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The week ahead: What's coming up on AEW programming

That’s all she wrote, folks! Another week, another AEW Dynamite, but there’s a lot more action to already look forward to leading up to the 5/17 episode of Dynamite. First, a new episode of AEW Rampage this Friday, May 12, includes four matches and a segment where Austen & Colten Gunn address the AEW fans. Next week’s Dynamite is also shaping up, with a big Falls Count Anywhere match between Chris Jericho and Roderick Strong headlining the show.

You can see the current card for the 5/12 AEW Rampage below:

  • Toni Storm vs. Allysin Kay
  • Kyle Fletcher vs. Action Andretti
  • The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn vs. Kip Sabian, The Butcher & The Blade
  • Mogul Embassy (Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage) vs. Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds)
  • Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn speak

    You can see the current card for the 5/17 AEW Dynamite below:

  • Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, & Hikaru Shida vs. The Outcasts (Saraya, Ruby Soho, & Toni Storm)
  • Ricky Starks vs. Jay White
  • Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong (Falls count anywhere match)
Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is screwed out of the win

Bryan Danielson is on commentary but says that he has no idea why Don Callis would stab Omega in the back. Callis walks over to a pleading Omega and prepares to stab him in the face. At the last second, he throws it to the side and whispers something to Omega before kissing his head. That was strange. AEW Dynamite ends with Callis walking up the ramp as the referees attend to a wounded Omega.

Jon Moxley

A twist leads Jon Moxley to victory

During the commercial, Jon Moxley started taking the ring ropes apart with a tool. After several turns and one last attempt by Kenny Omega to stop him, Mox pulls the ring apart. He smashes Omega’s hand and then sticks the turnbuckle hook into Omega’s mouth! This look gnarly!!! Ouch! He uses the ring ropes to choke Kenny out, eventually sliding it into his bulldog choke with the ropes as assistance.

Kenny hits him with the turnbuckle to get out, but Mox returns with a knee to the face. Mox pulls something else out from under the ring — broken glass! Oh now! Mox gets hit but doesn’t fall on the glass. Omega wants the one-winged angel on the glass, but Mox turns it into a rear naked choke. Omega is going to pass out on the glass! Instead, he walks forward and drops Mox back-first onto the glass! Ouch!!

Mox comes back from the dead and goes right back into the rear-naked choke. Omega finds a way out, but Mox reverses once more. Kenny ends up on top with a running knee straight to the face of Mox. They both make it to their feet at the exact same time, trading open-handed shots as soon as they get up. Omega with two knees and a snap dragon suplex into the broken glass.

Omega with a V-trigger knee, but it broke the cage! Mox broke through the fence!! Omega landed with his leg trapped on a steel beam as they tumbled out of the ring, which looked rough as hell. Mox tosses him back in the ring eventually. He grabs a screwdriver and comes after Omega, but Don Callis runs in and takes it away. Omega with a knee from behind and a ripcord v-trigger. He sets Mox up for the one-winged angel and hits it! 1-2-! NO! Don Callis just turned on Omega! He just stabbed him with the screwdriver! Mox pins him and gets the victory!

Jon Moxley

Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley in a steel cage match

Moxley enters first, followed by Kenny Omega, but Kenny never makes it down the ramp! Mox attacks him as he’s walking down, prompting them to continue battling down the ramp. Blackpool Combat Club is getting the jump on Omega, but The Young Bucks run down to even up the odds and take BCC to the backstage area. Bryan Danielson is over at commentary, but The Bucks see him, so they start walking over. Claudio comes out of nowhere and attacks The Bucks, inciting more chaos on the outside of the ring. Nick Jackson flies off the ramp with a huge crossbody, taking out Wheeler and Claudio.

The security guards show up and take BCC and The Elite to the backstage area. Omega climbs into the ring and calls for Mox to come inside the cage. He accepts! Let’s get this thing going! Omega and Mox trade shot after shot, followed by several chops. Kenny with several rights, followed by a boot to the face. Omega delivers the “you can’t escape” but Mox kicks out of it. Omega pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire!

