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Former Champion Set To Make WWE Return At Madison Square Garden; June 23rd Live Wrestling News Round-Up

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Gives UNTOLD Frustrations On Working With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

On a recent Inside The Ropes live tour, Kurt Angle tells Kenny McIntosh about his untold frustrations when he worked with Triple H and Stephanie.

Kurt also talks about how Vince McMahon managed the segments and how this led to Kurt going on to win his first WWE Championship.

Check out the video below!

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega And The Young Bucks Unable To Publicly Discuss AEW Contracts

Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & Hangman Adam Page entrance AEW Double or Nothing

The AEW contracts of Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and Hangman Adam Page all expire at the end of 2023 sparking speculation they could head to WWE.

This speculation has only increased in recent days after CM Punk returned to AEW with some surmising that the quartet could decide to walk away from the company they helped create.

While there are few details available it has been reported that talks have begun between AEW and The Elite, although new deals are yet to be agreed. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer may have revealed why details have been so hard to come by.

Meltzer states that the four men have been asked to remain quiet about their contractual situation while some of them have signed legal documents preventing them from going public.

You can read the full report, here.

Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood Hits Back At Reports Of "Divisiveness" in AEW

AEW Superstar Dax Harwood has hit back at reports that the AEW locker room is divided following CM Punk’s return.

Earlier this week Dave Meltzer reported that divisiveness in AEW is worse than it has ever been following CM Punk’s return, a report that Dax Harwood briefly took issue with on Twitter before deciding against his comments.

Writing on Twitter, the AEW Tag Team Champion would thank the AEW roster for looking after his family backstage at Dynamite this week before directing some heated words at Dave Meltzer.

“I can’t thank everyone in AEW enough for how well they treated Finley this week at Dynamite. You all made her feel so special. If there is a “divisiveness” that a certain individual is reporting, I didn’t see it AT ALL. Check the Collision locker room too. This is a family.”

This comes just hours after reports circulated that a top AEW star was demoralised following CM Punk’s return during this weeks episode of Dynamite. 

In a now deleted tweet, Harwood direct some words at the anonymous top star, telling them to deal with it properly rather than running to Dave.

“This one will get some heat but f*ck it, it needs to be said. Whatever “top star” left the show in a bad mood because a certain individual was there; instead of running to Dave, why not just talk to the individual face to face. That’s how we used to do things back in the day.”

Harwood was recently involved in a closed door meeting with Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, Cash Wheeler and CM Punk that was said to have not improved relationships behind-the-scenes in AEW.

You can read more on this, here. 

Mickie James

Former WWE Superstar Mickie James Now "Technically" A Free Agent

Mickie James makes her entrance on IMPACT Wrestling 2022

Mickie James was forced to vacate the Knockout’s World Title back in April after sustaining a rib injury and minor tear in her shoulder and according to a new report she is now “technically” a free agent.

Fightful Select has today reported that Mickie James was cleared to return to action a couple of weeks ago and could be on her way back to in-ring action.

The report continues noting that James is “technically a free agent” but has been since returning to IMPACT Wrestling but the company has no fears over James honouring her commitment to them due to her level of respect for the company and standing within the industry overall.

Trinity FKA Naomi is set to take on Knockout’s World Champion Deonna Purrazzo at IMPACT Slammiversary and it is very possible that James could be the next in line for a shot at the title she never lost.

CM Punk

CM Punk's Recent Comments "Didn't Help" Ongoing AEW Issues

CM Punk cuts a promo on AEW Collision

CM Punk’s recent conduct has reportedly done little to calm tensions backstage in AEW.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed the reaction to Punk’s claims that he had tried to get in touch with The Elite. Meltzer said that those on the opposing side to Punk have said there have been no attempts to reconcile, meaning that in theory, someone is lying.

Meltzer also referenced the meeting involving Punk, Chris Jericho, FTR, and Tony Khan in the weeks before his return to AEW. The long-tenured journalist noted that no one has given any indication that the meeting helped improve the backstage atmosphere.

You can read the report in full, here.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre "Will Be Back In The Mix" Come WWE Money In The Bank

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre had been gone from the WWE since WrestleMania 39 but according to a new report he looks to be on his back into the picture ahead of Money in the Bank next Saturday.

