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What's in store for us over the next week in AEW

That’s all she wrote, ladies and gents! Another week, another Dynamite! But there’s much more AEW action to look forward to in the coming days, starting with the lineup for this Friday’s AEW Rampage.

  • AAA Mega Championship: Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Dralistico
  • Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Dax Harwood, & Cash Wheeler vs. The Varsity Athletes & Slim J
  • Kiera Hogan vs. Julia Hart
  • Jon Moxley vs. Christopher Daniels
  • We hear from TBS Champion Jade Cargill

We also got a glimpse of what will unfold on next Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, including the long-awaited clash between Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie for the TBS Championship.

  • Four Pillars Tournament Round Two: Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara
  • TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie
Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara steals the victory

During the picture-in-picture break, Guevara maintained control, even going as far as doing snow angels in the center of the ring to taunt. They spill into the audience, where Perry hits several chops on Guevara, including a couple of them on top of a fan. Guevara makes his way back to ringside, where Perry hits him with an MJF sign. Guevera sends Perry back inside the ring and rains down punches onto his head. He puts him in a seated headlock, but Perry makes it to his feet and tries to fight back. Guevara denies him by pulling his hair down to the mat.

They trade shots in the corner until Jack hits a comeback lariat out of the corner. Guevera hits a kick on Perry, but Jungle Boy comes back with a powerbomb on the ring apron. Perry comes off the top rope with a Canadian destroyer in mid-air! That was insane! It is still a two count, though. Perry climbs up again but he’s kicked off the top rope. Guevara misses a shooting star press but he comes back with a thrust kick and a springboard cutter. Sammy with a gnarly implanter DDT!

Guevara picks up Jack to go for the GTH, but Jack holds his knee back and uses a poisonrana. Guevara with his own poisonrana! Jack returns with his running forearm, but he’s too winded to make the cover. They slowly make it back up to their knees where they start slapping each other in the face, followed by trading shots. Perry avoids a knee and gets Guevara into the snare trap. Guevara makes it to the ropes, though! Perry sets Guevara up on the ropes, but Sammy surprises him by escaping and dropkicking him.

Perry is launched head-first into a table! Ouch! That looked painful. The ref starts the countout. Right before he gets to 9, Guevara grabs the referee and MJF runs up, hitting Perry in the face with the Dynamite diamond ring. The ref then continues the count and gets to 10. Guevara wins! He advances to next week. MJF and Guevara celebrate in the ring as Dynamite goes off the air.

Jungle Boy

Sammy Guevara vs. Jack Perry

We come back from the break with Jack Perry making his entrance to the ring. The bell sounds, and we’re off! Round 1 begins! The winner of this one will battle Darby Allin next week to determine who is going to Double or Nothing to challenge MJF for the AEW World Championship.

Guevara shoves Perry in the face, but he’s dropkicked out of the ring in return. Perry with a suicide dive, followed by Guevara coming over the top rope with an asai moonsault. Perry comes back but is caught on the top rope with a Spanish fly. Darby Allin is shown watching from the rafters while MJF watches backstage. Perry sets Guevara on the ring apron and goes for a rolling powerbomb. It’s avoided. They trade reversals until finally just coming to relentless blows. Perry with a superkick, but he eats a knee to the face right after. Another Spanish fly! But this was off the apron to the floor.

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara makes his entrance

The main event is next! Sammy Guevara vs. Jack Perry to advance in the AEW World Title tournament. Tay Melo comes out with Guevara and they make out on the ramp as we go to commercial.

Billy Gunn

The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn pull the victory

During the picture-in-picture break, the JAS kept control the majority of the time. Caster is beaten down with elbows and a seated headlock. Hager is tagged in and hits a stomp and an Irish whip on Caster. Hager runs over and forearms Bowens off the ring apron. He tries to hit an elbow drop on Caster but it’s avoided. Bully Gunn is tagged in! He takes everyone out on his own and throws the DX scissor taunt.

Gunn goes for the fameasser but it’s reversed by Hager. Daddy Ass gets Bowen in, but Daddy Magic is in too. He tries to hit a powerbomb but Bowens isn’t having it – elbows and a superkick follow. Parker runs in the ring and hit Bowens with a foreign object (a comb!). It still isn’t enough. Daddy Ass grabs the combs and destroys it to Parker’s dismay. Parker gets hit with the mic drop for the three count!

