MJF celebrates with AEW World Championship at AEW Full Gear.

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The week ahead: matches announced for 5/26 AEW Rampage

Another week, another AEW Dynamite! But we’ve got loads of wrestling to look forward to this weekend, and you can add some AEW Rampage matches to that mix! That includes some standout bouts like RUSH, Preston Vance, & Dralístico vs. Max Caster & Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass, and a few other tag tam matches!

You can see the current card for the 5/26 AEW Rampage below:

  • La Faccion Ingobernable (RUSH, Preston Vance, & Dralístico) vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Daddy Ass
  • Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) vs. Big Bill & Lee Moriarty
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir
  • Ethan Page & The Gunns (Austin & Colten Gunn) in action

The Elite help The Lucha Bros hold on to the ROH World Tag Team Titles

The BCC remained in control when we return. Yuta has Fenix in a headlock, but he escapes and delivers a big back body drop. Claudio tags in and swings Fenix around! Yuta dropkicks him for a close two count on The Lucha Bros. Rey Fenix finally tags in Penta. He nails Yuta with a kick to the head, hollowed by a leg scissors to Claudio.

Penta with a powerbomb into a backbreaker on Yuta. He goes for an armbreaker but gets booted in the side of the head from Claudio. Penta comes back with kicks to both BCC members in the corners. Fenix does similar, using a kick on Claudio and a spinning elbow on Yuta. The Lucha Bros with tandem offense that gives them another close two count on Yuta!

As the match nears its end, The Lucha Bros prepare for a diving attack. Claudio shoves Penta off the top rope and throws his own partner, Yuta, onto Fenix for a close two-count. Claudio gets a cheap shot on Fenix as the referee is distracted, but Jose, the Assistant gives a distraction of his own. Suddenly, the Young Bucks come out from under the ring and screw BCC out of the Title belts.

Matt and Nick run up through the audience as the rest of BCC run down to the ring to try and help. Mox grabs the microphone and tells the Bucks to go and hide amongst the fans for now because they’ll be plastered on the pavement at the pay-per-view. BCC will continue making it the most violent match in AEW history this Sunday!

Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta vs. The Lucha Bros

We return with the entrance of Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta, followed by The Lucha Bros. They all begin battling when the bell starts, with Claudio taking an enziguri and Wheeler eating a roundhouse kick. Lucha Bros use a double superkick and tandem diving attacks to take down their opponents! Penta then climbs to the top rope and hits them with a double crossbody.

Never one to be shown up, Rey jumps to the top and does a fancy trick before using a diving crossbody of his own. The Lucha Bros send Claudio outside of the ring and tag Fenix in. Claudio with an uppercut on Fenix on the top rope, allowing Yuta to get the tag on his side. Penta with a sling blade on Claudio, which sets him up for a kick on the ropes from Fenix. Wheeler interrupts some tandem offense by The Lucha Bros. Claudio with an uppercut on Fenix as we go to our final break!


Our main event is coming up next!

We get to see a video package highlighting Willow Nightingale after she won the NJPW Strong Women’s Title this past weekend! Congrats, Willow!

The commentators go over the card for Double or Nothing! Coming up next is the ROH Tag Team Title match!!!

Rodney Strong

Roderick Strong continues on his wave of victory

During the break, Garcia was in control and beat down Roderick on the outside of the ring. Strong took advantage when Garcia was taunting and dropped him on the steel steps. Garcia comes back on the apron, giving him a hot shot off the ropes and running him into the ring post.

We return from commercial with Garcia stomping Strong face-first into the mat. He continues with a double forearm strike and stomps to a downed Strong. Roderick uses a forward-facing suplex to regain control, followed by some stiff lariats. Strong with a dropkick to hype the crowd up! He delivers a running knee strike and a side slam for another two count.

Strong uses a fisherman backbreaker for yet another two. How does Roddy win this one?! Strong misses a knee in the corner and is rolled up for another close two. Garcia with several chops and a uranage for yet another two. Garcia rolls through into the dragon tamer submission hold, but Roddy manages to escape. Gutbuster and End of Heartache give Roddy another win!


Daniel Garcia vs. Roderick Strong

Sabu throws a chair in Matt Menard’s face as the JAS runs out of the ring. Sabu will be in Adam Cole’s corner this weekend!

