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The week ahead: What's in store for the next AEW shows?

And that’s a wrap! We’re at the end of another episode of AEW Dynamite, and it definitely helped shape the card for Double or Nothing. If interested, you can see the developing card at this link.

But before we get to the pay-per-view, we still have some AEW shows to look forward to, including an episode of AEW Rampage headlined by Blackpool Combat Club against Best Friends & Bandido!

You can see the card for the 5/19 AEW Rampage below:

  • Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, & Wheeler Yuta) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) & Bandido
  • Bishop Kaun vs. Dustin Rhodes
  • TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) open challenge
  • The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass vs. Varsity Athletes (Ari Daivari, Josh Woods & Tony Nese)
  • We’ll hear from Matt & Jeff Hardy

You can see the current card for the 5/24 AEW Dynamite below:

  • ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Bros (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo) (c) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta)
Kenny Omega

Don Callis addresses the betrayal of Kenny Omega

We return from the commercial with Tony Schiavone introducing Don Callis to the audience. He comes down to the ring with security lining up the ramp down to the ring. Tony points out how the fans dislike Callis now, so he directly asks: “Why?!” Callis speaks up as the crowd boos wildly.

Don tells us that this is because of what Kenny did. He is the “victim” here. After everything he did for Kenny, there is no Omega without Don Callis. Here comes Kenny! He destroys the security guards on the ramp as he tries to make it to Don! The Blackpool Combat Club jump Kenny! They destroy Kenny, with Mox hitting the paradigm shift on Kenny right on the ramp.

Mox grabs the microphone and says the war is over. The Elite can’t touch them! Mox says Kenny needs to just stay down, and The BCC are the true Elites. The Young Bucks come out with some weapons in tow, but before they head to the ring, guess who joins them?! Hangman Page is back! The crowd goes wild!!! He’s got an eye patch this time, too!

Kenny gives Page the broom with barbed wire. The Elite runs down to the ring and the two factions collide! It’s chaos all around the ring! Omega slides in the ring with a trash can lid and hits a impactful shoulder tackle on Yuta. Page finishes Wheeler off with the buckshot lariat and grabs the microphone. He looks at The Elite and says they are the heart, soul, and spirit of this place! They are The Elite! Page says at Double or Northing, it’s BCC and The Elite in an Anarchy in the Arena match!


Bullet Club's numbers give them the last laugh

During the break, the two men sometimes traded control, but White was dominant overall. Starks fights back with boots in the corner and an explosive clothesline off the ropes that takes White down. Starks with an atomic drop and an attempt at a tornado DDT that’s thwarted. He still uses a belly-to-belly toss to keep in control. White tries to resist Starks and nails a DDT that floors Ricky.

They both struggle to reach their feet, with White getting there first. He comes at Starks with an uppercut and a forward-facing suplex onto the top rope White with a spiking uranage to earn another close two count! White wants the blade runner but Stark fights back with elbow after elbow. Starks is dumped over the top rope, colliding with the apron on the way down.

White throws Starks back inside the ring, but as soon as he’s in, he gets stuck in an inside cradle for a two count. Ricky hits a swinging neckbreaker and a unique body slam for a VERY close two count. The roshambo is reversed, which starts an intense sequence ending in a spear from Ricky. White rakes at Starks’ eyes as Juice Robinson slides in and tries to hit Starks with a chair. Ricky fights him off and then nails White with the chair, causing a disqualification. White technically wins this one.


Ricky Starks vs. Jay White

The bell rings but White immediately slides to the outside to avoid his opponent. He does it again! White is playing the mind games hardcore right now. As soon as Starks slides back inside the ring, White stomps away at him. Ricky responds by getting Jay into the corner and hitting several stomps of his own. White tackles Starks into the ring apron, but Ricky comes back with a tackle that sends White into the ring barricade.

Starks stares down Juice Robinson before climbing back inside the ring, but Jay meets him with a knee and a hotshot that bounces Starks off of the top rope. White hits some gnarly chops on Starks. It doesn’t stop Ricky, though; he delivers a big back body drop that causes White to roll out of the ring again. White is ready for him when he comes to the outside, using chops and several strikes.

