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Ring of Honor

Huge Match Added To ROH Supercard of Honor After AEW Dynamite Goes Off the Air

There’s a boatload of professional wrestling content set to be produced throughout the weekend, one of those events being Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor pay-per-view. Following tonight’s action-packed AEW Dynamite, PWInsider reported that another match was added to the already-stacked card Tony Khan has set up.

Though he could not put Adam Cole away in tonight’s main event on AEW Dynamite, Daniel Garcia is already looking ahead to the future. The savvy, technical up-and-coming star challenged New Japan Pro-Wrestling legend Hiroshi Tanahashi for Supercard of Honor, which Tony Khan immediately approved.

You can see the current card for ROH Supercard of Honor below:

  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Eddie Kingston
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship “Jay Briscoe Memorial Reach For The Sky” Ladder Match: The Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo) vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (RUSH & Dralistico) vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Top Flight (Dante & Darius Martin)
  • ROH TV Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Mark Briscoe
  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Katsuyori Shibata
  • ROH World 6-Man Tag Team Championship: The Embassy (c) (Brian Cage & Kaun & Toa Liona) vs. AR Fox & Blake Christian & Metalik
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Winner of Athena (c) vs. Emi Sakura on Thursday night’s ROH TV will defend title on PPV at Supercard of Honor
  • AAA Mega Championship: El Hijo del Vikingo (c) vs. Kommander
  • Daniel Garcia vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Don Callis Reportedly Injured During Tonight's AEW Dynamite

As mentioned earlier, Don Callis was gushing blood by the end of his live segment with “Hangman” Page and Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, & Wheeler Yuta of The Blackpool Combat Club. When it appeared that Callis and Mox might form some sort of alliance, Mox turned the tables and struck Callis with a stiff forearm that sent him to the ground.

PWInsider has since released a report that confirms Callis’ injury as legitimate. According to the information, it occurred during Callis’ fall to the ground, not the strike from Moxley.

Stay tuned for additional updates.


Current Card For 3/31 AEW Rampage

Two of pro wrestling’s brightest young stars – Sammy Guevara and Konosuke Takeshita – are set to collide this Friday in the main event of AEW Rampage. They have met only once before, in 2018, while working with DDT Pro-Wrestling. Additionally, two-thirds of the AEW Trios Tag Team Champions – Malakai Black and Brody King – will be teaming up to battle Best Friends, Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta.

You can see the current card below:

  • Sammy Guevara vs. Konosuke Takeshita
  • Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) vs. Kings of the Black Throne (Malakai Black and Brody King)
  • Taya Valkyrie vs. Maria Shafir (If Taya uses Jade Cargill’s finisher, she will be “sued”)
  • Action Andretti vs. Juice Robinson

Current Card For 4/5 AEW Dynamite

Another episode of AEW Dynamite is in the books, and per usual, the announcers gave us new matches to be excited about for next week’s show. The main event will be one of the most high-stakes matches in AEW history when beloved tag team FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) puts their AEW careers on the line to challenge the AEW Tag Team Champions, The Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn).

You can see the current card below:

  • Juice Robinson vs. Ricky Starks
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Riho
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Gunn Club (c) (Austin & Colten Gunn) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)
Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho and Adam Cole on a Collision Course?

On what should have been a night all about the in-ring return of Adam Cole, Mr. “Bay Bay” ended up being a bit upstaged by The Jericho Appreciation Society’s leader, Chris Jericho, at the conclusion of AEW Dynamite. Fresh off his victory over Daniel Garcia, Cole was interrupted by Jericho coming down to ringside and pulling his protege – Garcia – to safety. There were various moments where Jericho hesitated as though he was going to run to the ring and clash with Cole, but it remained only a tease for tonight.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole Wins His Return Match

Back from the break, Garcia has retained control of the match. Cole answers his offense with some forearms and an Ushigoroshi neckbreaker. They trade strikes and kicks. Garcia slides into a german suplex, dropping Cole right on his head. Garcia appears to be “tuning up the band” a la Shawn Michaels, but Cole cuts off his superkick with a superkick of his own. A near two-count follows.