We then see a hype video focusing on the upcoming AEW Women’s Championship match between Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm. Storm says she will rip the bones off of Hayter’s body and eat them raw, while Hayter promises that she’s continuing on as Champion.

The bell rings and Strong and Garcia lock up. No man has a clear advantage at first, with Roderick countering and out-wrestling Daniel. He pushes him into the ropes for the break. Roderick with a side headlock takedown but Garcia makes it back up to his feet and backs him into the ropes. They trade shots back and forth as the crowd reacts.

The two trade more shots until Garcia backs Roderick in the corner with punches. Strong with a backbreaker as we head to another break!

Adam Cole

Contract signing between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho leads to debut of ECW Original

Adam Cole comes down to the ring with Roderick Strong by his side. Jericho is next and he’s got the entire Jericho Appreciation Society by his side tonight. Schiavone emphasizes that there should be no physicality tonight. By signing the contract tonight, the match will become unsanctioned and AEW will not be liable for what happens.

Cole wastes no time at all and signs the contract with intensity. Jericho isn’t in as much of a hurry. Cole explains how damaging the experience of watching Britt get beaten was; Cole calls him a scumbag. He says that Jericho is a disgusting human being, but that’s not why he did it. He did it because he’s invincible, but Cole knows that isn’t reality.

Cole says he will find out how invincible he is this Sunday because he’s going to destroy him. Cole is glad the blood is on his hands instead of AEW because that’s how he likes it. Cole says it’s taking all the power inside of him to not leap over the table and destroy him right now. But this Sunday, he’s going to break his legs. He is going to shatter his jaw. He is going to break his hands. So, if Cole were Jericho, he would sign the paper now, “B****!”

Jericho says he’s not b**** ’cause he’s not from Las Vegas. Jericho tells Cole that his head injury must have rocked him harder than expected. He digs salt into the wound by forcing Cole to watch a replay of what happened weeks ago when Britt was beaten with the kendo stick. He keeps antagonizing Cole but Roderick Strong holds him back from attacking. Jericho says he’ll knock his teeth down his throat, and that Cole can’t beat The Ocho. Jericho says no rules means they’re outsmarted because they are outnumbered right now.

Cole says he made a special phone call to bring in someone insane for the unsanctioned match. It’s Sabu! Sabu makes his AEW debut!!!

Adam Page

Hangman Page speaks ahead of Anarchy in the Arena match

We come back from the break with “Hangman” Adam Page being interviewed. His friendship with The Elite is in question, but Page says that with him and Kenny, things were always different. He isn’t sure he was ever just friends with Kenny — it was something different. The Elit is family. And now that the BCC has taken so many things from the group, they will pay in blood this weekend.

Here comes Adam Cole!

CM Punk

Tony Khan announces first location of AEW Collision

Backstage, we see Tony Khan with his major announcement! AEW Collision starts on June 17th, and the first episode will take place in Chicago, IL, at The United Center! The reports are true!!! It looks like CM Punk may indeed be on the way back!


Taya continues her momentum towards the TBS Title match

During the break, Taya and Frost exchanged who was in control of the momentum. We come back with Frost hitting a kick and a running cannonball on Taya in the corner. Frost climbs to the top and uses a corkscrew splash, but Taya comes back with a hard spear! Both women are down now, struggling to get to their feet. They make it to their feet and start exchanging forearms. Taya with a sit-out sidewalk slam for another close two.

Taya uses a stomp to smash Frost’s face into the mat. Taya turns her attention towards Cargill for a second, which allows Frost to take an advantage. Taya with a backbreaker, knee strike, and the Road to Valhalla for the victory!


Taya Valkyrie vs. Lady Frost

Valkyrie comes down to the ring first, followed by Lady Frost. The bell rings and they lock up. Valkyrie gets the initial advantage but Frost comes back with a leg scissors. Taya with kicks in the corner, followed by a sliding lariat on Frost. Taya with an elbow and a hard chop in the corner on Frost. She misses a shoulder tackle in the corner and runs into the ring post. Jade Cargill is coming out to the stage!


Wardlow and Christian Cage collide this Sunday!