Omega tosses it in Mox’s face! It might be time for some blood in this one! Omega smacks Mox in the back with the chair, then stomping down on it with a double stomp that scraped the barbed wire against his back. It’s legit bloody now! Kenny gets hit in the face with the camera, but Mox kisses the lens as a joke. Mox shoves Omega’s back into the cage, then smacking him with the chair.

Omega claps back with a facebuster right into the chair on Mox, following it up with a body slam right on the barbed wire chair. Omega climbs to the top rope, but Mox meets him there and hits a superplex that plants Omega back-first onto the barbed wire! We’re going to our final commercial break!

Jungle Boy

The final four pillar is highlighted

Backstage, Cassidy is suddenly laid out after watching the show! It’s Kyle Fletcher from Aussie Open!

We see the final video of the Four Pillars, this time, focusing on Jack Perry. Jungle Boy talks about how he’s been focusing on this career since he was 9. Perry thinks he’s living his dream now. Christian Cage also praises Perry, even though they are no longer affiliated. Perry says Cage showed him that there is a dark side to the world, and he can overcome it. He disses MJF by saying that he is just a part-time wrestler. He doesn’t like any of the three other guys involved, but he knows it will be something special because they are determined to prove themselves.

We see a rundown of the next Rampage and Dynamite. Up next, it’s the main event! Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega in a steel cage match!


The House of Black remains supreme

We come back from the break with Trent Baretta and Buddy Matthews colliding. Trent nails a tornado DDT off the top rope but he has no one in the corner to tag right now! Matthews rolls Baretta up but he kicks out. Trent with a stomp to Buddy, then tagging in Bandido. Bandido hits a wild tornado crossbody on Buddy, followed by a crucifix bomb on Brody King. He flies over the ropes with a swanton splash on the House of Black. He returns to the ring with Buddy, but as Bandido comes off the top rope, he eats a hard knee to the face.

Chuck Taylor comes in with a ripcord knee and the soul food on Buddy. Suddenly, Brody King tags in and hits the Dante’s Inferno for the win! House of Black retains!


Best Friends & Bandido vs. The House of Black

We return from the commercial with the entrance of The House of Black. Remember, in this match, there are 20 second count outs, no rope breaks, and DQs are applied. The bell rings with Bandido and Malakai starting the match. The lights are different in this one! Black and Bandido trade reversals, with Bandido using his agility to stay up. Malakai hits the kitchen sink knee to send Bandido down to the mat. He avoids Blakc in the corner, but eats a knee to the face and a kneebar for his trouble.

Bandido uses his strength to pull towards the ropes, but there are no breaks in this one! Bandido still manages to tag in Best Friends, who use some simultaneous offense all together. Baretta stay in, but as Trent goes for a victory roll, Brody King is tagged in. He hits a heavy senton to squash Baretta as we go to a commercial.

Orange Cassidy

Trios match after the break!

The Best Friends, OC, and Bandido are backstage where they have to decide what the final rule in the Open House match will be. They decide that it will be no witches at ringside, that way Julia Hart can’t interfere.


Julia Hart survives the no holds barred match

During the commercial break, the action continued going back and forth. We come back fullscreen with Julia Hart tossing JAS face-first into the turnbuckles. She rolls out of the ring, where Julia meets her and sets up a pile of chairs on the floor. JAS hits a widows peak on Julia that sends her crumbling into the chairs. Just barely, Julia kicks out at two. JAS slams a trash can into her, then putting it on top of her and delivering a spinning kick to crush her in it.

JAS throws more chairs into the ring as Julia struggles to stand. When she feels satisfied with where she placed them on the ring mat, she attempts a suplex on them to Julia. Hart retaliates and sets her up in the corner. They battle on the top turnbuckle until Julia catches her and delivers a superplex where JAS’ legs hit the chairs. Julia with her finishing submission hold for the victory! Julia Hart wins it!

Up next will be the AEW World Trios match!


