Ropes would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to ‘The Gentleman Villain’ himself William Regal.

The former NXT GM and founder of The Blackpool Combat club today celebrates his 55th birthday.

Check out one of our favourite moments from ‘The Real Man’s’ prestigious career.

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Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish Hits Back At Rumour Surrounding AEW Exit

Kyle O'Reilly Exclusive

Bobby Fish has fired back at reports about his departure from All Elite Wrestling.

Fish departed AEW just as Triple H began taking control of WWE following Vince McMahon’s departure, this led to several reports – including one from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer, that Fish was attempting to encourage Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole to quit AEW and join him in WWE under their former NXT bosses guidence.

However, speaking in an exclusive interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Fish rubbished these claims.

The former NXT star said that fans’ desire to know “the dirt” has meant that controversy can be created when there really isn’t any adding that there is “no truth at all” to any of these reports.

You can read his scathing comments here.

Big Show

Big Show Gives UNTOLD Details On Vince McMahon vs Tony Khan

Paul Wight aka The Big Show spoke to Kenny McIntosh back in 2021 about the differences in working for Vince McMahon, Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff.

Check out this previously unseen interview below!

Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish Addresses Controversy Between CM Punk And The Elite

Bobby Fish and CM Punk Exclusive Image

Bobby Fish has commented on his history with CM Punk while claiming a number of fans have become more interested in what happens behind the scenes than in the ring.

During an exclusive interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, it was put to Fish that his comments about fighting Punk were like “hitting a bees nest with a baseball bat.” In response, Fish said that while he could see where that thinking comes from, Punk “challenged friends of mine” and took it there first.

When questioned on Punk’s impending return and what that could mean for the locker room, Fish said that fan focus shouldn’t be on what’s going on backstage. The former NXT Tag Team Champion said that the emphasis should be on the storylines on-screen and not what happens behind the curtain, adding that pro wrestling has taken a “wrong turn.”

With regard to his own feelings on Punk, Fish said that he doesn’t need to like everyone he works with, and his personal feelings won’t stop him from being professional.

You can read the full, exclusive, interview, here.

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Goldberg And Sting In Talks For Major International Event

Goldberg Spears Sting in WCW

Back in April, Goldberg put the wrestling world on notice by firing back at speculation that he had quietly retired.

Not only that, the WCW legend claimed that he had been promised a retirement match by Vince McMahon before leaving WWE, however, plans fell through. With the star now a free agent, he hinted that he could be open to running a short retirement tour or show independently, potentially outside of the United States.

Interestingly, it has now been confirmed that talks are underway for such an event in Israel. Furthermore, the event would also involve Goldberg’s former WCW rival and current AEW star Sting. In a new interview with Nick Hausman for Haus of Wrestling, veteran wrestling promoter, agent, and trainer Rick Bassman said that he has spoken with Goldberg directly, and is in talks about putting a show together.

You can read the current plans for this event, here.

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Jungle Boy

'Jungle Boy' Claims any Wrestlers In Dark Matches Are “Horrible”

Luchasaurus chokes Jack Perry at AEW All Out 2022

‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry is usually stealing the show with his incredible offence and iconic entrance, however this week he finds himself in the spotlight for some rather controversial comments made during a recent public appearance.

During a convention appearance for The Love of Wrestling with Monopoly Events, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry was asked if he had any advice for aspiring wrestlers. The star emphasised the importance of getting proper training, commenting that many of those featuring in AEW dark matches are “horrible.” He added that they don’t know what they’re doing and are only there because they trained at the same school as MJF.

“I think getting trained properly and well is like an important part of it. You’d be surprised how many guys show up to do dark matches and are horrible and don’t know anything at all and they’re there because they went to MJF’s wrestling school.”

Later on in the Q&A, Jungle Boy said that he avoided a lot of advice while on the independent scene as it was coming from people who had been in the industry for “50 years and never done anything.”

You can read his full comments, here.

Gigi Dolan

Gigi Dolin Hints At Unhappiness With Current NXT Role

Gigi Dolin and Darby Allin

Gigi Dolin might be one of the biggest stars in NXT and one of the more established performers in the women’s division, but it appears that she might not be completely happy with her current role.

