Dwayne Johnson on WWE SmackDown

Dwayne Johnson A Possibility For WrestleMania 40; April 10th Live WWE Wrestling News Round-Up

Snoop Dogg

Teddy Long Fined $1000 After Smoking A Joint With Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg appears at WrestleMania 39

Snoop Dogg is a legend all around the world and beloved by millions – including WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long.

During the latest edition of the Road Trip “AFTER HOURS” podcast, Hall of Famer Teddy Long recalled being slapped with a $1000 fine from the WWE after making the choice so light up with Snoop Dogg.

““We did a pay-per-view in Orlando, Florida and Snoop was there. That was the time that if you smoke w**d in WWE, you have to pay a fine if they caught you.

“At the time, the fine was like a thousand dollars. But I had a chance to go and smoke with Snoop. How many guys gonna say they had a chance to sit down and smoke with Snoop?

“I couldn’t afford that but I just said to myself, ‘They caught me, they get me, I’ll just go and pay the thousand or whatever.’

“But you can’t turn the opportunity down not to smoke with Snoop Dogg and I got a picture of that right now.” [H/T to Sportskeeda]

You can read more about Teddy Long’s excellent Snoop Dogg adventure, here, and find out what incredible gift he gave The Undertaker at WrestleMania 39, here.

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Dalton Castle

Current ROH Star Dalton Castle has revealed his nightmare experience during a WWE try out.

Speaking in a new interview with Wrestle Joy, Castle would reveal what led to his 2013/2014 WWE try out going so badly that the management just spent the afternoon sh*tting on him.

“I go down to WWE, I go to one of those 3-day tryouts at FCW. I felt like I was crushing it. I felt so good!

Day 3 was promo day, they said come as you want, come comfortable, come as you are. I wore flip-flops, and went up, and I did my promo. Like, there’s no doubt in my mind that I didn’t crush it, because I’m really good! Even then I was really good, I obviously got invited down.”

They just dressed me down the second I stopped talking. They didn’t say one positive thing about the way I talked. They just shit on me for wearing flip-flops. Seven men that I looked up to, that I grew up watching and respecting, they were just running me down.”

You can read more about Dalton Castle’s disastrous WWE try out, including the one WWE star who was nice to him, here.

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Kurt Angle

Watch: Kurt Angle Recalls CRAZY Vince McMahon Brawl

In an exclusive clip from Kurt Angle’s UK tour with Inside The Ropes, ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ would give his side of the story of when Vince McMahon decided he wanted to fight Angle mid flight on a plane.

You can watch the entire clip for free down below ⬇️

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson WrestleMania 40 Appearance Possible

Dwayne Johnson on WWE SmackDown

Many fans were initially disappointed when news emerged that WrestleMania 39 would not feature the intergenerational clash between ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns and ‘The Great One’ Dwayne Johnson.

According to a new report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, when Johnson rejected the offer for WrestleMania 39 he left ‘the door open’ to a match in Philadelphia at WrestleMania 40.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer would state:

“Dwayne Johnson, when he turned down this year due to schedule, did leave a crack in the door open about possibly doing Philadelphia at WrestleMania 40 next year, but that was far from a commitment”

You can read more about Dwayne Johnson’s WrestleMania 40 plans, here.

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Dusty Rhodes

"Dusty Didn't Just Help Me, He Made Me" - Steve Corino

Starrcade 1984 Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes

Responding to a clip from A&E’s ‘Legends Biography’ on ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, former ECW Champion, Steve Corino would heap praise on Rhodes for ‘making him’ during their iconic ECW feud.

The American Dream would ‘Go Extreme’ in 1999-2000, when he would feud with the ‘King of Old School’ Steve Corino, making his in-ring for ECW in a tag team match alongside Tommy Dreamer to take on the formidable duo of Steve Corino and Rhino.

Taking to Twitter, Corino would state:

“Dream didn’t just help, he made me. Him and Paul Heyman gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.

I went from the kid that used to watch Dream wrestle at the Philadelphia Civic Center to getting to wrestle him in the ring. Very grateful for both Dream and Paul.”