Anna JAS vs. Julia Hart

As Julia Hart is making her entrance, Anna JAS meets her on the ramp with a steel chair to the back. She brings a trash can in the ring, but that’s where Julia meets her and attacks. They end up back on the outside, where Julia Irish whips JAS into the barricade several times. Julia grabs a kendo stick and whacks JAS in the back and stomach. Anna gets a couple of whacks back, then throwing Julia to the outside once again. JAS hits a snap suplex that drills Julia into the ground.

JAS goes to grab the kendo stick, but gets met with a shot to the stomach. Julia throws her into the ring post before slamming her face into tables at ringside. We’ll be right back!


No Holds Barred match is on the way!

We see another video package, this time, on Darby Allin. We see his house and how wild the environment is, but that’s exactly how Darby thrives. He likes that he can break down barriers in the ring. Darby wants to be World Champion because he wants to represent the company that has made such a good life for him and his family. Allin knows where he’s going and how to get there — it’s Double or Nothing and he’ll be World Champion.

Coming up next, it’s a no holds barred match between Anna JAS and Julia Hart


Christian Cage has words for Wardlow

Tony Schiavone interviews Cage in the center of the ring, asking him how he can just make himself #1 contender to the TNT Title. Cage says he’s #1 for a simple reason: he’s Christian Cage. When you’ve compiled the list that he has, he gets a shot when he wants a shot. He now has a question for Schiavone — what’s with all the wrestlers in AEW and their daddy issues. He says like his previous opponent (Jungle Boy), Wardlow also had a father. Cage says he won’t berate Wardlow’s father because he’s not famous and nobody cares about him.

Cage thinks it’s good that Wardlow found a father figure in Arn because Arn wants a new son, too. Cage points out how Brock Anderson is still on the roster but Arn just bailed on him and jumped over to Wardlow. Cage questions how Anderson is even a legend, pointing to Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard as the real stars of the Four Horsemen. He says that next week, he’s going to walk up to Wardlow’s face and spit in his beady eyes and tell him his reign as TNT Champion is over.


The Outcasts will be in action next week

We see a replay of Hikaru Shida coming back to AEW last week, but she isn’t here this week, so The Outcasts make fun of her. Britt Baker says she’s here in spirit. Next week on Dynamite, Shida, Jamie Hayter, and Britt Baker will fight The Outcasts.

Here comes Christian Cage and Luchasaurus!

Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy pulls it out yet again

During the break, Garcia stayed on OC’s back with knees and various submission holds. Garcia hits a curb stomp that slams OC’s face directly into the ring mat. He does a bit of a cha cha dance, and then runs over to attack OC in the corner. He sets him up on the top turnbuckle and tries for a superplex, but OC fights back with several elbow strikes. He tries to finish him off with a punch but Garcia blocks the right hand and hits a superplex. OC tried to turn a float over suplex into a stundog millionaire, but it wasn’t hit well.

OC follows up but Garcia hits a dragon screw to ground him again. They trade punches in the center of the ring as the crowd cheers and boos with each shot. Cassidy begins to gain control, but suddenly, Garcia kicks out his knee from under him. He forces OC’s hands into his pockets and goes for a piledriver. OC turns it into the beach break for a two count!

OC wants the orange punch; he runs in but the feet are dropkicked out from under him. Garcia does OC’s signature lazy kicks. He goes for the finishing kick but OC stops him to try to put his hands in his pockets. Garcia say no, and hits him with a jumping piledriver for a close two count. OC delivers the beach break for yet another two count! This one is so close! Daniel Garcia finally gets the dragon tamer in, locking OC up in the center of the ring.

OC is fading! Is this it?! Garcia sees that OC is nearing escape, so Garcia switches into the triangle choke. Garcia transitions once more, this time, into the crossface. They trade pinning predicaments back and forth until. at last, OC gets the unexpected pin! Cassidy retains!!