Billy Gunn

The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn vs. Jake Hager, Matt Menard, & Angelo Parker

The commentators point out how The Acclaimed will have to join the JAS if they lose this trios match. JAS goes on the attack before the bell even rings, but The Acclaimed comes back. Bowens tags Caster in, and he hits a scoop slam on Parker. Bowens climbs to the top rope and they do the scissor me timbers off the top rope. Gunn, Caster, and Bowens scissor while we head to another commercial break!

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy to appear on AEW Rampage

We see Hook, Isaiah Kassidy, Jeff & Matt Hardy backstage, saying that they will be at AEW Rampage this Friday to address the crowd. Cole and Britt get taken to the back while the Jericho Appreciation Society starts walking down to the ring for their trios match.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho and Adam Cole come face-to-face

Jericho comes to the ring first, followed by Cole. Jericho says it sounds like Pittsburgh loves Adam Cole tonight. Cole says that anyone who knows his career knows how much Cole has always admired Jericho. Adam says it’s pretty dang cool that he’s in the ring with Jericho for the very first time. He has a ton of respect for Jericho and what he’s done.

Jericho extends his hand and Cole accepts it. Jericho says he appreciates what Cole said, but after watching his career as of late, he has zero respect for Cole. Jericho says he’s kind of an arrogant son of a b***. Jericho thinks that sticking his nose in his business as of late isn’t worth any respect. Cole says he isn’t surprised he’s acting this way because he’s been a “jagoff” recently. Is this version of Jericho the real Chris Jericho? Or is it the Demo-God? Is it a “stupid idiot?”

Cole says he doesn’t want to play anymore. Jericho wanted his attention, and now he’s got it, so where do we go from here? Jericho emphasizes that he’s not a “jagoff,” and he’s unimpressed by Cole. Jericho says that Cole doesn’t want anything to do with him because he will make his life miserable. He says to leave now! Cole says what are you going to do about it? Jericho pushes him, inciting a brawl. Daniel Garcia comes down to the ring and helps Jericho beat Cole down in the corner. Here comes Britt Baker! She slaps Jericho in the face. Suddenly, The Outcasts come out from under the ring and beatdown on Britt as Cole is beatdown by Jericho.

Garcia handcuffs Cole to the bottom rope and brings a kendo stick to Jericho. It appears he’s going to hit Cole, but he passes the stick to Saraya instead. They beat down Britt with the kendo stick. Cole is begging for them to stop, but they keep doing it until Britt is broken down and crying for help. JAS and The Outcasts hug and leave the ring together.


Ricky Starks comes to Shawn Spears' rescue

Shawn Spears gets thrown into the ring by Bullet Club Gold, but Ricky Starks runs down to the ring to help Spears out! He spears Juice Robinson and sends the duo running for the hills.

We go backstage and see FTR, watching how Mark Briscoe was attacked by Mark Sterling’s posse. Mark says, listen, we can go take them out. The doctor says he’s not cleared to compete tonight, so how about FTR, Jeff Jarrett, and Jay Lethal vs. Sterling’s goons? They are resistant to team together, but ultimately, they agree for their friend, Mark

Chris Jericho is on his way out to the ring next!


Jay White wins his Dynamite in-ring debut

During the picture-in-picture break, White dominated basically the entire time. On the outside, he kept beating Komander down with offense while Shawn Spears, sitting at ringside, was giving him number reviews of each move he delivered. White gets Komander back inside the ring and puts him in a seated headlock in the center of the mat. He mounts him in the corner with several punches, followed by a hard chop.

He lets Komander get some shots on him, followed up by a move where Komander turned Jay into a bunch of different pinning combinations. He gets a two count, but White takes back the control with more chops. He sets Komander up in the corner, but the luchador comes back with a kick to the head. Komander is pulling on his shoulder, but White pokes him in the eye to escape. White falls down to the floor, setting Komander up for the tightrope corkscrew moonsault. The crowd loved it! Shawn Spears gave it a 10!