According to a new report from PWInsider Elite, “many” within the WWE expect Drew McIntyre to be “back in the mix” by the time the UK tour and Money in the Bank come around.

Drew McIntyre recently helped one Special Olympics’ athlete hear for the first time. You can check out this incredible heart-warming video, here.

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Iyo Sky

Frontrunner For WWE Money in the Bank Revealed

WWE Money In The Bank

WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV is just over a week away and fans are excited to find out who will be the new Mr and Mrs Money in the Bank.

Logan Paul was shockingly added to the men’s MITB match earlier this week and has sored to the book makers second favourite to win the event behind fan favourite LA Knight.

However, over on the women’s MITB there is a clear ‘frontrunner’ and that is none other than Iyo Sky.

PWInsider is reporting that  ‘The Genius of the Sky’ is the favourite backstage to win the event and that it has been the case for sometime.

“IYO SKY has been and remains the frontrunner for the briefcase this year, but until it happens, anything can change.”

Dave Meltzer would also confirm this report in this morning’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, writing:

“On the women’s side, Sky is the favorite and one could easily see her with Asuka at some point as it’s been teased but the two have never been in a real singles program. But with Flair, who has to win at least three more world titles to hit 17, and Belair, both on the Smackdown side, there’s the question of how long they’d keep it on Asuka.”

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Jeff Hardy

Community Question - What Is The Greatest Wrestling Theme of All Time? - Jeff Hardy

We have our latest vote for the greatest theme song of all time and it comes from Rim2k.

Earlier today we asked you to fill out this form and let us know your pick for the greatest themes of all time.

So far we have seen love for Owen Hart and Hulk Hogan but now we are jumping to the modern era as Rim2k selects Jeff Hardy’s iconic ‘No More Words’ theme.

Writing in, Rim2k would note:

“No More Words is the best theme song”

A very popular and great choice. Hardy recently performed an acoustic version of No More Words during a signing last week when he was surprised by Karrion Kross.

Do you agree with this pick? Let us know by hitting the thumbs below and if you want to vote, let us know your pick for the greatest theme of all time, here.

CM Punk

Top AEW Star Fears CM Punk Situation Is A "Ticking Time Bomb"

CM Punk’s return was met with a positive reaction online and seemingly positive reaction from the AEW roster as well.

Despite this, at least one big-name star seems to fear the worst.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that one “top name” said that they went home in a “bad mood” following Dynamite and fears the situation around Punk is now a ticking time bomb.

“Ratings were good and attendance was very good this week. But one top name noted to us that they went home after the show on Wednesday in a bad mood and even with the key people kept apart and not on the same shows, described the fear of this being a ticking time bomb that will not have a happy ending.”

The report does not reveal who the star is or why they were unhappy with Punk, but this report coincides with another report from Dave that states that CM Punk has caused ‘a lot of controversy’ behind the scenes in AEW following his scathing ESPN interview.

You can read more about this, here.

John Morrison

John Morrison Rumored To Have Signed With AEW

John Morrison

A former WWE star may have signed to be officially All Elite and he may be going by a different name as well.

John Hennigan is scheduled to appear on this Friday’s episode of “AEW Rampage,” but according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, he very well may have signed with the promotion already.

This upcoming appearance isn’t going to be Hennigan’s first foray into the All Elite universe as he notoriously competed several times as Johnny Elite, however, PWInsider is reporting that if Hennigan has indeed signed the dotted line, the name he may be using moving forward is either Johnny Television or Johnny TV.

You can read more about John Morrison’s AEW future, here.

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Seth Rollins

Massive Update On Scrapped Match Involving Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins with the World Heavyweight Title

On the June 19th episode of Monday Night Raw, things went very wrong for Seth Rollins.

After coming to the ring for his World Heavyweight Title open challenge, the star was attacked by Finn Balor, not once but twice. It was reported after the show that the decision to scrap the match and run an angle instead came directly from Vince McMahon. The Executive Chairman reportedly believed that this would do more to advance the story between Rollins and Balor ahead of their match at Money In The Bank.