Starks confronts Juice one more time, but it only causes a distraction that allows White to use a forward-facing suplex as we go to a commercial.

Toni Storm

Toni Storm has a challenge for AEW Double or Nothing

We come back from the break with Excalibur showing us when Toni Storm injured Jamie Hayter’s injury occurred. Renee Paquette interviews Toni Storm backstage and asks her about all of the wins she has been earning. Storm wants Hayter in a Women’s Title match at Double or Nothing!

The main event is coming up next: Jay White vs. Ricky Starks!

Renee Young

Renee Paquette interviews MJF

We return to Renee Paquette (Again!) with MJF standing by. She asks MJF about how he’s feeling heading into the four-way match at Double or Nothing. He completely smacks the mic out of her hand and walks away! Rude AF!

Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy keeps the momentum up heading into Double or Nothing

During the break, Rush kept the pressure on JB and exploited his head wound. We return to fullscreen with JB hitting a back elbow and forearm to fight back. He explodes off the ropes with a comeback clothesline but Rush acts unfazed. He keeps no-seeling JB and grabs his testicles for a “cup check.” That was messed up! JB eats a jumping knee but comes back with one of his own.

Rush nails him with a superkick and climbs to the second turnbuckle. JB stays on him with several strikes and chops, followed by headbutts. Perry with a hurricanrana that sends Rush off the ropes! Jose the Assistant grabs JB’s boot but it isn’t enough to stop JB. He secures a snare trap on Rush! Desperately, Rush makes it to the bottom rope and is set free from the hold.

JB’s chops still seem ineffective to Rush. He runs at Rush on the apron, but he’s tossed with a belly-to-belly suplex that nearly made Perry land on his head. Rush tosses him back inside the ring and gets a two count for his effort. Rush hits an elbow strike and uses a series of double stomps on Perry in the corner. JB sneaks a roll-up on Rush out of nowhere and gets the three-count, using the trunks for leverage.

Preston Vance and Jose the Assistant help to beatdown JB as Darby Allin runs down! He tries to help but there are too many men! They choke him with a large extension cord, but suddenly, Sammy Guevara runs down to help! The three pillars eliminate Vance, Rush, and Jose from the ring, but then they stare each other down. They will clash at Double or Nothing soon!

Jungle Boy

Rush vs. Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy walks down next, getting a solid ovation from the AEW audience. The bell rings and JB offers a handshake to Rush. However, it’s not well-received. Rush kicks his hand away and shoves Jungle Boy outside of the ring. He is vicious! Rush keeps tossing JB all over the outside of the ring and into the surrounding barricades. Rush breaks up the count, and goes back to ramming JB’s head against the ringside barricade.

Rush yells some swear words into the ring directed at MJF before going right back to throwing JB into the barricade. Perry is busted open now, so Rush starts focusing his attention on the head wound. He tosses JB over the barricade and into the audience before we head to another commercial.


We're back to some traditional singles action next!

We go back into the arena where we see Rush coming down to the ring. He’ll face Jungle Boy next!

Adam Cole

Adam Cole finds a way to assist Roderick Strong

During the break, Jericho stayed in control most of the time and carried Strong up into the audience. They trade forearms and chops as we return to fullscreen. Strong picks Jericho up and tosses him onto the handrail of the stairs, but it only gets him a two-count. Jericho and Roderick spill out into the lobby of the arena. Fans watch on as Strong hits a vertical suplex on Strong through a table.

The AEW announcers acknowledge that “Superstar” Billy Graham has passed away.

We return to the match with Strong nailing Jericho with a back suplex on a bar countertop. Jericho screams in pain! The crowd nearby is going wild as Jericho picks up a metal post and wacks Strong with it repeatedly. Strong and Jericho go to a stairwell, where they chop one another on a precarious awning. Jericho with a running double forearm strike, but it only gives him a two. They move the action back into the lobby, where the fans go wild.

Strong throws a plastic bucket of sporks at Jericho, followed by ice cream to the face! Jericho tries to fight back by throwing a plastic trash can at Strong. This is wild! Strong’s ear looks like it’s bleeding! They carry to outside of the arena! What?! Adam Cole is outside! He’s allowed to be there! Cole attacks and hits the final boom on Jericho. Strong follows up with the jumping knee for the win! Strong wins!