Orange Cassidy

Daniel Garcia vs. Orange Cassidy

OC makes his entrance first, followed by Garcia. The bell rings and this one is off! Both men trade hold after hold, with Cassidy sometimes reversing in lackadaisical manners. Garcia goes for a drop toe hold but Cassidy just waits it out and puts his hands in his pockets. OC with two dropkicks with his hands in his pockets. Garcia returns the offense with an attack on OC’s hand, which was hurt by Buddy Matthews weeks ago. Garcia is thrown into the barricade on the outside and eats a suicide dive from OC.

Cassidy with a flying clothesline off the top. Garcia finally hits back with a running clothesline. He then tosses Cassidy into the turnbuckles and hits a back suplex on the ring apron. Garcia then carries him over to the barricade and nails him with another back suplex as we go to a picture in picture break.

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has a major announcement

We return with a video package from Sammy Guevara, who says he’s the black sheep in AEW. He is just too good to deny. Chris Jericho comes in and says that Guevara was never supposed to be his understudy or sidekick; he was meant to be a star. Tay Conti agrees, saying that she knew he always belonged in the main event scene. Jericho thinks it’s time to leave the “potential” in the past and see his truth at the top. Guevara wants to inspire kids who are told they can’t do it to listen to their hearts and believe they can make it.

Tony Khan is seen backstage with a microphone! He says that there are tons of incredible stars in the back that are waiting for a chance to showcase their talent. Khan has a major announcement scheduled for next week (likely the reveal of AEW Collision).

We will see Orange Cassidy vs. Daniel Garcia is next!


Thunder Rosa is back in the mix

We see a replay of Miro returning and going to Tony Khan. Renee Paquette is trying to get an interview when, suddenly, Thunder Rosa shows up. She says it’s a good night to talk to Tony Khan and walks in the room.

Dax Harwood

FTR responds to Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler come face to face with Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, telling them that the only way they’ll give them a Tag Team Title match is to admit that they’ve been using Mark Briscoe. Sonjay is offended, but suddenly, Mark comes out!

Mark comes out and says that they need to relax. When they’re in the same vicinity, it’s clear their emotions get stirred up. Briscoe says the tag team title match between FTR and Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal, Mark Briscoe will be the special guest referee. Briscoe passes cups around and tells them that they need to take a drink together for peace. Sonjay spits it in Dax’s face! Dax accidentally attacks Marks Briscoe because he can’t see anything. Jarrett and Lethal escape the ring as FTR tries to help Mark back up.

We go to a recap of the rivalry between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho, and how it’s gotten increasingly intense each week. Renee Paquette meets up with Chris Jericho backstage and asks him about the attack. Jericho questions why people are so happy about Cole’s actions when he is doing nothing. Jericho says Cole is making an “unsafe work environment,” and now he’s got a court order that forces Cole to be banned every time Jericho is in the building. Roderick Strong comes up and stands up for Cole, saying that he wants a “fight” against Chris Jericho in a falls count anywhere match. Jericho says he’s down for the match next week on Dynamite. Roderick tells him that he’s got his own legal cancel and Jericho will be banned from the building.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley will collide tonight

We return from the commercial with a video package showing the history between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley ahead of their steel cage match.

FTR is on their way out to the ring!



Backstage, we see Miro! Miro is back and he’s here to talk to Tony Khan!!!

MJF gives a promo backstage about the four pillars and how they took the world by storm. They were like The Beatles! But he’s Paul McCartney, he’s the best and will have the longevity of them all. Friedman says he’s begging these guys to step up to the plate but they still haven’t accomplished the things he has. He says that just like his past matches, the four-way match will be the best in pro wrestling. He’s the constant and the best pro wrestler in the world. MJF says his reign of terror has just begun.

Claudio Castagnoli

The ROH World Champion stands tall

During the break, Claudio dominated most of the match by locking Rey in various holds. Fenix tries to come back with chops but eats another stiff lariat to send him spiraling. Claudio with an Irish whip and European uppercut in the corner. He tries for another but Rey avoids it and jumps to the apron. Claudio catches him on the ropes and tosses him with a gut-wrench suplex to send him soaring. Claudio gets a two-count.