We see a video hyping up Wardlow vs. Christian in a ladder match for the TNT Title this Sunday. The commentators discuss the significance of the match as Taya Valkyrie starts towards the ring. She faces Lady Frost next!

Darby Allin

MJF and Darby Allin comes face to face ahead of the PPV

Here comes MJF! He throws water at Tony Schiavone before walking down to the ring. When he arrives, he tells the crowd that when he looks around the arena, he might need to change the name of Sin City to Virgin Vegas. MJF feels like he wants Sammy Guevara to stick his tongue in a light socket’ he wants Darby Allin to climb mount everest with his shoes tide; lastly, he wants Jungle Boy to sit in an echo chamber and hear his words until he’s bored to death.

MJF brings up the World Title match this Sunday. They are the four homegrown superstars of AEW who didn’t have the cheat code of being on television before. After all of this time, they have given the best matches and moments. The Four Pillars ARE AEW! But MJF says he is kind of bored and doesn’t want to be a part of this anymore. He says he’s sick of the lack of competition, the lack of competency, and the lack of respect from the fans.

MJF reminds everyone that his contract is expiring soon. He believes that this four-way match is a setup to get his Title stolen from him before he leaves. However, it’s his ball, and he will do what he wants with it. Despite everyone being talented, Friedman says none of them are on his level.

Here comes Darby Allin! He tells MJF that despite losing the things he has, he hasn’t lost his mind. Darby recalls graduating high school back in the day, and how listening to everyone got him cleaning toilets at a 99 cent store. He let it go and moved to Atlanta to become a professional wrestler. With all the sacrifices he made, he found AEW and found where he belonged.

Allin sees so many positive things in his future, and to become the face of the company he loves, he needs to become World Champion. He “might even do it with a headlock takeover.” MJF gives a straight up low blow to Allin.

Guevara runs down for the sace as MJF escapes the ring. Jungle Boy is coming down the ramp now! MJF is trapped. He’s hit with a clothesline from JB! Perry holds up the AEW World Title belt as the other Four Pillars look on. Who will win this Sunday?!

Jon Moxley

Blackpool Combat Club are ready for Double or Nothing

We see a hype video about the Anarchy in the Arena match coming up between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club. Backstage, Bryan Danielson says that the objectives for the BCC are for Claudio and Wheeler to win the ROH World Tag Championships. The second is winning Anarchy in the Arena. Moxley speaks up, saying that every single weeks, they do what no one else can. He says all that matters is if The Elite is stepping up to the line of fire, and this time, they’ll take out the amateurs.


House of Black vs. AR Fox, Blake Christians, & Metalik

House of Black enters first, followed by their three opponents. The special rule in this House Rules match will be that tags aren’t necessary — one man will come in and come out. We come back from the break with the bell ringing! Here we go!!!

Buddy Murphy and Blake Christian start out. Murph gets the advantage with a hard knee to the face. Metalik jumps in and uses a head scissors to send Murph out. Malakai takes care of Metalik, which sends in AR Fox. King comes in with his power, but Christian returns to the match. He isn’t enough, though, getting slammed down into the mat. Malakai with a kick to Christian that makes him land on the back of his head.

Blake and Malakair battle on the apron. Malakai has tried to throw him over his head and Metalki comes in. Metalik returns with a kick Malakai and Buddy being thrown outside of the ring. Fox and King meet each other in the ring. Fox hits three kicks to Brody’s face before being chopped down with ease. King goes for a running lariat but is dropkicked outside of the ring. Everyone is battling on the outside as Fox uses a reverse senton to take them all out!

Fox throws Buddy inside the ring but ends up eating a stomp for his troubles. Murphy uses an inverted Texas cloverleaf. He gets to the ropes but they can’t save him in this match! All 3 of The House of Black get the men in submission holds until they give up! House of Black retains!

Dax Harwood

FTR and Mark Briscoe are at odds

FTR comes down to the ring and Cash Wheeler says he can talk all about how Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal have politicked their way to the AEW Tag Title match. But after this weekend, they won’t have any excuses.

Dax Harwood goes low and calls Jarrett’s wife a b***. He says Jarrett needs to call the Queen of the Mountain, Dixie Carter! Lol. That’s when Mark Briscoe makes his way down to the ring — he’ll be the special guest referee as Double or Nothing this Sunday. Wheeler tells Mark not to look stupid. 3 times they went to hell and back in matches against each other, and that’s why he needs to be on their side this weekend.