Cole goes for the final boom, but he misses. Garcia rains down hard elbow strikes into Cole, but he navigates himself out of it. Cole attempts the Panama sunrise, but Garcia rolls through into the dragon-tamer submission. Cole makes his way to the ropes and breaks the hold. In typical Daniel Garcia fashion, he takes some time to pose on the ropes as the audience boos. He responds by hooking Cole’s arms and hitting a spike piledriver for another close two-count. Adam with a stiff kick and a Panama sunrise, followed up by The Final Boom for the 1-2-3! Adam Cole is back, “Bay Bay!”

It appeared the show was going to end with Britt Baker and Adam Cole kissing and celebrating in the ring, but here comes Chris Jericho!

Adam Cole

Adam Cole vs. Daniel Garcia

We get a deafening “welcome back” chant mixed in with some “Adam Cole” chants. The two start out displaying their technical prowess, reversing hold after hold until Garcia gets the advantage. It seems they’re playing up that Cole might have a bit of ring rust, but he still comes in full steam with a shoulder tackle. They exchange more submission holds until Garcia catches Cole in a spike piledriver and we go to the first commercial break.


Will Hobbs Video Hype Package

A video package is shown where Will Hobbs explains that the day he won the TNT Championship will forever be known as Hobbs Day. Regardless of who steps up, Hobbs promises that nobody is going to manage to take the title from him now.

Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho & The Outcasts Outsmart Willow Nightingale

Returning from the break, Nightingale is beginning to take back control by thwarting off Saraya on the outside. Willow nails a hip attack and an emphatic spinebuster for a close two-count. The Outcasts play to Willow’s kindness again by bringing up their friendship. It doesn’t work this time – Willow with a running death valley driver for another close two.

Toni Storm interferes in the match and gives Ruby the opportunity to hit her “no future” kick twice in a row. It’s still not enough! Willow with a backslide for another two. She comes right back with a pounce that sends Soho flying. The Outcasts distract Willow once more, allowing Soho to roll her up and use the ropes for a leveraged three-count.

After the match, The Outcasts continued the beatdown until Riho and Skye Blue ran down to the ring to help out. It doesn’t work, though, as The Outcasts still overpower Skye and Riho. Jamie Hayter is here! She comes down for the save and sends The Outcasts out of the ring. Hayter and Riho come face-to-face as the announcers hype up Riho vs. Hayter for the AEW Women’s Championship next week.

Ruby Soho

Willow Nightingale vs. Ruby Soho

The match gets started with Ruby immediately leaving the ring and strategizing with Saraya and Toni Storm on the outside of the ring. She emphasizes that she’s “taking her time” tonight. Ruby hits a flurry of offense but Willow still shifts the momentum in her direction with a running splash and multiple body slams into the mat. Continuing on, Willow hits multiple forearms in the corner as the referee breaks them apart.

Ruby regains control by bringing up how they were once friends and sending Willow into the middle rope. A vertical suplex gives Ruby a two-count. She then forces Nightingale’s neck into the bottom rope as we go to another commercial.

Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy Still Retains His Title In Hard-Fought Battle

During the break, Butcher maintained control of the match, focusing on the abdomen of Cassidy with submission holds and stiff knees. He continues the attack with a Texas cloverleaf submission but Cassidy manages to escape. Butcher nails Cassidy with a chokeslam turned into a backbreaker. He goes for another maneuver but Cassidy turns it into a stundog millionaire and a DDT for a close two-count.

Cassidy hits the diving DDT on Butcher but still can only secure the two. In the corner of the ring, Butcher pulls on the referee’s shirt, allowing The Blade to return to the ring and hit Cassidy with a crowbar. Butcher follows up with another backbreaker but only gets a two count. Best Friends, Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta, run down to ringside to help Cassidy, setting him up for the Orange Punch and Beach Break for the 1-2-3.

Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy vs. The Butcher

The match gets off to a hot start with The Blade helping Butcher beatdown Cassidy before it even officially gets underway. Cassidy shows he’s still ready to compete and comes in with the offense. His lackadaisical kicks are pushed off by Butcher.

Butcher works him over more, tossing him abdomen-first into the top turnbuckle. Butcher then delivers a gutbuster that sends Cassidy rolling to the outside. He follows behind Cassidy, picking him up by the legs and swinging him into the barricade with force.

Dax Harwood

The Gunn Club Tells FTR Their Time In AEW Is Coming To An End

We see a pre-taped segment backstage where The Gunn Club says that next week, FTR will lose their last chance at the AEW Tag Team titles and be out of AEW for good. They mention that FTR were once their heroes but then they actually met and were let down. The only person they ever respected was their father, but we all saw what they did to him. Lastly, Colten points out how their “Top Guys out” phrase will be true when they’re gone from AEW forever.

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson Makes A Surprise Return To AEW Dynamite

One of the members of Blackpool Combat Club, Bryan Danielson, made his return to AEW television tonight after his loss to MJF at Revolution earlier this month. It appeared he was there to help out Omega and remain a babyface, but he surprised Omega with his signature running knee strike. Despite security and Brandon Cutler trying to help, BCC fought them off and continued the group beatdown of Omega. Bryan yells, “You are everything that is wrong with wrestling!” in Omega’s ear as the segment ends.

Read more about this story here.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega Makes His Comeback

During the picture-in-picture break, it was Cobb still dominating the match. He secures Omega in a bear hug and wears him down in the middle of the ring as the audience rallies behind Omega. Strikes to Cobb follow. Finally, Kenny is gaining momentum. He goes for the “you cannot escape”  but can’t get Cobb up on his shoulders. Cobb hits a spinning-back suplex and a splash in the corner.

Omega hits one of his signature knee strikes, but it only gets him a close 2-count. Kenny runs full-speed into an impressive dropkick from Cobbs. Omega responds with multiple snap dragon suplexes and a running knee. A hard lariat is thrown by Cobb, and both men are wiped out in the middle of the ring as the crowd goes crazy.

Back on their feet, Cobb and Omega exchange chops and strikes. Cobb nails a running European uppercut on Omega in the corner and brings him up to the top rope. A long, and I mean long, delayed superplex follows, but it only gets Cobb the two-count. Cobb steals the v-trigger from Omega and then goes for the one-winged angel. Omega reverses and manages to get his own v-trigger on Cobb. Using the ropes for leverage, Omega gets Cobb on his shoulders and slams Cobb into the mat with the one-winged angel to retain the IWGP U.S. Title.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega vs. Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb taunts Omega right off the bat, but that doesn’t intimidate Omega – he comes back with running shoulder tackles. They leave Cobb unfazed. He manages to hit a hurricanrana that sends Cobb to the outside. Omega hits some signature offense, but he can’t keep up with the power of Cobb; he’s hit with a vertical suplex and some kicks to the ribs from Cobb.

Powerful Irish whips send Omega crumbling in the corner. They spill to the outside where Cobb throws Kenny into the barricade and the ring post. It’s all Cobb in the first part of this match, but Omega has had some small flurries of offense.

Jon Moxley

Mox to Blood is like salt to pepper: they just go together

Mox can’t escape the blood! One hard shot to Don Callis and he was gushing all over!

Adam Page

"Hangman" Page is interviewed about The Young Bucks

Backstage, “Hangman” Page is asked about the current status of The Young Bucks. He explains that he thinks Nick has a separated shoulder and Matt’s bicep is partially torn but at least they’re resting. When asked about who did it, Hangman scoffed and said it was obviously the Blackpool Combat Club.

Don Callis interrupts and says he has a sincere apology for what occurred last week between Omega, The Young Bucks, and himself. Hangman considers shaking Callis’ hand but the BCC suddenly attacks, taking down Page and Callis. Callis is left bloody as we cut to a commercial break.