Rey chops at Claudio, but eats some European uppercuts and a knee in return. Fenix claps back with a superkick to the face. Fenix delivers a rolling cutter but still only secures a two count from it. Backstage, members of the Blackpool Combat Club watch on. Fenix meets Claudio on the outside with a HUGE moonsault to take Castagnoli down. Claudio goes for the Ricola bomb but Phoenix turns it into the code red for another close two count.

Fenix tries again with several superkicks, but it still won’t put Claudio away. He picks him up onto his shoulders, but Claudio slides out and goes into a savage state, hitting back-to-back grounded elbows and a Ricola bomb for the win. Claudio is your winner!

Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rey Fenix

Rey and Claudio collide, with neither man getting an immediate advantage. Fenix lands out of a monkey flip and a fake out on the ropes. Claudio gets arm dragged and can’t quite get his hands on Fenix. He finally catches him with a backbreaker and Fenix crumbles. Claudio stays on him with another backbreaker near the corner. Fenix with a kick and some forearms on the apron, following it up with a tricky springboard headscissors. He follows that with two suicide dives on to Claudio on the outside.

He tries for a third, but Claudio catches him and presses him on to the steel ring steps. Castagnoli shows off his strength by walking up the steps with Rey, but then Fenix starts fighting him off. They go back to the outside where Rey runs across the barricade and hits a leg scissors to send Claudio rolling. That was sick! Back inside the ring, Fenix hits him with a dragon whip kick. Claudio returns the offense by putting Fenix on his shoulders and climbing to the top rope. Rey fights him off for a moment and turns it into a hurricanrana off the top rope.

Claudio kicks out at 2. The crowd starts to rally, inspiring Rey to try for the code red; Claudio catches him and nails him with a hard lariat for another two count. Rey rolls to the outside where Claudio meets him. Castagnoli picks him up in a press and tosses him far over the barricade into the audience area!


AEW Dynamite starts now!

This massive episode of AEW Dynamite starts now!! We see the intro video and some pyrotechnics as Excalibur welcomes us to the show!

First out is Rey Fenix vs. Claudio Castagnoli! The winner will get a title match of the other person’s belt(s).


Shotzi reacts to being a draft pick for WWE SmackDown

We’re a little over a week out since the WWE draft wrapped up, and with it, the company superstars now know what their home brands will be for the foreseeable future. One such star, Shotzi, was called to stay on the SmackDown roster, but that’s a decision she says she welcomes on a new episode of The Bump.

I was [excited], especially because Road Dogg and Molly Holly were the ones that announced me and I look up to both of them. So, I’m excited to be sticking to SmackDown, you know? I’m staying loyal to the blue brand.


The week ahead: What awaits us on Friday Night SmackDown

Before we deep-dive into the world of AEW for a couple of hours, let’s look at what the rest of the week in WWE has prepared for us. So far, a few matches have been revealed for this Friday’s SmackDown, including the next three matches in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. One of those triple-threat matches is a must-see, with legends AJ Style, Edge, and Rey Mysterio colliding.

You can see the current card for SmackDown below:

  • World Heavyweight Championship Tournament quarter-finals: AJ Styles vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio
  • World Heavyweight Championship Tournament quarter-finals: Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus vs. United States Champion Austin Theory
  • Roman Reigns returns to SmackDown
  • Cameron Grimes makes his SmackDown debut against Baron Corbin
Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez want dream match against popular hip-hop artists

The worlds of pro wrestling and mainstream music are crossing over more than ever now, with multi-time Grammy-award-winning musician Bad Bunny defeating Damian Priest in a street fight at Backlash this past Saturday. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez want to keep that momentum rolling, inviting two more popular hip-hop artists to step in the ring against them.

“I would love to see Cardi and Meg The Stallion,” Raquel told Billboard. “I think Meg would be incredible. They’ve also been so active with us on Twitter and just responded to different things. Those two would be interesting to see in the ring. Us versus Cardi and Meg. Make it happen.”