Harwood tells Briscoe he didn’t mean to piledriver him the other week, which Briscoe doesn’t believe. He smacks his handshake out of the way, which tickets Harwood off. He then slaps him! Holy crap! Briscoe is pissed! He shoves Sonjay Dutt and Karen Jarrett out of the way. He slaps Jeff Jarrett in the face! He tells Lethal that they’re boys but he’s tired of the BS. Looks like Briscoe is ticked at all of them!

Backstage, Sammy Guevara tells Renne Paquette that he isn’t interested in any deals with MJF anymore. He says that MJF can’t buy everything and Sammy Guevara isn’t for sale. He remembers others trying to buy him out of his dreams but he told them to shove the offer right up their a**. He says he is in the real world and he’s the man that will be the next AEW Champion.

Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy is ready to be the AEW World Champion

We come back from the break with a promo from Jungle Boy Jack Perry. He talks about driving all the way to Las Vegas and how different it has been every year for him. One time he was dealing with the loss of his father, and another time, he had Christian Cage by his side. Everything has led him to this. Perry says this time he drives that same road, he’ll be AEW World Champion.

We see replays about what has been going on between Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett and FTR. Here comes Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler!


Bullet Club Gold isn't finished with Ricky Starks

Backstage, Ricky Starks talks about his match from last week where he got disqualified. He says it was intentional, and it’s because he’s tired of Jay White interfering in his life like he has been. Starks says he has to take a stand because no one else will. This Sunday, he’ll focus on the Blackjack Battle Royale — but suddenly, Jay White and Juice Robinson attack and slam a chair into his back. White and Juice tell Starks that he’s definitely not done with them.

Up next is FTR!

Orange Cassidy

Cassidy is still heading to Double or Nothing as International Champion

During the commercial break, Fletcher stayed in control for a lot of it. However, both men played some mind games with one another by rolling in and out of the ring to taunt one another.

We return with Fletcher in control, but OC suddenly hits Stundog Millionaire and tornado DDT for a two count! Cassidy stomps Fletcher off in the corner, but he is still kicks off the ring apron. Fletcher catches OC on the apron and pulls him up to the second rope. OC still shoves him off and tries for a crossbody. No! Fletcher counters into a Michinoku driver for another close two count.

Fletcher’s thrust kick is thwarted, but he returns with elbow strikes on OC that put him in the corner. OC finally switches the momentum with a brainbuster! It’s time for the lazy punches from OC! He gets serious with a superkick and a blue thunder bomb. Fletcher claps back with TWO tombstone piledrivers, but OC still kicks out! This one is clooosseee!

Fletcher hits a Michinoku driver off of the second rope! Ouch! OC still kicks out, though! Fletcher tries for his signature piledriver, but OC reverses it into a tornado DDT. He gets amped up by the crowd but still eats a superkick to the face. OC with a sudden roll-up with the legs crossed for the victory! OC retains!!!

Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy vs. Kyle Fletcher

Cassidy comes down to the ring to a strong ovation, followed by Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open. The bell rings, and this one is underway!

Orange takes a moment to prepare, but Fletcher still runs in with a hard kick in the corner, followed by a brainbuster DDT for a quick two-count. That’s a way to start it! Cassidy misses the Orange Punch and is dropkicked off of the ring apron. Fletcher through the ropes with a successful suicide dive! He gives a lariat to OC for another two.

OC rolls back outside of the ring for a breather. Fletcher keeps on him, climbing to the second turnbuckle. But he takes too long! OC shoves him off the top and attempts a DDT that doesn’t hit too well on the apron. OC then hits the beach break on the floor! Fletcher nearly gets counted out but climbs back in at the last second. OC with a dropkick, but Fletcher returns with one of his own.

Fletcher uses a delayed vertical suplex to incapacitate OC. We’re off to the first break!


AEW Dynamite starts now!!!

Here we goooo! AEW Dynamite is starting right now! Excalibur welcomes us to the MGM Grand Garden Arena as the pyro goes off!

First out tonight is Orange Cassidy!