With Rollins taken out, Miz came to the ring and laid down a challenge of his own which was answered by Tommaso Ciampa. The former NXT Champion hadn’t been seen on the red brand since undergoing hip surgery which had kept him out of action since September.

It has now been reported that Ciampa was always meant to answer an open challenge, it just wasn’t supposed to be the one from The Miz.

A new report from Fightful Select noted that Ciampa was supposed to take on Rollins and the match would have been given a “ton” of time. Furthermore, Ciampa wouldn’t have ended the night being beaten, instead, there would have been some kind of disqualification finish.

You can read more about this, here.

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Community Question - What Is The Greatest Wrestling Theme of All Time? - Owen Hart

We have our next vote for the GREATEST wrestling theme of all time and it comes from Andy.

Andy wrote in, using the form here, and placed his vote for WWE legend Owen Hart’s 1997/98 heel theme ‘Enough is Enough’.

Andy states:

“Owen Hart circa end of 97, 98. ‘I’m not a nugget’”

Do you agree with Andy’s pick? Let us know by hitting the thumbs below and if you want to vote, let us know your pick for the greatest theme of all time, here.


Bryan Danielson "Banged Up" Ahead Of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2023 Bryan Danielson vs. Kazichuka Okada

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door on June 25th, Bryan Danielson will step into the ring for one of the biggest matches of his long and illustrious career but according to a new report, ‘The American Dragon’ won’t be in the best shape of his life for the match.

Danielson has only wrestled once since his 60-minute Iron Man Match with MJF at Revolution on March 5th — a match he later revealed left him in a “ton of pain” — seemingly for good reason.

It has now been reported by Fightful Select that the star is still “banged up, ” which has led to his limited schedule. The report notes that this is why his spots in the Anarchy In The Arena Match at Double or Nothing were very limited.

This has coincided with Danielson taking an increased backstage role, even being involved in the creative for AEW TV in recent weeks.

You can read more bout this, here.


Ongoing AEW All In Rumour Dismissed

AEW All In

AEW All In is just 65 days away and despite nothing formally being announced for the show, speculation is running wild.

One such rumour that has done the rounds on social media is that AEW are looking to bring in Davey Boy Smith Jr to the show in order to pay homage to the iconic Wembley bout between Bret Hart and The British Bulldog at SummerSlam 1992.

With DBS Jr currently announced for a PROGRESS wrestling show the weekend of All In, the rumour began to pick up momentum, however, a new report appears to show that, at least for now, this isn’t something AEW is looking at doing for the event.

Writing in this morning’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer would comment on the rumour, noting that no formal contact had been made.

“There’s been a lot of speculation regarding Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the Wembley Stadium show just for an appearance stemming back to the most famous match ever held in the stadium with his father beating his uncle, Bret Hart, for the IC title.

As of this moment, he hasn’t been talked to about it. It’s basically if AEW thinks it’s something they want on the show”

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Tony Khan Comments On Goldberg Appearing At AEW Forbidden Door

Goldberg Spears Sting in WCW

At AEW’s upcoming Forbidden Door PPV Sammy Guevara, Chris Jericho and Minoru Suzuki will take on the team of Sting, Darby Allin and a partner TBA.

The mystery partner, set to be announced this Saturday on AEW Collision, has sent social media into speculation overdrive with one name popping up more than others.


The WWE Hall of Famer has been heavily linked with the promotion following his departure from WWE earlier this year.

Since leaving WWE Goldberg has expressed his desire to have a retirement match. Could Forbidden Door be the beginning of his farewell tour? Well, according to Tony Khan, although he would be a great fit for the show, he wants the door remains open for whoever it may be.

Speaking on the Forbidden Door media call about the situation, Khan said:

“I have had nice conversations with Bill about being involved with AEW at times. It’s a good thought. I don’t know if it would be the perfect fit for who Sting and Darby are going to bring to Collision this weekend, but I also want to leave all the doors open for them and their partner for Forbidden Door.” [H/T Fightful]

Online the popular candidate for Allin and Sting’s partner appears to be NJPW Superstar Tetsuya Naito.

Naito and Jericho have a storied history and the leader of LIJ is yet to be announced for the show and would fit in well with the aesthetic of Allin and ‘The Icon’ Sting.