Kommander nails the shooting star press off the ropes but it isn’t enough to put White down. He then delivers a springboard phoenix splash for yet another two! Komander goes for a phoenix splash, but it’s avoided. Jay with a cutthroat suplex and the blade runner for the 3 count! White starts out undefeated, y’all!


Jay White vs. Komander

We get to watch Jay White’s Dynamite in-ring debut next as he battles the high-flying luchador, Komander. The bell rings and White preps himself up in the corner. White and Komander shake hands, immediately locking up after. White has control and kicks Komander down with corner stomps. Jay White with an audible chop on Komander’s chest. The luchador avoids White in the corner and delivers a spinning kick. The ref pulls him away from the corner for pushing the 5 count. Komander gets Jay in the ropes and does a wild trick on the ropes, followed by a hurricanrana.

He tries to go for another tightrope move, but White interrupts it. Instead, he tries for a moonsault that is avoided. White uses a front-facing suplex to drop Komander face-first onto the ring apron. We’re heading to another break!


Christian Cage has his eye on Wardlow

Suddenly, Christian Cage appears! He’s got his monstrous version of Luchasaurus with him, and it looks like they are the next two that want Arn/Wardlow.

Backstage, Renee Paquette speaks with Sammy Guevara. Sammy is about to speak but MJF interrupts him, telling him that they got off on the wrong foot. He says he actually kind of likes Guevara, so he has an agreement that might help both of them out. He offers him a guaranteed spot in the main event of AEW Double or Nothing if he just chooses to lay down and take the “L” tonight.

Guevara refuses, and says he will beat everyone and get his title the right way. MJF points out how hard it to actually beat a pillar, let alone three. Also, he offers him a blank check. Guevara writes a price down on the check, which baffles MJF, but he says he can do it. Instead of shaking hands, Guevara insists they hug it out.


Wardlow wins the TNT Title back!

During the break, Hobbs worked his way back into the match, even hitting a huge frog splash off the top rope for a two-count. He taunts Wardlow, then mounting him with punches. Wardlow bursts back with some punches, but it isn’t enough; Hobbs is back in control. QT Marshall even gets a cheap choke to Wardlow as the referee is distracted.

Back to fullscreen, we see Wardlow and Hobbs struggling on the top rope. Hobbs gets tossed off the ropes and onto the mat. Wardlow hits a huge swanton bomb, but it appears he hurt his back when he executed it! Wardlow and Hobbs trade punches in the middle of the ring, followed by clotheslines back and forth. Hobbs gets the advantage and beats Wardlow down, but no, Wardlow is back out of nowhere! He uses multiple German suplexes, but an attempt at a vertical suplex is reversed. He explodes off the ropes with a hard clothesline to Hobbs.

The crowd rallies as Harley distracts the referee. Marshall runs in and uses the diamond cutter while the ref isn’t watching. Hobbs with the spinebuster! But it’s only two! Marshall gets in the ring and is ticked off, but Arn climbs in too. He pulls out the “glock” as a joke, causing Marshall to back out of the ring. He sees the Lucha Bros! So he climbs back in and eats an Arn DDT. Wardlow takes control, hyping up the crowd for the powerbomb symphony. Three powerbomb later, we’ve got a new TNT Champion!


Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Wardlow

Wardlow comes out first with Arn Anderson by his side, followed by Powerhouse Hobbs with QT Marshall and Harley Cameron in tow. The bell rings and this one is going down! Big meaty men slapping meat!

Wardlow gains the initial advantage with shoulders to the abdomen in the corner. Hobbs answers with several belly-to-belly suplexes on Wardlow. Wardlow back up and tosses Hobbs out of the ring. They battle on the floor until Wardlow clotheslines Hobbs over the barricade. They start battling among the fans! Wardlow keeps throwing punches on Hobbs while he tries to run away. Wardlow jumps over the barricade and pulls Hobbs to the other side with his back smacking the floor.

We’re going to another commercial!

Kenny Omega

The Elite and BCC do battle

The Elite comes out to their epic Kansas theme song. Kenny grabs a mic and looks extremely serious tonight. He tells the audience that the past few weeks have been some of the most difficult of his life. When BCC messed up Don Callis, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page, it really made him lose his respect for the group. Kenny’s having trouble sleeping because all he can see is the screwdriver in the top turnbuckle.