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong

Chris Jericho enters after, but he immediately eats a hard knee and several forearms on the ropes before Jericho can even get his entrance jacket off. Strong with chops. They trade shots back and forth until Strong hits a dropkick that sends Jericho down. Strong uses more chops, but Jericho comes back with a kick and a clothesline that sends Strong out of the ring. Roderick catches him with a back suplex on the ring apron with a loud thud. It gives him a two count on the floor (falls count anywhere).

Strong stays on him with more chops, but Jericho meets him with chops in return. He throws Strong face-first into a table at ringside. This staggers Strong enough so Jericho can throw him back into the ring. A codebreaker is countered, but Jericho still uses another finisher: the walls of Jericho. Strong makes it to the ropes with a struggle as we go to another commercial break.

Tony Khan

Tony Khan talks AEW Collision!

We come back from the break with Excalibur shifting the attention to AEW Founder and President Tony Khan!

We see him with a microphone where he officially announces that AEW Collision is on the way. He tells the crowd all about the schedule for Collision in the next months, but tells everyone that they will have to wait until next week to find out where the premiere of Collision will take place (it’s rumored to be Chicago).

Coming out next is Roderick Strong!

Toni Storm

Saraya helps The Outcasts get the win tonight

We come back from the break with Britt reversing Storm with a running neckbreaker. She finally gets a tag on Shida after struggling through the commercial break. Baker makes it to Shida, but Soho is tagged in at the same time. They trade forearms until Shida takes control and incapacitates her with a spinning elbow. Saraya and Storm get some forearms of their own. Shida follows it up with a crossbody off the ropes to Storm and Saraya on the outside.

Shida follows the flurry of offense up with a running knee to Soho. She kicks out at two, but comes back with a falcon arrow for one more two count. Baker tags in and uses a butterfly suplex. Shida uses the meteora, but just as the ref is going to count three, Storm breaks it up. Britt manages to use a neckbreaker on Storm that makes Soho get hit with a DDT. Baker eats the no future kick from Soho, which Storm tags in and tries to follow up on.

Britt is ready, though. She uses an air raid crash and a stomp. That’s when Saraya distracts the referee and throws in the spray paint! Storm uses it and it allows her to use the Storm Zero for the victory. The Outcasts win!

Renee Paquette is still backstage, telling Orange Cassidy that 20 people have talked to Tony Khan about the international championship. OC suggests that he joins it and they make it the blackjack battle royale at Double or Nothing! It’s official!

Up next, Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong in falls count anywhere!

Billy Graham

Billy Graham reportedly passes away at the age of 79

Breaking news at this hour: Inside the Ropes is getting word that WWE Hall of Famer Billy Graham has passed away at the age of 79. In recent weeks, it’s been reported that Graham’s health was not looking good, and doctors wanted to remove him from life support. His wife, Valerie, was resistant to the idea.

We hear at Inside the Ropes wish the family and friends of Billy Graham the best during this difficult time.

You can read more about this story here.

Toni Storm

Women's action is coming up next!

Backstage, Renee Paquette talks to Darby Allin following his victory earlier tonight. She brings up the headlock takeover he used to pin Moriarity, which Darby admits was a message to MJF. Sammy Guevara walks up and says that he knows Darby doesn’t trust him, but the thing he said about being a follower stuck with him. Guevara tells Darby that he’s not lying down for anyone at Double or Nothing, and someone needs to take the belt off of MJF somehow. Darby tells him, “May the best man win.” They bump fists as the interview ends.

The Outcasts are coming out next! Hikaru Shida and Britt Baker follow, but as soon as they get to the ring, The Outcasts attack. Shida somehow gets the advantage with a hurricanrana to Storm. She mounts Soho in the corner and uses several punches to make her staggered. Shida with a dropkick. Soho comes back with a knee to Shida’s face, allowing Soho to tag in Storm.

Shida with forearms to Storm. She tags in Britt, who runs in and hits forearms on Storm, followed by a spinning neckbreaker. Saraya sweeps the leg of Britt to throw her off. Storm follows up with a hip attack, and while the ref is distracted, Saraya hits Britt with knee after knee. Storm picks up Britt and Irish whips her into the barricade. Baker is thrown back into the ring as we go to another break.