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Hulk Hogan

Community Question - What Is The Greatest Wrestling Theme of All Time? - Hulk Hogan

We have our first vote for the GREATEST wrestling theme of all time and it comes from James May.

James wrote in, using the form here, and placed his vote for WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling icon Hulk Hogan’s ‘Real American’ theme song.

James states:

“Hulk Hogan “Real American”. Its a classic theme, fitted the character perfectly and sometimes made the end of match posedown better than the match itself!”

Great pick James, one of the most iconic wrestling themes for sure and crazy to think it almost came back as Mustafa Ali’s theme recently!

Do you agree with James’ pick? Let us know by hitting the thumbs below and if you want to vote, let us know your pick for the greatest theme of all time, here.

Shinsuke Nakamura

Community Question - What Is The Greatest Wrestling Theme of All Time?

Ric Flair Thumb

Today’s ITR community question is nice and simple, what is the greatest wrestling theme of all time?

Let’s crown the ITR Live Blog official GOAT theme.

All you have to do it fill out the form below and let us know your number one theme of all time, we will share community answers throughout the day before totalling up and crowning the official winner at the end of today’s blog at 6pm BST.

Let us know your pick, here.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Heading To NXT?

Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

A new report has claimed that Ronda Rousey could be the latest major WWE star to head to NXT.

Seth Rollins’ appearance at NXT Gold Rush was an overwhelming success taking the NXT viewership up to a whopping 773,000, an incredible 33% increase week-on-week.

According to a new report, Rollins isn’t the only main roster champion that is NXT bound.

Reporting in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that there are plans for more stars to follow Rollins into NXT, and one of the names mentioned was that of Ronda Rousey.

“There are plans for more major stars to work NXT like Rollins did this week. One name that was at least talked about was Rousey, or perhaps even having Rousey & Baszler defend the women’s tag titles there. But the goal is to use the main roster stars to increase the ratings, and the Rollins experiment was a huge success, so when something works in wrestling the idea is that you usually follow up on it.”

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CM Punk

CM Punk Continues To Cause "Controversy" Backstage In AEW

CM Punk cuts a promo on AEW Collision

CM Punk made his second sensational return to wrestling last Saturday during the inaugural episode of AEW Collision, the show did impressive first week numbers with Punk clearly a draw for the Chicago crowd but that hasn’t stopped ‘The Second City Saint’ causing controversy behind the scenes once again in AEW.

Prior to his on-screen return, Punk say down with ESPN for a tell all interview on his return and his side of the story when it comes to the now infamous All Out Brawl.

During the interview Punk would blast Adam Page, even going as far as to imply that the former AEW Champion tried to hurt him during their championship match together.

The former WWE Champion’s comments have not gone without repercussion, with Dave Meltzer noting in this afternoon’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Punk’s comments have caused “a lot of controversy” behind-the-scenes in AEW.

“The interview caused a lot of controversy behind-the-scenes for a multitude of reasons.

First, the fact an interview that had not been released having its contents or potential contents talked about to the point it became news was noteworthy enough.

There were issues having to do with the damage control attempts that we wrote about last week. And there’s the obvious issue of the contents not only talked about internally before the story came out, but it being heavily reported how Punk went after Page, and had complained about the idea of whether Page was shooting on him in their match at the 2022 Double or Nothing show in Las Vegas ended up being reported on before ESPN’s story came out.”

One anonymous AEW star even went as far as to describe CM Punk’s time in AEW as a “ticking time bomb” following his appearance on this Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

You can read more about this, here.


Carlito Colon Set To Make WWE Return At Madison Square Garden


Carlito ‘Caribbean Cool’ Colon will once again be spitting in the face of the WWE roster as he re-signs with the company 13-years after being released.

It was recently reported that the former United States Champion would be returning to the WWE and now the exact date has seemingly been revealed.

According to a new report from PWInsider Elite, Carlito will be making his return to the WWE during the 7/7 edition of Friday Night SmackDown live from Madison Square Garden.

Carlito’s return comes after a sensational performance at WWE’s Backlash PLE in Puerto Rico earlier this year, the iconic Ruthless Aggression era star has recently informed promoters that he will be returning to the WWE and therefore unable to honour certain bookings.

You can read more about this, here.


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