Omega wishes he could have taken that screwdriver and plunged it in his face. He is out here tonight for an invitation. Kenny says let’s settle this like men in the ring. Bryan Danielson is backstage with a microphone and he distracts The Elite while BCC rushes the ring. Nick Jackson is fighting back but the other members are beaten down by BCC. Matt hits multiple northern lights suplexes on the floor on Wheeler Yuta. Mox comes out of nowhere and puts a choke on Omega, but he escapes and sends Mox into the audience. There’s chaos everywhere!

Inside the ring, Yuta hits Matt with the Pure ROH Title on his arm. Claudio comes in and helps him out, but then Kenny shows up. Lastly, Mox slides in the ring and hits a death ridder DDT on Kenny. Bryan Danielson walks down to the ring and says this is exactly what would happen with a bunch of amateurs. Don Callis is back! He’s running down to the ring with a chair, but Bryan asked him what he was doing and Callis runs away. Bryan says these are the people he surrounds himself with. Bryan prepares to use the screwdriver on Omega’s head. That’s when Callis brings out Konosuke Takeshita! He’s clearing out everyone!

He stands before Danielson to protect Omega. The Elite with Konosuke stand tall in the ring tonight!


Arn Anderson is back!

We see Wardlow backstage and he’s asked what his approach will be if QT Marshall is closeby for Powerhouse Hobbs. Wardlow says he reached out to a Four Horsemen to have his back tonight, and Arn Anderson is back! He comes over and says that tonight, they start playing chess.

Here comes The Elite!!!


Britt Baker wins it in her hometown

During the picture-in-picture break, The Outcasts kept in control the majority of the time. Hayter is thrown to their side of the ring and is picked apart by all 3 members of The Outcasts. Saraya interferes as the ref is distracted, hitting several knees to Hayter on the ring apron. We come back to fullscreen with Hayter catching Soho with an ishiguroshi neckbreaker. Britt Baker is tagged in and the crowd goes wild!

She hits several of her signature moves like a sling blade, a superkick, and a unique neckbreaker in the corner. Britt pulls out the glove to hit the lockjaw but Ruby distracts her. Toni goes for the Storm Zero but Britt turns it into an air raid crash for the two count! Ruby hits an elbow on Britt and plants her head into the corner. Toni with a hip attack in the corner! Saraya hit Britt in the face with the Women’s Title belt! Storm uses the storm zero but, somehow, Britt still kicks out. Storm goes to the outside and focuses on Hayter.

Soho battles Britt on the top rope, but Baker gets the advantage. She uses the Panama sunrise for the close 2 and 7/8 count! Britt responds with a stomp on Ruby for another close two. She’s using the cherry on top: the lockjaw. Britt gets the submission win!


Ruby Soho & Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker

Before Britt and Hayter can even get to the ring, The Outcasts come and attack them on the ramp. Hayter is tossed into the ringside barricade and ring post by Toni Storm—meanwhile, Soho chops at Britt on the outside. The bell finally rings, and Storm and Hayter are the two to start out. Ruby runs in to try and help, but Hayter hits a double shoulder tackle to take out The Outcasts.

Hayter goes back and forth with elbows in the corners to Storm and Ruby. She gets them out of the ring and sets up for a dive, but Saraya interferes and spoils it. Toni Storm comes off the apron for a tornado DDT on Saraya, but it’s futile. Hayter remains in control, sending Storm into the ring. Hayter’s lariat is avoided, and Storm hits a hip attack that sends Hayter out of the ring. Britt runs over and tries to hit a Panama Sunrise on the floor to Ruby, but Toni shuts her down. We’re off to a commercial!


Here comes the hometown girl

We return from the break with The Outcasts coming out for the tag team match against Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter! The crowd is about to get wild AF for Britt. Saraya tries to grab a Brittsburgh rally towel from Brtt’s mom but she refuses to let it go. Saraya sprays some of the green spray at her.

Hayter and Britt come out next. The rally towels are swinging everywhere!


A tournament is starting!

MJF asks Pittburgh if they don’t like him, and then says he doesn’t care.

