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WWE NXT Results – October 7, 2020

WWE NXT graphic showing the return of the shenom Ember Moon

Results will be updated live as they occur, so check back throughout the show!

Emanating live from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida, WWE NXT #424 will feature the immediate fall out, from the well received NXT TakeOver 31.

Already announced for tonight’s show is:

Tommaso Ciampa defeats Kushida via disqualification in 14:35.

  • General Manager William Regal announced that this match would open the show after the two Superstars collided backstage in the hours before the show.
  • The match started with back and forth mat wrestling with Kushida taking an earlier advantage, however, as the match devolved to a ruthless brawl Ciampa quickly regained control.
  • Kushida was seconds away from picking up the submission win when The Velveteen Dream came from behind to hit Ciampa with a Double Axe Handle to cost Kushida the win.

Analysis: Very fun opening match, the transition from technical mat wrestling to all out brawl made for a roller coaster of an opener. Dream’s involvement indicates that him and Kushida are far from done with their feud however the injection of Tommaso Ciampa could give the feud the lifeblood it needs to go a bit longer. A stipulation could really benefit this feud as it devolves further are further in to a blood feud.

Io Shirai interrupts Ember Moon as the WWE NXT Women’s division explodes.

  • Ember explains that over the last 14 months in isolation she has had time to think, think about her career, think about NXT and she has some thoughts!
  • Ember states “Momma, wants some Gold” before NXT Women’s Champion Io Shiari interrupts.
  • Before the two can speak Rhea Ripley comes out to run down the two competitors.
  • From Behind Raquel and Dakota Kai attack Rhea, before Ember makes the save.
  • William Regal announces Raquel and Dakota Kai vs Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon in our main event.

Analysis: First of all it’s great to see Ember back in NXT and with an awesome new look to go along with her return! NXT’s women’s division is stacked and its great to see stories intertwining and the addition of Ember to the Raquel and Rhea feud opens the road to many possible outcomes. The tag match promises to be a great main event and one with no clear winner identifiable.

Adam Cole addresses Ridge Holland.

  • Adam Cole states that Holland has broken his ribs and when he is recovered he is going to teach Holland why you don’t cross the Undisputed Era.
  • The Undisputed Era stand united in O’Reilly’s takeover loss to Finn Balor consoling him and describing his performance as “Performance of a Lifetime”.

Analysis: Good little promo segment, very short but got across all the key information quickly and effectively. The Undisputed Era for now remain as a cohesive united and Holland as the monster force they must unite against can only be good for the former NXT UK star.

Drake and Killian defeat Ever-Rise by pinfall in 4:04.

  • Earlier in the night Maverick revelaed in a backstage interview that he had booked himself and The Beast of Belfast into a tag match against Ever-Rise.
  • Killian expressed his anger and reminded Maverick that they are not a team.
  • The duo debuted with a new Maverick created theme, a cartoon style Irish Sea Shanty.
  • Duo defeated Ever-Rise handily with Dain using Maverick as a weapon, Powerbombing him onto Ever-Rise for the win.

Analysis: The evolution of Maverick and Dain as a mismatched tag team is incredibly endearing, it not only illustrates Maverick’s incredible comedic ability but also shows off the comedic potential in Killian Dain. The duo arguing over who gets the pin and what their entrance theme should be is excellent comedy. Most importantly their new theme is a absolute great tune that undercuts their comedic intentions perfectly.

Toni Storm Promo Package

  • Toni discusses this break as being her longest time away from the ring in her entire career.
  • Toni states that this was intentional as she needed the time to step away and recharge and now she is back, she wants everyone to know it’s Toni time.

Analysis: A quick promo to capitalise on the hype of Toni’s return at NXT TakeOver 31. Effective enough however very similar to everything we have seen from Storm in NXT and very different to the sympathetic baby face promo packages utilised in NXT UK. Hopefully Storm can get back in the ring soon an remind everyone why she is one of the best in ring talents around.


Dog Walking with the Garganos.

  • Candice and Johnny Gargano are walking their dog discussing how they are going to go about getting rematches following their “unfair” defeats at NXT TakeOver 31.
  • They discover a new plasma screen TV from Indi Hartwell on their porch.
  • Gargano is delighted, quickly changing from insulting the Australian superstar to saying that he has always loved her.
  • Later in the night we see the Garganos watching their new TV, Indi has provided video footage showing that throughout the Women’s #1 Contender battle royal last month she saved Candice several times.

Analysis: A short segment that raises more questions than it answers but one thing is clear, it seems for now, that the Gargano’s are going nowhere. A potential partnership between Candice LeRae and rising star Indi Hartwell could be an excellent addition to NXT’s ever growing women’s tag team division. Hopefully the WWE Women’s Tag Titles can find their way to the Black-and-Gold brand soon to take advantage of the immense talent available.

Austin Theory defeats Leon Ruff by pinfall in 1:47.

  • New WWE signing Leon Ruff gets in some early high paced offence, including a beautiful Hurricanrana.
  • Theory quickly catches Ruff off the top rope with ATL for the win.
  • Post match Theory insults Adam Cole, states that he is the future of NXT and challenges anyone in the back to shut him up.
  • Dexter Lumis enters staring down Theory before Theory challenges him to a match right here, right now.

Analysis: A very effective segment that not only got over the arrogance and ego of Austin Theory but also showed off why Leon Ruff is one of NXT’s hidden gems. Ruff showed a lot of skill and talent in less than two minutes both in regards to his ability to bump for his opponents like no other but also in terms of his innovative and unique offence. Lumis coming out to answer Theory’s challenge is interesting, prior to his untimely injury Lumis was featured heavily so a short feud with Theory shows that they have big things planned for Austin.