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal are interrupted

We see what happened last week with FTR and the challengers for the titles at Double or Nothing: Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett. They’re on the way to the ring now with Sonjay Dutt and Santnam Singh. FTR immediately runs out to the ramp to interrupt them. They push Santnam into a table on the outside. Dax Harwood is hit with a belt but he comes back with a big back body drop on the floor to Lethal.

Cash Wheeler hits Jarrett with a chair multiple times while the chaos around the ring continues. Dax Irish whips Lethal over a table as Cash tosses Jarrett into the ring steps. FTR puts Jarrett back inside the ring and sets him up for the big rig, but Jeff’s wife, Karen Jarrett slides into the ring and hits Cash with a low blow. Dax is distracted and eats the stroke from Jarrett.

Santnam Singh and the rest of the faction come down to the ring, where Singh gives a double chokeslam to FTR. Lethal and Jarrett grab guitars and wack both men over their heads as the wood chips going flying! Ouch! Jarrett and Lethal pose with the AEW Tag Team titles as the segment comes to an end.

Sammy Guevara

Exodus Prime vs. Sammy Guevara a.k.a. Squash Match

Guevara immediately hits a hard knee and then delivers the GTH for an easy victory. Squash = achieved. Guevara grabs the mic and tells Austin that every time he’s in this town, he remembers wrestling on the indies up and down Texas. He remembers all the good, bad, and the drama, but it brought him to who he is today. He’s not perfect but it’s okay that the AEW fans saw his mistakes first-hand.

Guevara says that some times, wrong turns bring you to the right place. The right place is Double or Nothing, and despite what everyone says, Guevara listens to his heart and it tells him that he will be the new AEW World Champion at the pay-per-view! This leads us into a video package about all four men involved in the four pillars four-way match at AEW DoN: Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, & the champion, MJF.

Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy is ready for all challengers

We come back from the commercial break with Renee Paquette interviewing Orange Cassidy. She brings up Kyle Fletcher and how he wants a shot at the international title. He tells anyone that wants a shot at the international title can go tell Tony Khan cause he’ll face them at Double or Nothing.

Here comes Sammy Guevara!


Wardlow has an enticing challenge for Christian Cage

Backstage, Alex Marvez catches up with The Young Bucks. They tell him that Omega is banged up but he’s mentally okay. The Blackpool Combat club are there in the parking lot! The Bucks toss their luggage at them, but it’s 3 vs. 2. They gang up on The Bucks and smash them into a truck. Moxley grabs the camera and says that The BCC are the only Elite in this business.

Renee Paquette is backstage with Wardlow, but Arn Anderson comes in and tosses the ice he’s using on his head to the side. He says that he’s been in the business for a long time, and it’s obvious what Christian Cage is willing to do. What will Wardlow do? Wardlow wants Cage in a ladder match at Double or Nothing for the TNT Title!

Orange Cassidy

Cassidy and Allin secure the victory

Despite being in control at the beginning of the break, Bill and Moriarty dominated during the break. We return with Bill hitting a giant vertical suplex on Cassidy. Lee tags in and gets Irish whipped on to OC by his partner. Cassidy elbows the incoming man and fights back, trying desperately to tag OC. OC reverses a vertical suplex and shoves Moriarty into Bill, allowing him the tag to Allin.

Darby tags in and hits a double springboard elbow on the opponents. He hits several splashes on both men and then avoids a counter splash from Bill that hits Lee. Darby is in control but eats a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam from Big Bill for a close two count. Moriarty tags in but he’s kicked down from Allin. OC is tagged in and nails a beautiful DDT on Bill. Moriarty is legal, so he rushes in and secures a crossface on OC. They clothesline one another when OC escapes. Allin gets a tag in and chops Moriarty while perched on the top rope. OC and Allin work in tandem and deliver a three-man vertical suplex on Lee.

Big Bill is still there, though, and he destroys both opponents with a double clothesline. He picks up OC, but in an attempt for another vertical suplex, OC uses the stundog millionaire. Darby with a code red on Big Bill! OC turns to Moriarty and uses the beach break, which lets Allin hit the coffin drop. He decides to use a headlock takeover pin, sending a direct message to AEW World Champion MJF.