He tells the three pillars to stop fighting over him. Friedman says he had a great conversation with Tony Khan, and he had an idea. There will now be a three pillars tournament, with the winner facing MJF at Double or Nothing. Someone in round one gets a bye to the next round, and it ends up being randomly selected that Darby skips this one.

Round 1 will be Guevara vs. Perry and it’ll happen tonight!

Jungle Boy

The Four Pillars come face-to-face

Jungle Boy gets the crowd so sing his theme song, but before he can talk, Sammy Guevara’s music hits. The crowd is not as warmly welcoming for Guevara, per usual. Guevara starts speaking but that’s when Darby Allin’s music rings out. The crowd is lit again!

The crowd is chanting for Darby as he begins to speak. He tells Sammy that he’s known him the longest of all the pillars, and he likes him the most of the four. But, according to Darby, Sammy shouldn’t be on their level because he is just like a sidekick to Chris Jericho. He is the fall guy. It’s not the same with him and Sting because it’s not called the “Sting appreciation society.” He tells Sammy if he’s got a problem with that, he and Jericho can come say something to him and Sting.

Darby moves over to Jungle Boy and questions what name he prefers to go by now. He says he’s had to work the least out of all the 4 because he was hand-picked from the California clique. When Darby really looked at him, nothing intimidated him. Nothing!

Jack says he’s standing there and seeing this paint all over his face. He sees kids that do the same thing in the crowd. Jack says if those kids only knew that Darby is actually rude, unfriendly, anti-social. Perry says this isn’t even Darby’s first choice of profession. He only came to wrestling cause he couldn’t make it as a skateboard.

Perry says he doesn’t have the time to describe how much of a dirtbag Guevara is. But out of the four, he respects Sammy most because for better or worse, you get the truth with Sammy. He respects that he always puts his body on the line, but he still thinks he’s a scumbag piece of s***.

Guevara grabs the mic and says if Perry wants to be real, let’s be real. He tells him Perry is just like MJF because they were hand-picked to be in AEW. Remembering back to the first Double or Nothing, he points out how Darby wasn’t in the company and Sammy was on the pre-show. But Bret Hart was in the ring and interacted with Perry and MJF. MJF and Perry were always the AEW golden boys.

Guevara says he respects Darby most of all because, like him, he had to claw his way to the top and put his body on the line for the success. He says he thanks Darby because he gave him hope. Guevera watched time and time again how Darby lost, but he eventually won the TNT Championship and was the first pillar to win gold. Guevara says that they will break the glass ceiling the people in the back are putting on them. Every time Darby tries to do something crazy, Guevara tries to top him. He will again and be the next AEW Champion.

Perry says he will be the person to become AEW Champion, and it will be everyone that supported him from day 1. MJF’s music hits! Here comes the champ!


Here we go!!!

AEW Dynamite is starting RIGHT NOW! We see the intro graphic and the pyro while Excalibur welcomes us to the program.

First out is Jungle Boy!

Jim Ross

Jim Ross thinks cannabis use might have affected Rob Van Dam's career

Rob Van Dam always captivated audiences with his unique offense, colorful gear, and technical prowess inside the ring, but to some, RVD doesn’t get the proper credit he may deserve. On a new episode of his Grilling J.R. Podcast, Jim Ross gave his thoughts on RVD, praising his abilities inside the ring. However, if there’s any reason he was held back in his career, Ross thinks it might have to do with his pot use.

It’s unfortunate. I’m not sure I have the right answer. I would say the marijuana thing has had something to do with it. It never, it never affected my opinion of Rob. That’s unfortunately, instead of being known for his high flying, his five star frogs splashes, and Vandaminators and all those things that we really like and love.

You can read more about this story here.

Rhea Ripley

Will Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews reunite in WWE?

Rhea Ripley prides herself on being Dominik Mysterio’s “Mami” on WWE television. Still, in real life, Ripley has been in a relationship with AEW Trios Champion Buddy Matthews from the House of Black. Matthews used to be a part of WWE before he was released from the company back on June 2, 2021.

Ripley likes the idea of Matthews eventually joining her back in WWE, but she also kept things kayfabe and expressed how Dom is her focus right now.

