Liv Morgan Reveals What Her WWE Name Almost Was

Liv Morgan

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has revealed what her name in the company could have been, and it might have sounded awfully familiar to fans.

WWE has long had a policy that few stars have escaped where they rechristen WWE Superstars with their own moniker.

Speaking on Wrestling Inside The Ropes, Liv Morgan discussed her own experience of that procedure when she joined WWE in 2014. After using different names in the company, she finally became Liv Morgan – a name she didn’t choose herself:

“The real background [of my on-screen name] is that, you know, when you arrive to the Performance Center when it’s time to create your character, you send in like a list of names, right? And I must’ve sent in like three different lists of names and I thought, ‘All my names are so terrible.’ All the names that I picked, they thought it was so bad.”

“So literally I show up to TV one day at Full Sail for an NXT taping and they pulled me aside and they were like, ‘All right, you’re either Liv Morgan or you’re Liv Gallows’ and I was like… ‘I guess I pick Liv Morgan’ and I always liked the name Liv. I didn’t really like ‘Morgan’, you know? But I grew to love it, I grew to love it all and I found so many little puns to use ‘Liv’ for and fun little things I can use so I grew to really — SmackDown Liv, You Only Liv Once, Liv is Life, Watch Me Liv, I mean I can go on and on. [It says on my Titantron right now], ‘Liv is the best’.”

Gallows is of course the wrestling surname of current IMPACT Wrestling star Doc Gallows. During his WWE career, he was known as Luke Gallows as part of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society and used the name again on his return to the company in 2016.

h/t POST Wrestling