Darby Allin

Lee Moriarty & Big Bill vs. Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

The bell rings with OC and Moriarty starting things out. Moriarty immediately puts in a full nelson, followed by a European uppercut. He headbutts Cassidy, but is met with a sunset flip. The two men trade pin after pin in a fun sequence that makes the audience pop. Cassidy hits lackadaisical chops on Moriarity, then putting his hands in his pocket. OC with a monkey flip. He then tags in Darby Allin, who hops in the ring and faces Big Bill. Bill just throws Allin around like a rag doll as the audience boos.

Allin collects himself and slaps Bill right in the face. He gets him to the outside of the ring, adding Moriarty to the mix. OC tags in and Allindives out the ring with him with tandem suicide dives. We go to our first break!

Orange Cassidy

Tag Team action is on the way

We see a replay of last week when Don Callis stabbed Kenny Omega with the screwdriver. Up next is Orange Cassidy! We’re going to see a tag team match coming up next! Darby Allin is on the way to the ring now!


Wardlow has words for Christian Cage

Wardlow grabs a microphone as the crowd chants his name. The TNT Champion remembers that Christian Cage made a lot of promises last week, and Wardlow wants him to follow through with them. He calls out Christian Cage to come down to the ring and spit in his face!

Cage appears with Luchasaurus by his side. They walk down to the ring with confidence. When they arrive, Wardlow tells Christian doesn’t have the balls. Cage tells him that Wardlow doesn’t have what it takes to be the Champion, and he prepares himself to spit. Wardlow cuts him off, forcing Luchasaurus to attack. Wardlow battles them both, nearly putting Cage in the powerbomb symphony, but Luchasaurus distracts him and allows Cage to hit a low blow. They retrieve a ladder from the ring, which Cage uses to ram into Wardlow’s head/hands.

Cage puts the ladder in the corner where Luchasaurus chokeslams Wardlow, crushing the ladder underneath him. They put the messed up ladder into the middle of the ring and Cage drops Wardlow with the unprettier on top of the ladder. Cage poses with the TNT Title as we continue with the show.


AEW Dynamite starts now!!!

Here we go, folks! Sit back and get ready for another episode of AEW Dynamite. We see the pyro go off as we’re welcomed to the show by Excalibur.

First out tonight is Wardlow!

Roman Reigns

WWE corrects promotional material featuring Roman Reigns

Fans in Fayetteville, GA will unfortunately miss out on seeing “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns this weekend, despite previous advertisements that he would appear during a live event. WWE issued a statement earlier today correcting their mistake, which you can view below:

“Incorrect promotional material was released that advertised Roman Reigns in Fayetteville this Saturday, May 20.Roman Reigns will not be Fayetteville. Refunds will be available at point of purchase until 7:30 ET the day of the event.”

You can read more about this story here.

Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali points out the "positives" Imperium bring to WWE

Mustafa Ali is riding high right now, becoming the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship this past Monday Night Raw. But his opponent, Gunther, will be no easy mountain to climb. Gunther is the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of the modern era and is notorious for how hard he chops opponents with his hands.

But being the ever-positive person, Ali tried to focus on the benefits Gunther and his teammates Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser bring to the table. They seemed a bit like insults when it was over, though.

The bald brother (Giovanni Vinci) is jacked. Ludwig looks like a model — a very handsome young man. Um, and then Gunther, he has a face that a mother could love. Those are positive things about all three members, you know? Um, yeah, that’s the only thing I can come up with

CM Punk

CM Punk blasts "toxic journalists" following latest reports

The news regarding CM Punk keeps rolling out! And Punk’s keeping up with the latest reports, too, as indicated by a recent Instagram story.

In it, Punk addressed Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer after he wrote how there was “definitely a story” to CM Punk being omitted from today’s AEW – Warner Bros Discovery press conference despite reports saying he’s returning to the company. Punk clapped back with some words of his own:

“Look everyone, Bryan Alvarez doesn’t like it when misinformed internet trolls make up rumors about him so please stop making up rumors and stories for clicks while Bryan makes up rumors and stories for clicks okay? He’s married for gods sake! By gawd that man has a family!!! (Bryan Alvarez shut the f*ck up and stop talking about me challenge day 1)”

You can read more about this story here.

