Liv Morgan ‘Murdered’ By Chucky As He Drops Multiple F-Bombs [VIDEO]

Liv Morgan & Chucky

After losing her SmackDown Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules on October 8th, things haven’t improved for Liv Morgan.

Following her defeat to Ronda Rousey Morgan has seemingly begun to descend into madness of WWE television. As the weeks have passed she has become more and more unhinged, delivering punishment by the bucket load to Sonya Deville.

Although many fans are intrigued by Liv Morgan’s new character development, Jim Cornette wasn’t so impressed. In his review of the segment, the legendary manager stated that it had “buried” Deville.

Outside of the ring, Morgan appeared on the latest episode of Chucky, not that she found much luck there either.

Liv Morgan Brutally Murdered

On the fourth episode of the series the action picks up with Glenn and Glenda being reunited with their mother Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly. However, much of the episode is also framed around a five-act murder mystery. As the episode unfolds, Chucky provides interludes from a sit-come style set.

It is during one of these episodes that Chucky introduces Liv Morgan. Initially everything seemed to be going well, the pair hugged, Morgan kissed Chucky on the cheek and said that it was an “honour” to meet him. As they run through the mysteries, Morgan’s theories are proven to be wrong on every occasion.

Shortly after things took a very bloody turn. Chucky comments that he hasn’t used up his “ten allotted F-Bombs,” asking for Morgan’s help. At this a clip plays from the The Buster Satterfield Show where Morgan said that she wanted to be killed by Chucky.

The terrifying doll then pulled out a kitchen knife and proceeded to stab the WWE star to death as she pleased for her life. Chucky narrated the attack with a series of F-Bombs which continued after instructing viewers to tune in next week.

New episodes of Chucky air Wednesday at 9 PM ET on SYFY and USA Network.