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Liv Morgan On Lana Wedding Angle – “It Was Crazy Enough That I Couldn’t Say No”

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WWE Superstar, Liv Morgan, has given her side of the story in regards to the infamous storyline in which she interrupted Lana’s wedding to Bobby Lashley on Monday Night Raw.

During the storyline in which Lana attempted to hurt real life husband, Rusev, by marrying rival Bobby Lashley at the end of 2019, Liv Morgan made her return to WWE television to reveal that she had been having an affair with Lana behind Lashley’s back.

The tale lead to several weeks worth of segments on television and even an Intergender Tag Team Match before being dropped completely as if it never happened.

Now, Morgan has spoken to Ryan Satin of FOX Sports about the storyline in preparation for, ‘Liv Forever’, her WWE Network documentary:

“It was crazy enough that I couldn’t say no. You know, looking back, I’ve had mixed feelings on it, too. But, looking back on it, I just think everything happens for a reason, you know? And what we wanted to accomplish was to re-debut Liv in the biggest way possible. I definitely think that was accomplished. No one saw it coming. So, at the end of the day, I loved it and I’m grateful for it.”

The pitch for Morgan to be Lana’s secret lover came after the talent had approached WWE with several different ideas about how to re-introduce her:

“I basically wanted to use the experiences I’ve gone through, the struggles of my childhood, and kind of use the character that I was trying to create as an outlet to express the darker feelings that I was feeling,” said Liv. “The more sad emotions that I was feeling. So, I wanted to use this character as an outlet to express, maybe, suppressed emotions, you know? I just wanted to use this character as an outlet to show an opposite spectrum of Liv, you know? But, I’m very happy and bubbly and I just wanted the pitch for it to come on the opposite spectrum of that.”

Currently on WWE television, Morgan is a part of the new iteration of The Riott Squad alongside Ruby Riott and was a member of the Women’s Team SmackDown squad at Survivor Series on November 22.