John Cena

John Cena names an unexpected "most rewarding" match

John Cena is one of the most legendary WWE stars of all time, and that comes with countless matches against some of his fellow greats. But it might surprise you to find out that his most rewarding match was on the cinematic side. At WrestleMania 36, Cena battled “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a “Firefly Funhouse” match — something the WWE Universe had never seen before and hasn’t seen since.

In it, Cena relived notorious career moments with occasional Easter eggs tossed into the mix. What may surprise those who have seen the match is that many of the ideas came from John himself.

“I did a unique piece of programming called the Firefly Funhouse match, which was a giant exercise in vulnerability. I worked my ass off on that thing, and I thank everyone who was involved because no one does it alone, but it was kind of my brainchild and my creation.

You want to talk about looking in the mirror, that was kind of a public look in the mirror. I’m glad we did it, and man, I’m glad it worked. I didn’t think anybody would get it, and they kind of it for me because of the pandemic happened, and the events were weird. But I’m really glad that people understood it, and there’s a lot of Easter eggs in there, too. If you don’t know, you can go back and watch it. I got to be in the NWO.”

You can read more about this story here.


AEW Women's Champion Jamie Hayter pulled from AEW Dynamite

The originally scheduled match between The Outcasts (Saraya, Toni Storm, & Ruby Soho) vs. AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, & Hikaru Shida has now been changed to a traditional tag team match. According to AEW President and Founder Tony Khan, Hayter is out with injuries and cannot compete. It will now be Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida vs. Ruby Soho & Toni Storm.

You can see the updated card for AEW Dynamite below:

  • Falls Count Anywhere: Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong
  • Ricky Starks vs. Jay White
  • The Outcasts (Ruby Soho & Toni Storm) vs. Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida
  • RUSH vs. Jack Perry
  • Sammy Guevara in action
  • We hear from Don Callis

Ricky Starks is ready to clash with Jay White on AEW Dynamite

We’re only a couple of hours away from a new AEW Dynamite, and one of the top matches on tonight’s card is Ricky Starks vs. Jay White one-on-one. Both men have proven they’re rising stars in AEW, but only one can stay on top and keep their momentum going. Starks sent a message to White ahead of their match, telling him that he’s going to take him down just like he took down Juice Robinson.

I’m so sick of The Bullet Club, and I want you to understand something, Jay: you were this close to getting hit with the roshambo. When the setting is as perfect as I want it to be, it’s going to be you and me, Jay, and I’m going to show you what a real legend looks like in the making. Sooner or later, I will put both of you away for good.

You can see the way Jay White responded in the full video below:

Triple H

Backstage details on "All Hands on Deck" WWE meeting today

Earlier today, WWE President Nick Khan led a company-wide meeting described as “all hands on deck.” When all was said and done, it was actually a positive presentation that was held to boost morale backstage and thank talent for their roles in the significant changes happening, according to PWInsider.

No mention of future cuts to the company we made. As previously noted, the cuts to WWE’s workers are believed to be “pretty aggressive” when the time comes.

You can read more about this story here.


Mr. Kennedy had a chance to return at WWE's Royal Rumble

Mr. Kennedy, later known as Mr. Anderson on the indies, was positioned to become a top superstar in WWE someday. With a United States Championship and  Money in the Bank win under his belt, Kennedy was on the way to superstardom. But due to a botched move delivered to Randy Orton, Kennedy was ousted from the company and went on to become World Champion in other promotions like Impact Wrestling.

In a new interview, Kennedy discussed a potential return to WWE someday. Kennedy revealed that the opportunity came up a few years ago, but he wasn’t in the proper ring shape to make a comeback.

“No, I’m not surprised. I said some really sh—- things on the way out the door, and I completely get it. I would like to eventually be able to go back there and finish it out, but I completely understand if that doesn’t happen. I did it to myself.