Jim Ross

Jim Ross hopes to be a part of AEW Collision

“Good ol’ J.R.” Jim Ross has dedicated most of his life to pro wrestling, and if you ask him, he’s far from hanging his commentator’s headset up for good. In a new interview, Ross revealed that he’s got his hopes up to be a broadcaster for AEW Collision — the new tentpole AEW show coming to Saturday nights starting June 17th.

“I don’t know a lot about the show. I don’t know who’s the broadcast team is. It’s all been kind of kept close to the vest, shall we say … We’ll see what happens. But I’m excited to find out who’s gonna be… I hope to broadcast that show, even though it’ll kill my football on Saturday nights. So we’ll figure that out. That’s not a big deal. That’s the great thing about streaming and all those things. I can watch my ball game, I just may not be able to watch it live.”

You can read more about this story at this link.


AEW preparing for huge announcement regarding Collision

There’s been a lot of speculation about where the debut episode of the new tentpole AEW show will take place. Some question if Jacksonville will be where it all starts, but there has also been a lot of talk about Chicago being the first location.

In an update, Dave Meltzer noted earlier today that Chicago is still the intended location for the debut episode of Collision.

“The belief is that CM Punk will debut on 6/17 at the first Collision show in Chicago and that the issues have been settled. Unless things change, Chicago will be announced tonight. How the announcement of Punk’s return will be handled is unknown.”

You can read more about this story at this link.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles gives his thoughts ahead of massive World Heavyweight Title match

This weekend, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles will challenge “The Visionary” Seth Rollins to determine who will be the new World Heavyweight Champion. Though the Title already has a lineage, this will be the first time someone holds this rendition of the gold.

Ahead of their bout, Styles caught up with WWE.com to discuss where he is mentally:

“I’m feeling very tired. I’m sure it’s jet lag. That comes with what we do, but as much as I enjoy what I do, I’m more focused on my bed right now. That’s where I want to be – just want to lay down for a little bit, catch a nap, maybe. Then, later on tonight, get some real food.

“The magnitude is definitely something different. You know, it’s the World Heavyweight Championship – the first-ever World Heavyweight Champion now that we’ve introduced a new Championship, and I’m excited about it. I like having the opportunity to be in a position like this.”

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan says he was approached about an interesting retirement match at WrestleMania

There are few stars in professional wrestling with a well-known, polarizing name like Hulk Hogan. He was the original megastar of WWE, attracting numbers they had never seen before and becoming the first WWE star to transcend wrestling into cinema. But is Hogan truly done with competing inside the squared circle? According to The Hulkster, there’s still a possibility that he steps inside the ring after denying a chance to do so earlier this year.

“[Shane asks], ‘Well, you got one more in you?’ And I said, ‘Well, what are you talking about?’ And so he started running storylines by me, you know, to try to like ramp us into that mode. And I said ‘Well those are all good storylines.’”

“But I told him I just need to get my feet underneath me more. Now’s not the time. Not this WrestleMania, definitely not. Let’s talk about four or five months from now and we’ll see where I’m at.”

You can read more about this story here.

Kevin OWens

Kevin Owens did what he does best upon arriving to Saudi Arabia

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champion Kevin Owens is known for many things, including his tendency to jump off of objects high off the ground. This includes the WrestleMania 36 sign, several ladders, and even the Raw set.

Owens stayed true to himself shortly after arriving in Saudi Arabia when, at an event for Night of Champions, Owens jumped off a massive ledge with a swanton bomb onto a jump pad.

You can see the video below:


The week ahead: All of the pro wrestling awaiting us this weekend

We’ve got SO MUCH pro wrestling awaiting us this weekend; it’s like WrestleMania weekend all over again! Take a look at the card for Friday’s WWE SmackDown, Saturday’s Night of Champions, and Sunday’s Double or Nothing. Which match are you most excited about? Let us know at this link!