“I’m not gonna go easy on them, though,” relays Morgan. “They look like they could take the titles: an Extreme Rules Match, Last Woman Standing Match. Let’s do all of it.” (h/t Billboard)


An outline of how the "House Rules" match will work on AEW Dynamite

Several stipulation matches are scheduled for tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, including a “House Rules” match between The House of Black’s Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black vs. Trent Baretta, Chuck Taylor, & Bandido for the AEW Trios Championships. For those wondering what exactly a house rules match is, Buddy took to Twitter earlier today and gave an outlined description of how the match will work. Perhaps the most interesting part is that one of the stipulations to the match will be chosen by Best Friends & Bandido.

Under house rules, the following applies:

  1. 20 seconds count outs: Because you will not be safe on the outside, you will not run away when it gets hard.. we force you to be harder or force you to cave under the pressure.
  2.  No rope escapes: Because the true nature of man is measured in its ability to withstand pain. There is no easy way out. You will fight or submit.
  3. DQ is enforced: You break the tradition, you forfeit your chance. The entire world will watch as you admit you do not have what it takes and must Live with this embarrassment your entire life.
  4. Dealer’s choice: you decide what the last rule is. Why? Because it’s fair. And balance is all we have

You can see the tweet from Buddy Matthews below:

Mia Kim

Michin hopes for another WWE PLE overseas

Mia Yim, better known as Michin in WWE, is back with a vengeance on SmackDown, continuing her alliance with The O.C. as she looks to make a stamp on the women’s division. Looking ahead, Michin has her sights set on WWE hosting some sort of premium live event or smaller show in Korea. Michin believes the crowds would be ecstatic and boisterous like the audience at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico this past weekend.

There’s so much wrestling in Japan and Mexico. Puerto Rico was a big thing; I’ve never heard of a big promotion going to Korea, and I know that wrestling is starting to really grow over there. Wrestling is growing in China and Korea, and I’ve gotten DMs from several Korean wrestlers over in Korea just thanking me for putting Korea on the map, in a sense. If we had a show in Korea, I would fly my mom out … Even if it was just a small show, it would mean so much to me because you don’t hear much about wrestling in Korea, so any amount of recognition is enough for me.”

CM Punk

CM Punk wants a "huge match" when he returns to AEW

The return of former AEW World Champion CM Punk to AEW seems imminent, as several reports have emerged in recent weeks claiming he will be back in time for the debut of the new AEW show, Collision. But who will Punk’s first program be when he returns to the squared circle? Though rumors pointed to Chris Jericho as Punk’s likely first opponent, a new report from Fightful Select diverts those expectations.

Punk is actually pushing for a different opponent upon his return. “The Second City Saint” has a huge match planned for his return, and furthermore, AEW as a whole has “major plans” and a “marquee match” tentatively scheduled for Collision.

You can read more about this story here.

The Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson explains how pro wrestling saved his relationship with his daughter

Understandably, some tension might arise between a parent and their child if the person’s career demands a heavy travel schedule. That happened between the legendary Dwayne “The Rock” Jonson and his daughter, Simone, now recognized as Ava in WWE NXT. Now that Ava has gotten a taste of what it’s like to be committed to pro wrestling full-time, it’s helped her and Dwayne create a stronger bond.

“I had so much sh*t going on. So, I like to say me and Simone grew up together. We had a relationship where I was always gone, but we tried to keep it together. Now years later as she becomes a pro wrestler, it’s actually brought us closer together.

“So, in a way, it’s helped save that relationship too. In many ways, pro wrestling has been my family’s savior.” (h/t F4WOnline)

You can read more about this story here.


Backstage details on the new AEW & Warner Bros Discovery deal

News regarding the new television deal between AEW and Warner Bros Discovery has been flowing throughout the day, with the latest report from Fightful giving us lots of details on the company’s future. Currently, the new AEW show Collision has “major plans and a marquee match” scheduled for its debut. Adding the new television show is a part of a cash infusion into AEW and an extension of their partnership with Warner Bros Discovery.