“I was asked a few years ago, it wasn’t official, but I was asked but Daivari, ‘Hey, your name came up for Royal Rumble. Would you be interested?’ I wasn’t. I was completely out of shape, and I turned it down. But it wasn’t an official ask anyway. I just said, ‘No, I’m not interested.’” (h/t WrestleZone)

You can read more about this story here.

Big E

Big E delivers inspirational message about mental health

Big E has experienced a successful run in WWE that any aspiring pro wrestler would be satisfied with, but it hasn’t come without its fair share of hardships. In March 2022, E was competing in a match on SmackDown when a botched belly-to-belly throw left him with a broken neck. Though he hasn’t returned to the squared circle yet, E remains positive. On the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, he dived into the topic of mental health and how it’s crucial to find yourself so you can be a better friend to those around you.

Honestly, like even if you can’t see it now, I’m telling you: you matter. Please, stay in the game. Don’t be afraid to call a hotline if this is your last resort; don’t be afraid to check yourself into a hospital. Don’t be afraid to do what you need to to take care of yourself. I think a lot times, we put ourselves on the back burner because we need to be there for others, but when you don’t fill your own cup, you have nothing left to give. So, remember that you matter and that it’s okay to invest in yourself.

You can see the full video below:


Sound off: Pick two WWE Superstars to form a new tag team

The internet wrestling community has always been an opinionated one, and we love that aspect of it! The more discussion and fantasy booking, the more fun the sport is for everyone involved. WWE inspired some of that fan creativity today when they posed the question on Twitter:

Pick two WWE Superstars to form a new tag team.

The answers ranged from what some people might expect — pairings like Iyo Sky & Asuka or Uncle Howdy & Bray Wyatt — to more unique teams like Boobby Lashley & Bron Breakker, Bianca Belair & Mia Yim, and Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns.

You can see some of the responses below:

CM Punk

CM Punk pushing for Ace Steel to return to AEW

AEW’s All Out 2022 pay-per-view had its fair share of memorable matches, but everything paled in comparison to what happened after the show. Then-AEW World Champion CM Punk arrived at the media scrum and unleashed a tirade about Colt Cabana, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, and the AEW EVPs, who he said “couldn’t manage a Target.”

Reports indicate that a legitimate brawl happened after the comments. Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks confronted Punk in the locker room, leading to thrown punches and Punk’s trainer Ace Steel throwing a chair and biting Omega. Everyone involved in the brawl, even stars like Brandon Cutler, were suspended from the company in the wake of the fight.

With CM Punk’s return to the company seemingly happening in the coming weeks, new reports indicate that he wants to bring back his ally during the brawl: Ace Steel. There is no word at this time on whether or not he will be returning to the company.

You can read more about this story here.


What's in store for tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite

After the shocking conclusion of last week’s episode of Dynamite, several questions remain regarding the relationship between Kenny Omega and Don Callis. We can only hope to get better clarity on the situation when Callis speaks during tonight’s new episode of the show. Other interesting matchups that have been brewing in recent weeks include a Falls Count Anywhere match between Chris Jericho and Roderick Strong, and Jay White going one-on-one with Chris Jericho.

You can see the lineup for the 5/17 AEW Dynamite below:

  • Falls Count Anywhere: Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong
  • Ricky Starks vs. Jay White
  • The Outcasts (Saraya, Ruby Soho, & Toni Storm) vs. Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida
  • RUSH vs. Jack Perry
  • Sammy Guevara in action
  • We hear from Don Callis

Good evening!

Good evening, everyone! What a day for AEW! We’ve already received news earlier today that a brand new tentpole show — AEW Collision — is coming to Saturday Nights starting on June 17. But there’s also a lot of action ahead for the next installment of AEW Dynamite this evening. Roderick Strong and Chris Jericho will clash for the first time in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and two of the men competing in the Four Pillars four-way match for the AEW World Heavyweight Title at Double or Nothing will be in action: Sammy Guevara faces an unannounced opponent, and Jungle Boy will battle Rush.

Perhaps just as newsworthy are the reports that former AEW World Champion CM Punk is still expected to be heavily featured on AEW Collision. Punk wasn’t mentioned in the press release this morning, but that was because there was a decision made not to feature talent due to the ongoing WGA writers’ strike.