Jon Moxley

Dalton Castle & The Boys vs. Blackpool Combat Club

Before Dalton Castle & The Boys can make their spectacular entrance, they are attacked by The Blackpool Combat Club. The action commences on the outside with Mox throwing mounted punches on the floor at Dalton as The Boys get slammed into the floor and steel steps.

Claudio pulls Brent of The Boys into the ring and begins throwing him all over the ring like he’s weightless. Castagnoli hits a finishing powerbomb and gets the quick 3-count. The BCC then celebrated and left the arena through the crowd.

Billy Gunn

The Jericho Appreciation Society and The Acclaimed Bond

Returning from the commercial, we see the latest update on the developing relationship between the Jericho Appreciation Society and The Acclaimed. JAS takes Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, and “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn to some of their favorite places and restaurants in their latest attempt to get The Acclaimed to officially join The Jericho Appreciation Society. As the video concludes, The Acclaimed confirm that they will make a decision next week.

Kenny Omega

Backstage With Don Callis and Kenny Omega

Don Callis and Kenny Omega are interviewed backstage, where Callis gives an explanation for why he fell down last week, saying he just tumbled over because “Hangman” Page pulled on his arm. Omega says he thought it could have been Hangman punching him because he’s done it in the past.

The focus is then shifted to Omega’s IWGP United States Championship match against Jeff Cobb later tonight. Just like his match against Hijo del Vikingo, Callis says Omega is going to show everyone why he is still the very best.


MJF Interrupts Jungle Boy's Victory Celebration

MJF first says he runs the show. After Jungle Boy interrupted his re-bar mitzvah – a “Kanye move,” as he called it – he had the audacity to say MJF got to waltz his way to the top of the card. He actually says he agreed because he barely wrestles

MJF says that despite how hard Jungle Boy has worked, the fans haven’t thanked him, and he hasn’t had a ton of TV time, either. But the only person whose fault that is, according to Friedman, is Jungle Boy himself. He recalled their standout match at Double or Nothing 2020. MJF believed he met his match that night, so he went and shook his hand backstage.

Perry remembered the conversation they had. He remembered being told that nice guys finish last, and if he wanted to be a top guy, he would have had to ditch his friends. Friedman says he did the opposite and stayed with his friends, and since he stayed the good guy, where did it get him? MJF is World Champion, and he’s still just “Jungle Boy.”

Jungle Boy responds by saying he thought they could be friends. In ways, he wishes he could be like MJF with his talking skills, his confidence, and the way he didn’t care about anyone else. He wishes he could be “the most narcissistic piece of s***” in all of AEW. But that isn’t him, and he’ll do it his way. And when he does it his way, Jungle Boy says he won’t wake up every day and hate the man he sees in the mirror.

MJF applauds his promo but says it took him four years to talk. Friedman agrees that they could have been friends at one point, but he turned out to be a disappointment in several ways. When he drops a line about taking Anna Jay to the side and finding out Perry is weak in the knees, Perry goes on the attack, beating Friedman down and stomping him in the corner. A hard lariat sets him up for a running elbow but MJF escapes.

Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy Comes Out on Top

Coming back from the commercial, it’s noted by the commentators how Hardy was in control as picture-in-picture was showing. Perry finally starts gaining the advantage until, yet again, Page distracts him and allows Hardy to cut him off the top rope. A superplex and a close two-count follow.

Page climbs on the apron which gives Hook the cue to come down to the ring and confront him. Page and Hook trade shots, and as Hardy tries to help, he gets struck by Page. Jungle Boy with a suicide dive. Inside the ring, another attempt at a side effect turns into a thrust kick, flatliner, and a running elbow to Hardy’s head for the 3-count.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has the advantage as we go to commercial

The crowd has lowd dueling chants of “Jungle Boy” and “Let’s go, Hardy!” ringing through as the two men exchange submission holds. The pace picks up and they exchange a series of strikes, with Perry dropkicking Hardy out of the ring. His follow-up attempt at a suicide dive turns into a side effect on the floor from Matt.