AEW’s Rampage show that typically airs on Fridays will change into a lower-tier program, similar to how WWE has Sunday Night Heat and Velocity to showcase their rising stars. Indie talent will get more chances in Ring of Honor instead of a bigger televised platform.

Collision has several Saturday dates open to film the show live, but in the future, the company may book venues for two days straight and then tape episodes of Collision one day after Dynamite.

You can read more about this story here.

Adam Cole

Deleted scene from AEW All Access released online

AEW’s All Access reality show has been airing after Dynamite each week. The premise sees a handful of AEW stars like Adam Cole, Britt Baker, and Sammy Guevara as they live through the trials and triumphs of being professional wrestlers.

Earlier today, the AEW Twitter page released never-before-seen footage from the show. The deleted scene shows Britt and Adam visiting their families while Cole continues on the road to recovering from the head injury he suffered in the Summer of 2022.

You can see the clip below:

AJ Styles

AJ Styles comments on upcoming triple threat match against Edge and Rey Mysterio

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament is underway, kicking off this past Monday on Raw. After two triple-threat matches and a singles match in the semi-finals, Seth Rollins walked away as the top man on Raw coming for the World Heavyweight Title. This Friday, we will learn who his opponent will be at Night of Champions when two more triple threat matches occur: Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus and AJ Styles vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio. The winner of those two matches will then face off at the end of the show to see who the representative from SmackDown is that’s going on to Night of Champions.

Ahead of the bout, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles stopped by WWE’s The Bump to discuss his strategy this Friday. Styles also addressed the legendary status of his opponents in the triple threat match: Edge & Rey Mysterio.

Listen, no doubt those two guys are legends. No doubt about it. Rey Mysterio, I’ve got so much respect for him and what he’s done. I mean, heck, you could say a lot of us that are doing what we’re doing on the biggest stage of them all looked at Rey Mysterio and thought, ‘That’s who I want to be like.’ Now, as far as Edge is concerned, I haven’t forgotten what he’s done. I’m not saying he’s still on that same course; he’s definitely getting better, but I haven’t forgotten what he’s done. So, to say that I don’t want to hit him hard, that’d be a lie. So, it’s coming, but it’s kind of like a receipt he deserves.”


What's in store for tonight's AEW Dynamite

We’ve got one heck of a night in store for us on AEW Dynamite! We’ve got two championship title matches, multiple stipulation matches, and a main event years in the making when Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley collide in a steel cage! All of this is guaranteed, but there have also been rumblings about CM Punk possibly returning to the promotion as early as tonight. We shall see, though!

You can see the current card for the 5/10 AEW Dynamite below:

  • Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley (Steel cage match)
  • Rey Fenix vs. Claudio Castagnoli (Double jeopardy match)
  • International Championship match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Daniel Garcia
  • Anna JAS vs. Julia Hart (No-holds-barred match)
  • World Trios Championships: The House of Black vs. Best Friends & Bandido (Open house match)
  • FTR responds to the challenge from Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal
  • We hear from Christian Cage

Good evening!

We’ve arrived at another hump day, which means another edition of AEW Dynamite is coming up for our viewing pleasure. Tony Khan is building up tonight’s episode as a pay-per-view-worthy card on cable television, headlined by Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley in a steel cage. There is also speculation that former AEW World Champion CM Punk may be making a surprise return during tonight’s show, but only time will tell if there is truth to the rumors swirling.

Elsewhere in the news, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer revealed that AEW’s new television deal with Warner Bros Discovery will be announced on May 17th at WBD’s Upfront event inside Madison Square Garden. This is also when they will announce the start of the AEW Collision television show.

In the realm of WWE, it was announced today that a judge dismissed a lawsuit against WWE where a man, Marvin Jackson, claimed to suffer hearing loss from the pyrotechnics used at WrestleMania 38.