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WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff Almost Died Twice During Recent Health Scare; April 24th Live Wrestling News Round-Up


Major Update On Nick Aldis' Deal With IMPACT Wrestling [Exclusive]

Nick Aldis exclusive

It was recently reported that Nick Aldis was working in IMPACT Wrestling without a contract following his return.

Inside The Ropes has learned that this report is categorically untrue and Nick Aldis has “100% signed” a contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

You can read more on this exclusive report, here.


Andrade Hails Two AEW Stars As "Talents With Great Futures"

Andrade El Idolo entrance

Taking to social media, AEW and former WWE Superstar Andrade has touted Hook and ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry as two talents with great futures ahead of them.

Andrade would share photos of himself alongside the two AEW Superstars from a recent fan convention in the US.

Andrade would state:

“2 talents with a great future. ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry and Hook.

Hopefully in the future we will see each other in a ring as a partner and rivals…. good luck Chicos!!!”

Andrade is rumoured to be on his way out of AEW with his contract seemingly set to expire in June of 2024 after signing a three year deal back in 2021.

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Update On WWE's Interest In Re-Signing Trinity Fatu FKA Naomi

WWE Naomi

From the moment that Trinity Fatu walked out of the May 16th, 2022 episode of Monday Night Raw alongside Mercedes Mone, many have wondered if and when she will return.

According to a new report from Fightful Select, WWE has previously had interest in bringing the former SmackDown Women’s Champion back to the company.

However, any plans WWE may have had are reportedly on hold as the company has entered a unofficial ‘hiring freeze’ following the companies sale to Endeavour at the beginning of April.

You can read more on WWE’s interest in Naomi and the unofficial hiring freeze, here.

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Eddie Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero Blasts Rey Mysterio For "Prostituting" Eddie Guerrero At WrestleMania 39

Jim Ross Eddie Guerrero

During a recent virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Chavo Guerrero would blast long time friend Rey Mysterio for prostituting the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

At WrestleMania 39, Rey Mysterio would steal the show by dawning Eddie Guerrero’s iconic Los Guerrero’s low rider and theme song as he made his entrance ahead of his highly anticipated clash with Dominik Mysterio.

The entrance was beloved by fans across the globe, but one man who didn’t care for the entrance was Eddie’s nephew and former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo would accuse Rey of ‘prostituting’ Eddie’s memory for his own benefit.

“I gotta tell you this, I just don’t understand why Rey Mysterio still has to — look, we all love Eddie (Guerrero).

But we’re not going out with his gimmick and our gimmick, it was Los Guerreros’ gimmick and come out with the Los Guerreros, ‘We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal’ and everybody’s like, oh yeah, keeping Eddie’s memory alive. I say no dude. I’m tired of people — and this is not a bitter thing, this is the truth. We worked hard for that last name.

This whole family worked really, really hard to get that name to where it was and we’re tired of people prostituting it in a sense and using it for their benefit. So Rey Mysterio, I’m sorry that no one knows who Rey Mysterio Sr. is, Rey Mysterio Jr.

No one knows who he is and I’m sorry that you have to latch on to the Guerrero family and we’re just kind of tired of it so, thank you for keeping Eddie’s name alive, thank you for keeping the Guerrero name alive but we don’t need you, we’re good, you know what I’m saying?” [h/t Post Wrestling]

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Update On Lita's WWE Status


Lita has been absent from WWE programming since the unprovoked attack by her former best friend Trish Stratus on the April 10th edition of Monday Night Raw.

In an update on the Hall of Famer’s status, PWInisder Elite has said that while she has not been around any recent television tapings nor have they heard of any plans for her return it makes sense that she’ll be involved in the Stratus and Lynch storyline at some point.

The outlet also mentioned that while there are no plans in place to do so, a legends match such as Lita vs Stratus certainly fits the modus operandi of the Saudi Arabia events, which could see them go in that direction if creative plans allow.

You can read the full report, here.

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Dax Harwood Shares Incredible Throwback Photo With WWE Star Bayley

AEW Superstar Dax Harwood has taken to Twitter to share an incredible throwback photo with WWE Superstar and good friend Bayley.

Bayley would take to Twitter, shouting, in character, about her recent booking in WWE.