Ethan Page starts getting involved at this point and sends Perry over the barricade. Matt and Perry start battling on the outside and the ring apron until Matt delivers another side effect onto the ring apron.

Jungle Boy

AEW Dynamite Kicks Off With "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry vs. Matt Hardy

Weeks after putting away a surefire Hall of Famer in Christian Cage, Jungle Boy will go one-on-one against someone Christian knows very well – Matt Hardy. This should be a fun veteran vs. rising star match!

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan & Asuka Show Off Limited-Time WWE Donuts

Asuka, the #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 39, and Liv Morgan, a superstar taking part in this weekend’s women’s tag team showcase match, are in Los Angeles ahead of the year’s biggest premium live event. And nothing quite says WrestleMania like special, limited-edition donuts!

As seen in the images below, the popular Randy’s Donuts restaurant chain is now offering unique pastries featuring the WWE logo in icing. They will be available until Sunday, so definitely snag one while you can!


Original Hell in a Cell Returning at WrestleMania!

A picture that has surfaced online reveals that, as of this weekend, the red Hell in a Cell structure will be no more! We’re back to that classic steel cage look that was standard prior to 2018. In September of that year, reports indicated that Vince McMahon wanted to do something special for the 20th anniversary of the legendary Mick Foley vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell match that took place at King of the Ring 1998. The cell has been a bright red hue ever since, but it appears that WrestleMania 39 will mark a comeback WWE fans have been clamoring for.

Sean Ross Sapp

Fightful Releases Stats On NXT Viewership's Decline

Fightful released a compelling list earlier today documenting how WWE NXT ratings have declined since 2019. The data shows a staggering drop from when NXT first debuted on the USA Network in September 2019 to now, March 2023.

Their premiere episode attracted 1.179 million viewers when the first hour aired on the USA Network. Still, only two weeks later, on October 2, 2019, NXT dropped under 1 million viewers and remained there. In fact, the most recent episode of WWE NXT – the go-home episode for their Stand & Deliver premium live event – only brought in 620,000 viewers. On average, episodes now hover between 500,000 and 650,000 viewers each week.

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette Criticizes Bray Wyatt After Recent Absence

Jim Cornette has never been one to hold back his feelings, and on the latest episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, he kept that tradition alive when speaking on Bray Wyatt. In his opinion, Bray has something “wrong” with him because he mysteriously disappeared weeks before WrestleMania.

Somehow, he was advertised for WrestleMania and all this other stuff, and suddenly, he’s gone. So there’s something wrong either creatively or physically or maybe mentally. Maybe he thinks that he’s god**mn such a major star that if they don’t wanna do all this convoluted dribble that nobody understands, he’ll just no show and they won’t do anything to him.”

The reported plan prior to Wyatt’s absence was for him to face Bobby Lashley in a one-on-one match at WrestleMania 39. Lashley will now participate in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Friday’s WrestleMania edition of SmackDown. Additionally, there are reports that he may pivot to a match against LA Knight at ‘Mania due to the circumstances surrounding Wyatt.

Read more about this story here.

Brock Lesnar

WWE Highlights Tale of the Tape for Brock Lesnar vs. Omos

We’re just days away from WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, and on Night One, two of WWE’s most massive superstars – Brock Lesnar and Omos – will collide in a battle of titans. Ahead of the match, WWE is highlighting just how impressive both men’s stats are with a “tale of the tape.”

Height: Brock Lesnar 6’3″ vs. Omos 7’3″

Weight: Brock Lesnar 286 lbs. vs. 410 lbs.