“Ohh maybe. I don’t know. So, I’m very convincing. I’m a very convincing girl. I normally get what I want,” Ripley stated. “So, it might happen, you never know, but right now I’m happy with my DomDom. I’m happy going out there with him and Finn [Balor] and Damian [Priest] and I mean, you never know what the future holds. It might happen.”

You can read more about this story here.

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett teases a "monster Summer" for AEW

Jeff Jarrett is an undeniable legend of the business, working in many different companies and roles since he first debuted in 1986. More recently, he’s been recognized as both an on-screen performer and an executive backstage as Director of Business Development.

One perk of the more office-related role is that Jarrett has the scoop on some of AEW’s plans before they are revealed. In a new interview, Jarrett teased that AEW’s Summer tour in Canada will be filled to the brim with exciting moments.

“We’re also talking to some Canadian partners from coast to coast. AEW has a monster summer planned for Canada. I mean, a monster summer. Things are rocking, pal. My day job is keeping me busy in so many ways.”

You can read more about this story here.

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez confident heading into title defense

Today’s episode of The Bump included appearances by the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez, spunky as they typically are. When asked about their upcoming title defense against Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville this Friday on SmackDown, Raquel mentioned how she thinks the egos of their competitors may get in the way.

Monday night, Karen and Yolanda, they really impressed me, alright? They went out there and they’ve obviously been working on their tag team-ness, but I do think that they still have a minor fault and that is they can’t help but be a little egotistical.

Liv agrees with her partner and emphasizes that she and Raquel try to leave their ego at the door every morning.

Yeah, Sharon and Karen, I think Raquel kind of hit it on the head. You know, I was impressed by them on Monday; I was, but they both have very specific egos that, I think, it’s going to make it hard to beat a cohesive team. I have zero ego. Like, zero percent; I have zero ego. I want the team to win. I want Raquel and I to win. I have zero ego when it comes to our tag team-ness.


WWE Universe sounds off about the upcoming draft!

One of the most fun parts about being a professional wrestling fan is the subjective opinions to debate. For instance, WWE is stirring up some discussion today by taking to their Twitter account to pose the question:

Who should switch brands in the upcoming WWE draft?

Throughout the day, fans have been tweeting out their responses. Some want to see Seth Rollins move to SmackDown for a fresh start, while others are pushing for tag teams like Street Profits and Alpha Academy to go their separate ways. You can see a variety of fan responses below:

Big E

Big E gets a new gig while on the road to recovery

Big E has been out of the ring since suffering a broken neck during a match on the March 11, 2022 edition of SmackDown. Though he recently shared a promising update that he’s still meeting with doctors about his future in the ring, E is also keeping himself busy elsewhere. The entertaining and captivating WWE star has signed on to serve as the emcee at Michigan Panthers home football games inside Ford Field.

What a fitting role for Big E! In an interview following the announcement, E pointed to the Michigan football fans as a big inspiration for accepting the role.

“I am excited to join forces with the USFL and the Panthers as the team returns to Michigan. Detroit has some of the best fans in the world and I look forward to connecting with them at Ford Field.”

You can read more about this story here.

Adam Page

News on Adam Page's AEW Contract

“Hangman” Adam Page has always been presented as a top star in AEW, with the company even booking him as Chris Jericho’s opponent in the first AEW World Title match. Now, years later, Page is still with the company, and according to a new report from Fightful, he’s in the process of negotiating a new contract.

It was also noted that the negotiations started recently, and as of currently, there’s no timetable on when the process might come to a resolution. Page is represented by the same person that represents Kenny Omega and Nick & Matt Jackson.

You can read more about this story here.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn explains how upcoming Undisputed Tag Team Title match differs from WrestleMania

Sami Zayn is arguably at the peak of his career right now. He main-evented Elimination Chamber challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, followed by main-eventing Night One of WrestleMania, winning the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships with his best friend when all was said and done.

On the April 28 edition of WWE SmackDown, Zayn and his partner, Kevin Owens, will have to defend those belts again versus The Usos. During an appearance on The Bump earlier today, Zayn delved into the idea of why this match is different for him compared to ‘Mania.