During last night’s episode of WWE NXT, Tiffany Stratton took on former Toxic Attraction member, Gigi Dolin in match with huge NXT Women’s Championship implications.

Stratton would eventually defeat the injured Dolin, still recovering from a brutal beating from former friend Jacy Jayne during last weeks show.

In the aftermath of her defeat, Dolin took to her Instagram Stories writing “I miss being PK.” This is a reference to her real name Priscilla Kelly, which she used as her ring name prior to joining WWE. As WWE isn’t likely to let any performer revert to a pre-WWE ring name and character, even if it is their own, many have suggested the post could mean that Dolin is unhappy and could be looking to leave.

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Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Admits Regret Over Infamous WWE Angle

During his WWE career, Kurt Angle was involved in some incredibly famous and well-remembered segments, but equally, there are some he’s not especially proud of.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show about his training and early WWE career, Angle would open up on one segment that he is particularly ashamed of; an altercation with Indian Superstar Tiger Ali Singh which saw the Olympic gold medallist wipe his nose on the Indian flag.

“Yeah, blowing my nose on the Indian flag. Hey, it wasn’t my idea. But I understand. I mean, that is very disrespectful. But it’s something that WWE wrote. And I didn’t think about it beforehand, I didn’t have a problem with it. But once I caught heat for it. I was like, Man, I really messed up.” [Read Angles’ full comments, here]

You can check out the full segment below ⬇️

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Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Was "Initially Scheduled" To Be At WWE Backlash

Austin Theory Vince McMahon selfie WWE Raw

It has been revealed that Vince McMahon was originally scheduled to attend WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico.

Following the announcement of WWE’s deal with Endeavor, McMahon confirmed his involvement in creative and ran the April 3rd episode of Raw from the Gorilla position as he had done for decades. Despite this, he has only been involved in production on a remote basis since.

However, speaking in a new interview with Nick Hausman for the Haus of Wrestling, Rick Bassman revealed that McMahon was supposed to attend Backlash in person.

You can read the full statement, here.

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Identity of WWE's Mystery Attacked Teased

The identity of the mystery car pack assailant that has taken out many of NXT’s top female stars, including Nikkita Lyons, Wendy Choo and most recently Sol Ruca, has begun to tease their identity.

During last night’s episode of NXT a mysterious vignette aired, replaying the various car park assaults before revealing that it was all the work of one mysterious hooded figure.

You can check out the video below ⬇️


Miro Responds To Claims He Has Separated From Partner CJ Perry

Absent AEW star Miro has shot down rumours that he has separated from his wife and former manager CJ Perry, FKA WWE Superstar Lana.

During his time off he and his wife CJ Perry regularly post images of themselves together on social media. However, some of Perry’s recent pictures have caused certain fans to question their relationship status.

The rumours of a breakup began after Perry posted images and videos of herself without Miro hanging out with Liv Morgan and Damian Priest in Puerto Rico in the lead-up to Backlash.

This caused the AEW star to take to Twitter, responding to the rumours in hilarious fashion.

Check out his response below ⬇️

FInn Balor

Finn Balor Reveals Bullet Club's Hilarious Original Name

Bullet Club

Bullet Club has become one of modern wrestling’s most recognisable brands following its founding in 2013.

However, things were almost very different for NJPW’s global faction, as WWE Superstar and Bullet Club founder has revealed that several names were considered for the group prior to settling on the now iconic name.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Balor would reveal several of the other candidates for the factions name including;

  • Bullet Club/Parade
  • Reload Club
  • Lock ‘n’ Load Club/Parade
  • Getaway Club

Balor also revealed the name was the result of trying to bring together aspects from various members individual gimmicks, including Karl Anderson’s ‘Hand Grenade’.

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Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy Says He Wouldn’t Match Take Advice From WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry & Christian Cage

During a convention appearance for The Love of Wrestling with Monopoly Events, Jungle Boy was asked about who he takes advice from backstage about piecing these high-energy matches together.

Nervously, the AEW star would reveal that he often speaks with former partner Luchasaurus who understands ‘what he is trying to do’ but he doesn’t think right before the match is the right time to ask advice from someone like Billy Gunn who doesn’t understand him because he ‘hates Canadian Destroyers’.

