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Liv Morgan Reveals Why Some Of Her Cows Are Named After WWE Pay-Per-Views

Liv Morgan cuts a promo

An animal sanctuary, escaped bull, pregnant cows named after WWE pay-per-views and Raw Women’s Championship matches. It’s all in a days work for Liv Morgan.

Raw Superstar Liv Morgan is currently enjoying the most high-profile run of her WWE career. After being drafted to Raw in October, the star became number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship.

However, Liv Morgan has now revealed that there is never a dull moment in her life away from the ring either. When she’s not aiming for championship gold, Morgan runs a farm, come animal sanctuary, with her partner Bo Dallas.

Speaking in a new interview with Complex, Liv Morgan updated fans on the latest news from the farm, including why she’s braced for a number of new arrivals.

“I think all my cows are pregnant,”

“She was kind of just like mooing really loud for like a week. And I was like, ‘Maybe something’s going on next door.’ I was like, ‘Sorry; they’re going off; the cows are going crazy.’ Then I woke up one morning to find he had somehow hopped over the fence because there was no breakage anywhere and got to all my girls,”

“Next thing I know, wombs are starting to grow, and I was just like, ‘OK, well, I think I’m going to have some new cows.’ So, it’s been eventful. I’m waiting—cows are only pregnant for 50 days, and this is about a month and a half ago, so I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, any day now.’”

Morgan went on to reveal that she has a number of cows named after WWE pay-per-views, and why the farm is actually more of a sanctuary.

“I’m not like milking the cows. I’m not really; I don’t even like [eating] eggs, so I collect the chicken eggs for fun. It’s more like an animal sanctuary; I just like taking care of them. I like just watching them live, and thrive, and grow. It’s been a fun experience.

“But also, my cows are so notorious for giving birth on pay-per-view days. I have a cow named Rumble, [and] I have a cow named ‘Mania, so I’m wondering if I’m going to have a cow named Survivor Series, but I’m like, that’s totally not you. I got to thinking of ‘Survivor’.”

At Survivor Series, Liv Morgan formed part of Team Raw which overcame SmackDown in the battle for brand supremacy.

Back on Raw, Morgan was giving an interview until she was interrupted by Becky Lynch. After a fiery war of words, Morgan hammered the Raw Women’s Champion with a beefy right hand, leaving Lynch stunned.