You can see the card for the 5/26 WWE SmackDown below:

  • The KO Show with special guests Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa
  • United States Title match: Austin Theory (c) vs. Sheamus
  • AJ Styles vs. Karrion Kross
  • Raquel Rodriguez & a mystery partner vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY)

You can see the card for WWE Night of Champions 2023 below:

  • Tournament Finals for the WWE World Heavyweight Title: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles Match: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (c) vs. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa
  • WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Gunther (c) vs. Mustafa Ali
  • RAW Women’s Title Match: Bianca Belair (c) Asuka
  • SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Natalya
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes
  • Becky Lynch vs. WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus

You can see the card for AEW Double or Nothing 2023 below:

  • TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie
  • Ethan Page & The Gunns vs. The Hardys & Isiah Kassidy
  • Unsanctioned Match: Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole
  • Anarchy in the Arena: Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, & Wheeler Yuta) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson)
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Toni Storm
  • 21-man Blackjack Battle Royale for the International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. 20 other competitors
  • Ladder Match for the TNT Championship: Wardlow (c) vs. Christian Cage
  • AEW Tag Team Championship match: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett
  • AEW World Championship Four-Way Match: MJF (c) vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Anthony Bowens featured as model in new Savage X Fenty pride collection

Former AEW World Tag Team Champion Anthony Bowens continues making waves outside of the squared circle. This time, he’s partnered up with the fashion line from multi-time Grammy-award-winning artist Rihanna: Savage X Fenty. As seen below, Bowens shows off his modeling skills by donning the 2023 Pride collection. The clothing is available now and can be accessed at this link.

Drew McIntyre

Tragedy Strikes Drew McIntyre's family with sudden passing

Sad news has emerged this evening, as Drew McIntyre’s sister-in-law, Ashely Frohnapfel, has unexpectedly passed away. Wendy Frohnapfel was the one to break the news in a heartbreaking Facebook post:

Dear Family and Friends,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we inform you of the sudden passing of Ashley. She was so deeply loved as a daughter, sister, niece, cousin & friend to so many. She was an incredibly smart, beautiful, and caring person who fought for the inclusion of others and was proud to be an advocate for those less fortunate. Her passing has left a void in our lives that cannot be filled.

Even though we are all gathered together as a family during this difficult time, we cannot begin to describe the depth of pain we are feeling right now. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding as we try to process such a profound loss. Thank you for all of the much needed support, love, and understanding right now on behalf of the DeBernardi and Frohnapfel families.

We wish all the best to Drew McIntyre and the DeBernardi and Frohnapfel families at this time. You can read more about this story here.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens have a final message for Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa before NoC

This Saturday, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn put their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles on the line against Undisputed Universal WWE Champion Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa of The Bloodline. And though it’s an incredibly steep mountain to climb, Zayn is confident that they will come out as the winners of the anticipated tag bout.

For me, this is extremely personal. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still holding on to some stuff from The Bloodline and all that, and it’s going to be so satisfying to crash his 1000 day celebration [as Undisputed Universal WWE Champion] by making sure he loses on what should be the biggest night of his entire reign as champion. It’s exciting!


What's in store for tonight's AEW Dynamite

Is everyone ready for another action-packed episode of AEW Dynamite! With less than a week until Double or Nothing, how will The Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club keep from destroying each other? We’ve also got an ROH Tag Team Title match, an International Title match, and an AEW Trios Titles match to look forward to on the card!

You can see the current lineup for the 5/24 AEW Dynamite below:

  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Bros (c) vs. Blackpool Combat Club
  • Taya Valkyrie vs. Lady Frost
  • We’ll hear from FTR
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Kyle Fletcher
  • Tony Khan will announce the first location for AEW Collision
  • We’ll hear from the Four Pillars of AEW
  • We’ll hear from Ricky Starks
  • Contract signing for Unsanctioned Match at AEW Double or Nothing between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho
  • AEW World Trios Championships: House of Black (c) vs. Blake Christian, AR Fox, & Metalik (House Rules match)


Good evening!

How are we today, folks?! It’s time for another edition of AEW Dynamite, and it’s a big one, too! We are only a few days away from the Double or Nothing pay-per-view, so it’s bound to be a wild night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The “Four Pillars of AEW”: Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, and AEW World Champion MJF will all speak ahead of their four-way match this Sunday, and we also get three different title matches this evening!

In the realm of news, all signs point to CM Punk returning to AEW soon. Fightful and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer have both reported that Punk has had positive interactions with AEW in recent weeks. Furthermore, it is believed at this point in time that Punk will be at the premiere episode of AEW Collision on June 17th.