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Logan Paul

Logan Paul Officially Re-Signs With The WWE

Following his show stopping performance at WrestleMania 39, Logan Paul is going nowhere.

Logan Paul had recently revealed that following his WrestleMania 39 defeat to Seth Rollins he was officially a free agent as his WWE contract had now expired.

Well just over a week later WWE and Logan Paul have officially agreed terms on a new contract and ‘The Impaulsive’ host has officially re-signed with the company.

Logan Paul recently took to social media to announce the new deal.

You can read more on Logan Paul’s new WWE deal, here.

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Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston Pulled From NJPW Strong Show, Replacement Announced.

Eddie Kingston

NJPW has today confirmed that AEW star Eddie Kingston will not be competing at NJPW Collision in Philadelphia after sustaining an ‘undisclosed’ injury.

Kingston was set to take on Gabriel Kidd who will now take on AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy instead.

Cassidy will be putting the championship on the line in his clash with Kidd, if he manages to get past Buddy Matthews who is challenging for the International Championship on the April 12th edition of AEW Dynamite.

NJPW’s official statement reads:

“Eddie Kingston, who was scheduled to face Gabriel Kidd on Sunday April 16 in Philadelphia has sustained an undisclosed injury and will be unable to compete.

We apologise to fans who were looking forward to seeing Kingston wrestle and appreciate your understanding.

In place of the originally scheduled match, Gabriel Kidd will now face AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy. Cassidy has a defence scheduled against Buddy Matthews this Wednesday in Milwaukee for AEW, and should that defence prove successful, he will put the title on the line against Kidd.”

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Monday April 10th 2023 - Raw Preview

Mustafa Ali Top Rope with Raw Logo

Robert will be with you from 10pm GMT tonight (5pm EST) with all of this evening’s latest news and live coverage of tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Ahead of that, let’s take a look at what has been announced so far for tonight’s show:

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Saraya Heaps Praise On Alicia Fox

Saraya makes entrance at AEW Full Gear 2022

Saraya (FKA Paige) has heaped praise on her former rival, turned friend, Alicia Fox, even going as far as to call her ‘very underrated’.

Speaking in a new interview with Josh Martinez of Superstar Crossover, Saraya would discuss Fox’s tenure with the WWE and would state that often due to her role as a WWE ‘Diva’ she does not get the flowers and credit she truly deserves as a pioneer in women’s wrestling.

“I feel like Alicia Fox didn’t get her flowers for the longest time… every time I wrestled her, I felt really, really safe. So I felt like she was very underrated.

Also, she was in the Divas era. So if people didn’t give her the chance, and just thought, ‘No, she’s a diva, she could possibly be a good wrestler,’ but no, she was a great wrestler,” [H/t to Fightful]

You can read more about Saraya’s recent comments, here.

Paul Bearer

Happy Birthday Paul Bearer

Today we celebrate the life of Paul Bearer on what would have been his 69th birthday.

Bearer, who tragically passed away 10 years ago, is best remembered for his spell as The Undertaker’s manager where he captivated generations with his incredible talent and natural charisma.

Earlier this year, forgotten footage resurfaced showing ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reign’s incredible impression of Paul Bearer. You can watch that video, here.

Also celebrating their birthday today; AEW star Juice Robinson and Ink Inc’s Jesse Neal.

Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood Reveals His AEW All In Dream Match

Dax Harwood

Last week we shared with you some of fans dream matches for AEW All In this August in London, England.

Now it’s time for the stars of AEW themselves to share some of their dream matches for the show.

Speaking with Uproxx, one half of the AEW Tag Team Champions, Dax Harwood would reveal his dream main event for the blockbuster PPV, even going as far as to claim this is the match that would take AEW to the next level!

“CM Punk and FTR versus the Elite. That’s gotta be it, right? If you want to sell 50,000 tickets and take this company to the next level, that’s it, that’s me dreaming. That’s the dream match. That six-man tag in Wembley Stadium could help launch AEW to the next level.”

You can read more about Dax Harwood’s AEW status and his future plans, here.