The former Women’s Champion would ask fans if she had ‘ignore me’ written across her forehead, presumably in reference to her lack of championship opportunities in recent months.


Good friend and fellow NXT alumni Dax Harwood would respond in jest with a fantastic throwback photo of the duo during their time in NXT together, whilst stating that he can’t see the words “ignore me” written anywhere.

Check out the lovely photo down below ⬇️


Former WWE Superstar Muhammad Hassan's Surprising New Career Revealed

Muhammad Hassan

Not every WWE Superstar can become a bonafide legend, many names walk through the Stamford Gates an aspiring Hall of Famer but only a few can truly make it there.

Between 2002 and  2005 one man perusing such a career was Marc Copani best known as WWE’s Muhammad Hassan.

Hassan was a controversial WWE character debuting in 2004 as a wrestler of Jordanian-Palestinian descent wanting relief from the increased prejudice and stereotypes created by the 9/11 attacks.

Hassan would go on to portray a Muslim heel, challenging the ‘greed’ of America and seeking revenge for the prejudice he faced.

The gimmick, although receiving a major push from the WWE, faced major backlash causing Hassan to be released just three years after signing with OVW.

Copani has now traded in his pursuit of vengeance for a purist of education as the head principle of Fulton Junior High School. 

Darby Allin

Bonkers Darby Allin Interview Clip Resurfaces

Darby Allin is currently competing in AEW’s ‘Four Pillars’ tournament but before he was on national TV, he was still the same crazy daredevil that fans have grow to know and love.

Appearing on ‘Drinks with Johnny’ back in 2020, WWE Star Gigi Dolin [FKA Priscilla Kelly] would recall an insane story of Darby Allin using hot sauce to impress her during a first date.

The NXT Star would reveal that prior to a 15 hour drive to New York, Allin would rub Wild Wing’s hot sauce on his bare as*hole in order to impress her.

You can check out the bizarre interview clip below ⬇️

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff Almost Died Twice During Recent Health Scare

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan WWE/WCW Logo

Eric Bischoff has revealed that he recently suffered a serious health scare that almost took his life.

Speaking on his 83 weeks podcast, Bischoff would reveal that he recently blacked out multiple times after passing “buckets” of blood in the bathroom leading him to be rushed to ICU.

“I get up, go to the bathroom, and I’m passing buckets of blood, like lots of it,”

The incident, caused by Bischoffs’ hypoglycemia, was so serious that doctors were at one stage debating how much intestine they would need to remove also revealing that the former WWE GM almost died twice during the incident.

“The doctor did tell me, he said, ‘You almost died twice, you almost died in Cody and you almost died here.’”

Bischoff would put fans minds at ease, revealing that he is feeling fine now and even had Sushi not long after being discharged from the hospital.

[h/t to F4W for the transcription] 

Zack Ryder

Will Opsreay and Matt Cardona Set To Clash

Will Ospreay and Matt Cardona are set to clash for the first time ever in a match “the internet marks” will like.

British independent promotion 1PW recently returned after over a decade away and crowed NJPW star Will Ospreay as their new 1PW World Champion.

Now “The Aerial Assassin” has confirmed his first title defence as he takes on ‘The Indy God’ Matt Cardona in Lincoln, England at 1PW’s Devil’s Due show on June 10th.

Cardona would take to Twitter to announce the match, but not without taking a shot as the 1PW fan base stating that he thinks “the internet marks” will like this match.

Check out the announcement below ⬇️

John Cena

Happy Belated Birthday John Cena

Happy Birthday to the Dr of Thugonomics himself, John Cena!

The legendary WWE Superstar celebrated his 46th birthday on April 23rd 2023.

Fans and friends across the world took to social media to celebrate the event, including fellow WWE Star Dominik Dijakovic who also celebrated his 36th birthday on April 23rd.

The former T-Bar would take to Twitter and hilariously wish Cena a Happy Birthday by calling it a ‘shot to his ego’ and sharing footage from a WWE Live event of the future WWE Hall of Famer beating up Retribution.

Ric Flair

Ric Flair On Vince McMahon - "He’s My Hero"

Speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Ric Flair would heap praise on his controversial former boss Vince McMahon.

While discussing his relationship with Vince McMahon, the record setting World Champion would reveal that hold’s the former WWE CEO in high regards even going as far as to label him his hero.