Yeah, it’s a very different set of circumstances because, for one, you know, we beat them now. We ended the longest-reigning tag team title reign of all time, so we know we can do it. And as a challenger, sometimes whether — I listen to a lot of people talk around here. There’s a lot of vibrato, you know? I don’t care for it.

Everyone thinks they’re the best and they’re unbeatable. Somebody loses; everybody loses, so I don’t really approach it that way. I think, when you’re a challenger, people don’t like to admit it but there is some doubt as to whether you can get it done or not. And anyone who says otherwise is lying to you, but now, the fact that we did it on the biggest stage you can possibly do it, in the main event of WrestleMania, the first time ever that the tag team titles were on the line in the WrestleMania main event. We did it!


Jamie Hayter looking forward to returning home for AEW All In

It was announced a few weeks ago that AEW will be making its UK debut this August for a major stadium show called “All In.” This marks the first stadium show for the company, and with a capacity of 90,000 seats at Wembley Stadium, AEW will truly have to go all in with their lineup.

One star that’s looking forward to returning home is AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter, who grew up in Eastleigh. If she’s still holding onto the belt come All In, Hayter looks forward to defending it in front of her family and friends.

Let me tell you, I am so bloody excited! I have some good news for you: May 5th, 9am, tickets go on sale. But you can sign up for early access right now, so I want to see every single one of you there just to show them how the UK does it.


What awaits us on tonight's AEW Dynamite

We’re only a couple of hours away from AEW Dynamite! And tonight’s card is looking fantastic so far. We’ll see former IWGP World Champion Jay White make his AEW Dynamite debut when he takes on the skilled luchador, Komander. We will also see several top stars making appearances like FTR, The Elite, Adam Cole, and Chris Jericho.

You can see the current AEW Dynamite card below:

  • The AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) appear
  • The Elite speaks after their reunion last week
  • Chris Jericho and Adam Cole face-to-face
  • AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm & Ruby Soho
  • The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn vs. The Jericho Appreciation Society’s Jake Hager, Matt Menard, & Angelo Parker
  • Jay White vs. Komander
  • AEW TNT Championship: Powerhouse Hobbs (c) vs. Wardlow
Steve Austin

Steve Austin opens up about why he missed WrestleMania 39

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a major part of WrestleMania 38 last year, defeating Kevin Owens in the main event of Night One in his first match in nearly two decades. But “The Texas Rattlesnake” was noticeably absent from this year’s festivities, leaving fans questioning why there was such a change up from the year prior.

In a new interview, Austin noted how the work on his upcoming A&E series Stone Cold Takes On America kept him from getting to the gym in time to compete at this year’s ‘Mania.

“But to do a proper match, I’d have to be in off-the-charts shape. I told them, and this is the exact truth, I said, ‘Guys, I’m just fixin’ to go into production on this show, Stone Cold Takes on America, and until we start production, I don’t know what my life looks like. I can’t commit.’ Sure enough, there were technical issues before we finished. I was supposed to finish a month before we did.

“There’s no way, with the schedule I was doing—driving an RV all over God’s creation, doing all I was doing—that I would be ready. I had two 30-pound dumbbells, a 45-pound sandbag, and a 25-pound kettlebell. Working 15 hours a day, then getting in a 30- or 40-minute workout, that doesn’t get you ready for WrestleMania. And I was really protected at WrestleMania 38. This time, that wasn’t going to be the case. That was a true statement: Until this show was over, I couldn’t commit.”

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Good evening!

Howdy there, wrestling fans! We’re back for another hump day, and just a few hours from now, a new episode of AEW Dynamite will be gracing screens around the world. Chris Jericho and Adam Cole will come face-to-face for a confrontation, and we’ll also see Jay White’s first match as an official member of the AEW roster.

Earlier today, the CEO of WWE, Nick Khan, was quoted in an interview saying that “aggressive” cuts are coming to the company following the merger with UFC. He referenced how the same situation played out with UFC back in 2016, but for WWE, they aim to cut around $50 million in costs.

Former WWE Champion Big E shared an update earlier that seemed hopeful regarding his in-ring future. Apparently, a new scan of his neck has taken place and he plans to meet with his doctors to determine what the next step is. E does say he feels well and isn’t experiencing pain during his daily routines.