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Ric Flair

Ric Flair Defends His WWE Hall of Fame Speech Following Mass Criticism

Ric Flair at the WWE Hall of Fame

Ric Flair made his most recent WWE appearance at the 2023 Hall of Fame ceremony where he inducted The Great Muta.

Ric Flair’s speech inducting The Great Muta into the WWE Hall of Fame was widely received as the weakest speech of the night, with Konnan taking the plaudits for best speech when he inducted Rey Mysterio later that night.

Following a report that ‘The Nature Boy’ went off script during his speech, Flair has hit back at critics claiming that he had an uphill battle when 99% of the audience didn’t even know who ‘The Great Muta’ was.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Flair would state:

“I don’t know what they didn’t like about it. You have to remember that 99% of the people in attendance in that building don’t even know who Muta is. Does it make sense? They haven’t performed [against him], well the wrestling people do but I’m saying the audience.”

Flair recently also came under fire for making a controversial claim regarding the greatest performer in the WWE today! You can read more about that, here. 

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Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho Fires Back At Social Media Criticism

Ricky Starks & Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has blasted back on social media after a fan stated that a potential All In clash between himself and ‘The Icon’ Sting would be ‘a horrible match’.

All In at Wembley Stadium may be five months away but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking to social media already to discuss their ideas for the shows main event.

One fan took to Twitter to start his ‘one man crusade’ to have Chris Jericho and Sting face off in a ‘needle moving’ match up.

This lead to disagreement from another fan who labelled the match up ‘horrible’ stating that both Jericho and Sting need to be ‘carried’ through matches in 2023.

“It would be a horrible match. Jericho needs someone to carry him and I don’t need to tell you Sting needs the same. It’s more likely Sting does something with Darby” – @Xfactor83x

Never one to shy away from controversy, Jericho, who was tagged in the original post, would blast back at the fan sending them to the dreaded block list.

“How about I carry your dumb ass to the blocked column, dipsh*t?”

You can read more about Jericho’s heated fan encounter, here.

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Matt Riddle Believes It's "Time For A Change" In WWE

Matt Riddle knees Finn Balor

Matt Riddle may have only just returned to the WWE but it looks like changes may already be on the horizon for ‘The Ultimate Bro’.

Speaking in a behind-the-scenes WWE YouTube exclusive interview, Riddle revealed that he believes it’s time to drop the goofy nature of his character and bring back the more serious side of his persona, reminding everyone that he is ‘one of the top fighters in the world’.

“I kinda went back into goofy Riddle mode. And I feel like this time around, it’s still me, I’m always gonna be me, but I wanna bring a more serious side to it…

I wanna really showcase my skills and my expertise and show the world I’m also one of the top fighters in the world and I can take anybody on in this company.”

You can read more about Riddle’s WWE return, here.

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Dustin Rhodes Reacts To Dusty Rhodes 'A&E Legends Biography'

Cody Rhodes has a Figure Four Leglock on Dustin Rhodes AEW Double or Nothing 2019

AEW Star Dustin Rhodes (FKA Goldust in the WWE) has reacted to A&E’s ‘Legends Biography’ episode on his father ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes.

Taking to social media, Dustin would send a loving message to his father and to his family, labelling his father amongst other things an ‘amazing man’.

“Amazing man, Amazing Father, Amazing Mothers, Amazing Brother, Amazing Sisters, Family matters and I love mine!”

You can watch Biography WWE Legends Season 3 on Discovery Plus in UK (with the use of a VPN).

Throughout this afternoon  we will be sharing some of social media’s best reaction to the show.

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Kevin OWens

Kevin Owens Pays Tribute To 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens celebrate at WrestleMania 39

Former WWE & NXT Champion Kevin Owens took to social media last night to pay tribute to ‘The American Dream’ ahead of the premier of ‘A&E’s Legends Biography’ on Dusty Rhodes.

Owens, who studied under Rhodes as part of the WWE PC would reveal that nobody in his tenured career has influenced him quite as much as Dusty did during their 10 months together in NXT.