“He’s my hero (Flair said about Vince McMahon). I judge people by how they treat me and he has treated me… I’ve never had anyone treat me with more respect ever in this business. He’s a great guy. I don’t care what he does. He’s my hero.”

If you want to read more on Ric Flair’s relationship with Vince McMahon, click here.

During the podcast, Flair also revealed how he created his iconic ‘Nature Boy’ character, you can check out that clip down below ⬇️


Mick Foley Reveals The TRUTH Behind The Undertaker's Insane Fear of Cucumbers

During an ITR Live show in 2019, Mick Foley answered the all important question about Undertaker’s alleged fear of cucumbers.

Check out this hilarious video down below ⬇️

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash Confirms Booker T Turned Down Spot In The nWo

Triple H Scott Hall Kevin Nash Shawn Michaels X-Pac Sean Waltman Kliq

The nWo is one of wrestling’s most iconic factions with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and Hulk Hogan engrained in wrestling legend for their roles within the group.

There was almost one more name in the iconic faction, that of WWE Hall of Famer and former World Champion Booker T.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash would confirm that he wanted Booker T to join the nWo but was turned down by the future five time world champion himself.

You can read Nash’s full statement including Booker T’s reason for rejecting the offer, here.

Dave Meltzer

Rare Footage of Wrestling's "Biggest Moments" Resurfaces

Dave Meltzer’s opinions and star ratings may be divisive but one thing that is undeniably true is that the man is one of wrestling’s greatest historians with a near encyclopaedic knowledge of professional wrestling.

Taking to social media, Meltzer would share resurfaced footage of Dick Shikat’s infamous double cross of Danno O’Mahoney from March 1936.

This moment is deemed the cause of the end of one of wrestling’s first ever boom periods and therefore is widely considered one of wrestling’s ‘most important moments.’

Check out the clip and Meltzer’s comments below:

CM Punk

New Details Emerge About CM Punk's Conduct Prior To All Out Brawl

CM Punk Jon Moxley

It wouldn’t be a live blog update without some mention of CM Punk as ‘The Second City Saint’ continues to dominate headlines ahead of his AEW return.

Following on from the news that the Former AEW Champion could be set for his return in just eight weeks, new information has come to light on his conduct prior to the now infamous All Out brawl.

Speaking to Nick Hausman on the Haus of Wrestling podcast, Josh Shernoff, of the Premier Steaming Network, who was backstage outside of Punk’s dressing room on the day of the All Out brawl would reveal that CM Punk’s “demeanor was good” and he had just been “hanging out there…talking to some of the younger talents.”

You can check out the full report, here.

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Jake The Snake Roberts

"At Least It's Coming Straight From Him" - Jake Robert's Defends Tony Khan's Latest AEW Announcement

Jake posing with Damien

WWE Hall of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has taken to social media to defend Tony Khan’s latest AEW announcement.

Tony Khan has made several pre-advertised announcements on AEW TV over the past year including including the launch of AEW All Access and most recently the return of AEW All In.

The frequency of Tony Khan’s announcements however have become a bit of a meme on social media, with some fans claiming that the AEW owner has something to say every time the ratings dip.

Jake Roberts has now taken to Twitter to hype Tony Khan’s upcoming announcement this Wednesday on Dynamite as well as defend his boss by stating that “it’s always great” to hear from Tony Khan and that it is a good thing the announcements come “straight from him.”

“It’s always great to hear what Tony Khan has to say.

Whether you agree or not at least it’s coming straight from him. Tune in to TBS Network on Wednesday 4/26 or be there live in Sunrise, FL for #AEWDynamite at 8/7CST.”

You can checkout Jake’s Tweet, here.

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WWE Raw Preview - April 24th 2023

Rey Mysterio Damien Priest WWE Raw Poster

We will be with you right through until 6pm tonight [BST] before taking a short break until 10pm [BST] when Robert will join us to look at all the news heading into tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Ahead of that, let’s take a look at what has currently been announced for tonight’s show.