Reach: Brock Lesnar 81″ vs. Omos 87″

Finishing Move: Brock Lesnar’s F-5 vs. Omos’ Double Choke Bomb

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre and Other WWE Stars Act Out Famous Movie Lines

It’s WrestleMania week in WWE, and when ‘Mania goes Hollywood, we get no shortage of impressions from the WWE Superstars. This time is no different; parallel to how they approached WrestleMania 21, WWE has been producing ads that parody beloved films and television shows like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Stranger Things.”

This time around, Drew McIntyre, Liv Morgan, and other WWE stars are giving their best impressions of famous lines from films like “Scarface,” “Wizard of Oz,” and “Apollo 13” in auditions. Liv, however, spends the entire audition gloating about her acting abilities, only to never actually be shown reading lines 😂

You can see the full video below:

Adam Cole

Adam Cole Reacts to Upcoming Return to the Ring

Tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite is special for many reasons, but for one man in particular, it will mark the first time he’s competed in a match since June 26, 2022. Adam Cole “Bay Bay!” returns to the ring this evening when he goes one-on-one with The Jericho Appreciation Society’s Daniel Garcia. Ahead of the anticipated bout, Cole took to Twitter and emphasized how significant it is that he even gets the chance to wrestle again.

Tonight means everything to me. I truly didn’t know if this day would come, but here we are. No matter what, thank you. Let’s do this.

Cole last competed in the ring in a four-way match for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship against “Hangman” Adam Page, Jay White, and Kazuchika Okada at the AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view. Due to his injury, the match was brought to a quick finish, with Jay White emerging as the victor.

Kayla Braxton

WNBA Star Heading To WWE?

WNBA Champion player, Aerial Powers, stopped by WWE’s The Bump today. Speaking with Kayla Braxton, Powers seemed enthusiastic about the potential of one day becoming a WWE Superstar.

You know what’s crazy? Before basketball, believe it or not, I was huge into boxing. That was actually my first sport. My dad got me into the sport, loved it, and then basketball took over. So, hell yeah I’ve thought about getting into the ring! And yes, I would love to [try pro wrestling]. I haven’t thought about a finisher yet, but my last name, Powers, is cool, so I want to play off Powers, my last name, and figure something out.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes Reveals He Nearly Got Into A Backstage Fight With Seth Rollins

A new interview between Fightful Wrestling and WWE’s Cody Rhodes peeled back the curtain on what appears to be some legitimate backstage heat between him and Seth Rollins.

“Seth Rollins is the closest I’ve ever had to backstage turning into a fist fight in front of all of our peers and upper management. It didn’t happen. Him and I absolutely can’t stand one another, I’d probably try and rip his eyes out.” (h/t Fightful)

It’s unclear exactly when the drama reached a climax between these top WWE stars, but they were involved in a long-term feud throughout 2022. At the time, it was teased that there was still unfinished business between the two men. Fresh off a victory over Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match, Cody was to be sidelined due to a torn pectoral muscle, but Rollins still attacked him on his way out of WWE Raw that night.

Read more about this story here.


Current Card for 3/29 AEW Dynamite

We’re only a few hours away from tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, so let’s look at the matches in store for us this evening! So far, six matches have been confirmed to be taking place, including the much-anticipated in-ring return of Adam Cole “Bay Bay.”

Matches for tonight’s AEW Dynamite:

  • Adam Cole vs. Daniel Garcia
  • IWGP United States Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jeff Cobb
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. The Butcher
  • Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, & ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli) vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys
  • Matt Hardy vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry
  • Willow Nightingale vs. Ruby Soho

Good Evening

Good evening, everyone!

Ahead of tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, news broke in the realm of WWE that legendary referee Tim White will receive The Warrior Award at the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. The honor is bestowed upon those who have “exhibited unwavering strength and perseverance, and who live life with the courage and compassion that embodies the indomitable spirit of the Ultimate Warrior.”

Another name trending today is Eric Bischoff, who dropped some savage comments regarding the reports that AEW will soon be adding an additional hour of content to their weekly television schedule. Not only does he call the idea “stupid,” but he also criticizes what AEW is putting out each week as it is.