Dexter Lumis defeats Austin Theory by TKO in 12:07.

  • The match immediately followed Ruff vs Theory, however Theory showed no sign of fatigue, going blow to blow with Lumis in the early stages of the match.
  • Match was slow and methodical with Lumis using the time he was given to get over the subtle details of his character.
  • Lumis wins, chocking Theory out with the Kata Gatame.
  • Immediately post match Grimes attacked Lumis, hitting him with the Cave In and calling him a “Freak”.

Analysis: The NXT North American Title scene seems to be building around these three performers along side Damien Priest and Bronson Reed. Theory has featured heavily since his return to NXT just over a month ago with a mixed result. The slow build towards Cole vs Theory is interesting with Cole seemingly tied up with Holland at the moment, it remains to be seen when these two will clash. With the sheer number of possible contenders for the North American Title it will interesting to see what route NXT goes down to decide a number one contender.

Balor and O’Reilly discusses their WWE NXT TakeOver match.

  • O’Reilly discusses how he gave Balor his all and he didn’t miss but Balor just hit first. Goes on to discuss how this is not the end of O’Reilly but just the beginning.
  • Balor discusses his broken jaw and how it will take several days before he can speak properly again however he would do it all again because he respects Kyle.
  • Balor states that if you doubted whether this reign would be as good as his last, well now you know.
  • Doctors inform us Kyle is not cleared for TV for several weeks.

Analysis: A great way to capitalise on the hype over Balor and O’Reilly coming out of TakeOver without either Superstar appearing on the show. Concerns that Balor would need to relinquish the title seem to be squashed with Balor talking about how this title reign will surpass anything he achieved before. The slow rise of Kyle O’Reilly as a singles star has been excellent so far, and the potential of a WrestleKingdom rematch against friend and leader Adam Cole has Wrestlemania weekend TakeOver match written all over it.

Ridge Holland defeats Danny Burch via pinall in 2:02.

  • Pre-match Holland showed off his new Mercades and explained he didn’t have one last week but he does now and you can thank Adam Cole for that.
  • Holland drops Burch with the Powerslam within two minutes before attacking him further after the bell.
  • Burch’s tag partner Oney Lorcan comes out to make the save, hitting Holland with a beautiful twisting suicide dive.
  • Holland beats both men down as half a dozen referees attempt to hold them apart.

Analysis: Wow NXT are all in with Ridge Holland, could very easily see him winning the North American Title by the end of the year. I am not sure I’ve seen such a out of nowhere rise in NXT like this before. Holland vs Lorcan has potential to be a hard hitting and impressive affair if the match is allowed to be more than just a squash match.

Thatch as Thatch-Can Class with Timothy Thatcher

  • Similar to every other video package we have seen from Thatcher so far, him speaking about the pain and hardship of fighting and life before attacking a student.
  • Thatcher discusses how he refuses to let life grind him down and that’s why he needs to do it to the NXT roster.

Analysis: Not too much to discuss here, we have been seeing these video packages for Thatcher for a while now and not much has changed. In ring Thatcher excels above many on the roster however we require a bit more character evolution before he can truly rise to the top.

Ridge Holland stretchered out with possible broken leg.

  • We cut back to ringside as we see Ridge Holland stretchered out with his leg in a splint.
  • Gives a thumbs up to the crowd to indicate he is okay.
  • Injury appears to be a result of a unfortunate landing whilst catching Lorcan mid dive.
  • Wishing Holland a speedy recovery.

Shotzi Blackheart defeats Xia Li in 1:49

  • Quick match as Shotzi dominates from the get go whilst screaming to the crowd that Halloween Havoc is back and she’s going to make it must watch.
  • Xia Li handed papers post match by NXT talent Boa, appears to be furthering her heel turn that has been built for the last three weeks.

Analysis: Firstly, Shotzi continues to shine in a heavily stacked division, her aesthetic and character is so unique to anyone else in NXT that she shines out regardless of how short her segment may be. Shotzi hosting Halloween Havoc has moment of the year potential written all over it. Xia Li is incredibly talented in ring and has lacked that something different character wise from the rest of the roster, so the addition of a new manager and cemented heel turn can only help her reach the heights she is capable of.

Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley defeat Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai via pinfall in 11:56.

  • Ember has new entrance music and ring gear that perfectly compliments her new rough edged and ruthless Ember’s Law persona.
  • Rhea and Raquel continued their feud constantly focusing on one another, eventually leading to the two spilling out to the outside and crashing over the NXT announce table.
  • Dakota hits a beautiful Kairopractor for a great near fall towards the end of the match.
  • Ember picks up the pinfall over Dakota Kai following an Eclipse whilst Raquel and Rhea were fighting on the outisde.

Analysis: Ember Moon looks like she has been competing every week for the last 14 months, she has not missed a beat! Incredible fluidity from all four performers, the matching dynamics of the powerhouses teaming with a smaller more agile performer led to some creative multi woman spots. The slow burn between Rhea and Raquel is incredible and once again Gonzalez shows that no one has improved more this year than she has. If the rumours of a Ripley call up are true then NXT have their next big powerhouse lined up and ready to go in Raquel. Dakota Kai continues to be one of, if not the most, consistent performers in the world! Every match she is in is must watch, be it on TV or TakeOver. The path to Ember vs Io is there and i really hope they use it because those two performers could put on a match of the year contender with their eyes closed.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly consequential show. Everything that happened matter and evolved story-lines or characters in new ways, the partnership between the Garganos and Indi Hartwell, the gradual heel turn of Xia Li and the introduction of Boa, the evolution of Ridge Holland and the return of Ember Moon. There is nothing better in wrestling than when everything is must watch, and this show had that!

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