““I guess I like to talk to people–I used to like to talk to Luchasaurus a lot.

I feel like working with him a lot. He kind of really knew my style and I guess what I was good at and what I was looking for. I think there are a lot of people, I think who don’t, I think everybody thinks of wrestling kind of differently. And I don’t think right before you go is the best time to start talking to Billy Gunn, who hates Canadian Destroyers.

So I kind of talk to people within my kind of vein of what I’m trying to do for the day.”

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Adam Cole

Adam Cole Opens Up About Concussion Issues - "It's Incredibly Scary"

Adam Cole

Adam Cole has admitted that he initially didn’t realise how serious the concussion issues were that nearly cost him his career.

Appearing on the Sports Guys Talk Wrestling podcast, Cole opened up further about his concussion problems. The former WWE star admitted that he found it difficult to deal with the idea that he may never wrestle again.

“My emotions were all over the place. It was such a bizarre experience, on top of dealing with all of that, but then also having to try to mentally prepare for the possibility of not being able to wrestle again, it was the most challenging few months of my entire life for sure.” [H/t to WrestlingNews.Co]

You can read Cole’s full comments, here.

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Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam Recalls "Selling Out" In WWE

Rob Van Dam posing on the turnbuckle

Rob Van Dam has opened up about feeling like he was “selling out” when he decided to sign with WWE.

Speaking exclusively to Kenny McIntosh at Inside The Ropes’ ‘One of a Kind’ live show in 2022, Van Dam admitted that he thought he was “selling out” by joining the world’s biggest wrestling promotion.

This was not least because he felt that the company had stolen many of the elements that made ECW unique in the first place and then watered them down.

You can read the full interview, here.

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Billy Graham

Wife of 'Superstar' Billy Graham Told To "Prepare For The Worst"

Superstar Billy Graham

Valerie Coleman has provided a fresh update on the status of Billy Graham as he continues to battle a life threatening organ failure in ICU.

Writing on ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham’s official Facebook page, Coleman (Graham’s wife) would post the following update late last night:

“Wayne will be having emergency surgery tomorrow. Still in ICU fighting the infection and organ failure. They did a nuclear test today that showed infection in the left hip and they said if we want to try and save his life they will have to go in and remove all of the old hardware and clean out the bone and surrounding tissue….it’s very extensive and you can imagine the risk involved.”

This comes just days after Coleman revealed that doctors had warned her to ‘prepare for the worst’.

“The doctors are continuing to try and prepare me for the worst. And I continue to explain to them that Wayne and I are people of faith and that our God has the final say.

I am not in denial about what’s happening to him or blind to what the medical reports say…I just know that the God I serve is greater than any infection and more powerful than any organ failure.
Please pray specifically for his blood cultures to come back clear and for his blood pressure to stabilize.
At this time they are providing support to prevent his pressure from plummeting and the fact that his cultures continue to be positive is one of the main reasons they are not very optimistic. They think he may have a heart infection but the test that would confirm that is too dangerous for him.”
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WWE's WrestleMania Injury Lawsuit Dismissed

WWE WrestleMania 32 Arena

WWE is currently facing a plethora of lawsuits from various plaintiff’s across the globe.

However, in the case of Marvin Jackson vs the WWE, it is the WWE that has come out on top.

Marvin Jackson filed a lawsuit against the WWE claiming that the pyrotechnics at WrestleMania 38 caused him to suffer hearing loss and that the WWE should be held liable for his damages.

The lawsuit boiled down to the dispute that although in the T&C’s of both WWE & SeatGeek (where the ticket had been purchased) excepted WWE from this liability, as Jackson himself did not purchase the ticket but rather his nephew as a gift, do the same aspects of the Abirritation Agreement apply to the plaintiff, to which the course found to be true.

The WWE will now be able to settle out of court.

You can read the full court report, here.


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  • WWE’s WrestleMania injury lawsuit dismissed.
  • Wife of ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham told to ‘prepare for the worst’.
  • Former WWE Superstar Kona Reeves’ surprising new career revealed.
  • Miro responds to claims he and CJ Perry have separated.
  • AEW’s ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry hits back at criticisms of his recent conduct.

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