“Dusty Rhodes had a bigger influence on me in the 10 months I had the chance to be around him than anyone else I ever encountered throughout my career. “

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Bayley Reacts To Dusty Rhodes A&E Biography


Last night saw the debut of A&E’s latest ‘Biography’ episode – this time on ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes.

Throughout the show and in the immediate aftermath, talent from all across the wrestling universe took to social media to share their love for ‘The White Soul King’.

This includes former WWE Women’s Champion Bayley, who took to Twitter to thank Dusty for his contributions to her career.

“I wouldn’t have made it this far to be who I am today without Dusty Rhodes.”

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Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon To Lose “Majority Voting Control Over WWE”

Nick Khan Stephanie McMahon Vince McMahonVince McMahon may be returning to WWE creative but following the UFC x WWE merger he will no longer have majority voting control over the WWE.

According to a new report from the ever reliable Wrestlenomics, with Endeavor controlling 51% of the company and WWE holding 49%, McMahon’s influence, at least to shareholders will be decreasing.

McMahon will no longer have “majority voting control over WWE,” something he has previously enjoyed for a number of years.

The report estimates that McMahon will own around 18% of all shares in the new company with Stephanie McMahon holding 1.2% and Linda McMahon holding 0.4%.

You can read more about what this means for the WWE, here.

Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman Continues To Be An Incredible Human

Just a quick break from this morning’s major news stories to spread some love and positivity to Sean Waltman.

Last week Sean Waltman’s iconic rescue dog Lula sadly passed away due to undisclosed health complications.

Lula was rescued by the DX member when he stumbled upon her on his way back from Home Depot, and the two quickly became thick as thieves.

Lula, who suffered with several complex health issues including a permanently broken jaw, even made cameos at the WWE Hall of Fame as well as multiple fan events where she quickly became a fan favourite.

Following her tragic passing Waltman has shown that he still has more love to give and has fostered Buster, a three year old black boxer who recently lost his eyesight whilst in a dog shelter in the US.

Taking to Twitter, Waltman would share the update with fans while continuing to share and support shelters around the US with dogs looking for rehoming – continuing to show the world why he truly is one of the nicest people in wrestling.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre "Unhappy" With WWE Contract, Worked Through "Health Issues" At WrestleMania 39

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus

From one WWE star possibly on their way out of the company to another.

Reports have begun circulating that former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is down to the final nine months of his current WWE contract and that negotiations are not going smoothly.

Last week reports circulated, from PWTorchVIP, that McIntyre was unhappy with his current WWE situation both from a financial POV and from the current creative situation around him.

“We alluded to this that there’s been talk that he is unhappy with his current situation in WWE and I’m hearing it’s kind of a mix of creative and money and what kind of offer he’s getting for a renewal.”

Now a new report, from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, has circulated revealing that Drew McIntyre is currently dealing with undisclosed ‘health issues’ and that The Scottish Warrior actually worked through WrestleMania 39 less than 100% – even managing to earn five stars in the process.

You can read more about Drew McIntyre’s current health issues, here.

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Bayley 'Still Available' For WWE

Bayley & Damage CTRL

Starting things off with some of the biggest news this morning.

Following WrestleMania 39 and Vince McMahon’s apparent creative return, news has circulated surrounding Bayley’s reported unhappiness with Vince McMahon’s decision to split up her Damage CTRL faction.

Fans of Bayley need not worry just yet however, as a new report from WRKD Wrestling has revealed that Bayley is still listed internally as “available to use” ahead of tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

You can read more about Bayley’s WWE status, here.

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Dusty Rhodes

Good Morning!

Dusty Rhodes in WWE NXT with Seth Rollins and Triple H

Good Morning!

Welcome back to the Monday morning Inside The Ropes live wrestling news blog.

Last Monday saw news of WWE’s sale confirmed and Vince McMahon’s WWE return made all but official.

This morning we will be looking ahead to tonight’s episode of Raw, looking at the fallout from A&E’s Dusty Rhodes biography that aired last night and looking at the latest updates on Drew McIntyre and Bayley amidst rumours they could both be on their way out of the WWE.

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