  • Rey Mysterio is set to take on Damian Priest in singles action.
  • Bad Bunny returns to Raw ahead of Backlash in Puerto Rico.
  • The fallout from Cody Rhodes’ actions last week ahead of his Backlash clash with ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar.
Jeff Jarrett

Clash of Generations - AEW Dynamite April 26th 2023

Dax Harwood Jeff Jarrett AEW

AEW Dynamite on April 26th will see a clash of generations as Jeff Jarrett takes on FTR’s Dax Harwood in singles competition.

The match was announced via social media over the weekend and was met with a positive reaction.

Elsewhere on the show, Sammy Guevara will take on Darby Allin, we will hear from Adam Cole following the shocking actions of Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita will take on Butcher & Blade in tag team action.

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Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Blasted By WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long

Ronda Rousey & Shotzi at WrestleMania 39

Ronda Rousey has faced backlash several times throughout her WWE career and that doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

The UFC Hall of Famer has found herself on the receiving end of a scathing rant from WWE Hall of Famer and former SmackDown GM Teddy Long.

Speaking on Sportskeeda’s Wrestling Time Machine, Long would blast Rousey’s recent criticism of WWE’s Women’s Division and it’s booking – stating that Rousey shouldn’t comment because she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

The WWE Hall of Famer would even go so far as to state that Rousey has no interest in pro wrestling and doesn’t show the WWE any dedication.

You can read Long’s scathing comments on Ronda Rousey, here.

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Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Believes He & Chad Gable Could Be "Unstoppable" If Paired Together In WWE

Kurt Angle Raw

Kurt Angle has revealed that he believes if he was paired with fellow Olympian Chad Gable in the WWE that the duo could be ‘unstoppable.’

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic Gold Medalist was asked about possibly teaming with The Alpha Academy leader. Angle welcomed the idea, describing how successful the duo would be in the ring:

“I would love to be a heel with Chad Gable. He’s so entertaining. The two of us together would be unstoppable. But, I’m sorry to say — if I ever came back to wrestle, I don’t know if I’d be a heel.”

You can read more about a potential Kurt Angle WWE return, including why he can’t return as a heel, here.

You can also read about Kurt Angle’s upcoming major surgery, here.

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Sasha Banks

Mercedes Mone Reveals The "Perfect" Duo For Her STARDOM Faction

Mercedes Mone has declared her intent to start a new faction in STARDOM and has already picked two perfect stablemates.

Taking to social media Mone responded to a post featuring up-and-coming stars, the Renegade Twins calling them perfect for her stardom faction.

You can read more about The Renegade Twins, including their current roles in AEW, here.

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Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood Feared He'd Be “Found Dead” If He Revealed Truth About WWE's Trip To Saudi Arabia

WWE Saudi Arabia

WWE’s 2019 trip to Saudi Arabia for their Crown Jewel PPV will go down in wrestling folklore as one of the most bizarre stories of all time.

More than 200 WWE personnel were left stranded on an aeroplane for several hours with the delay credited to a mechanical fault. However, the less-than-clear situation led to a number of conspiracy theories, including claims that then-Chairman Vince McMahon was involved in a dispute over pay.

All involved have mostly remained quiet about exactly what took place, although Drew McIntyre has previously stated that the incident was a “bit scary.”

Former WWE Star Dax Harwood has now weighed in, revealing that he never dared talk about the event on his podcast for fear of being found dead in his house.

You can read Harwood’s full statement, here.

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WWE Still Contacting Free Agents Despite Reported 'Hiring Freeze'

Bray Wyatt at Royal Rumble

In 2022 following Vince McMahon’s short lived retirement, Triple H wasted no time bringing new and old faces back to the WWE with the likes of Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Dragon Lee, Johnny Gargano and more all signed to the company within a span of three to four months.

In latter months returns/signings to the WWE have slowed down aligning with the timing of the recent WWE Endeavour sale which has reportedly prompted a ‘hiring freeze’.

A new report from Fightful Select has offered an update on the situation noting that an “effective hiring freeze” has been in place since the start of 2023.

In the case of Nick Aldis who recently returned to IMPACT Wrestling, he was told by WWE that they were interested in him, but main roster signings were not being made.

Despite this, the sports entertainment giant has continued to speak with potential new hires. It was noted by someone within the company that “we haven’t been hiring people, but we’ve been talking to people.” It was also confirmed that talks between WWE and EJ Nduka and Jay White had occurred.

You can read more about free agents currently being approached by WWE, here.


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