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Liv Morgan Charts Her Journey Back To WWE Television

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Liv Morgan has opened up about her lengthily absence from WWE television following a bout with Charlotte Flair.

Following the dissolution of The Riott Squad, the group Morgan was a member of with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan, Liv was thrust into singles competition and left to fend for herself. However, the plan for a singles push never quite went to plan.

Withdrawn from active competition while a suitable storyline was found for her to undertake, Morgan was left sat at home waiting until a call came for an opportunity against ‘The Queen’, Charlotte Flair. Hoping that the bout would be the beginning of something promising after three months out of action, Morgan returned to the company battle the former NXT Women’s Champion.

Speaking on her WWE Network documentary, ‘Liv Forever’, the bubbly talent described her disappointment at how the match was just a one-off and why she subsequently disappeared from television afterwards for yet another huge absence:

“One week became two weeks and then a lot of weeks – it was three months. In July 2019, I finally got my opportunity and returned to action against The Queen, Charlotte Flair. I finally made my debut on SmackDown. I spoke up in a town hall meeting. I called Charlotte out and we had a match, which ended up to me setting off on a journey to find myself.”

During her time away, Morgan was promised a Dark Match with the talented Ember Moon. However, the bout never occurred and was scrapped at the last minute

“Then out of nowhere, I hear Michael Hayes and he’s like, ‘Liv can’t go out there.’ I thought they were joking with me. I was like, ‘Are you ribbing me?’ That was it; it was bizarre. I was super ready to go perform and I wasn’t let out. So, I didn’t go out.

It turned out that I was not supposed to be exposed to this crowd, not in my final debut form. So pretty much I couldn’t do this dark match. I’m not to be seen until I debut back on WWE TV. I was shocked, but it was encouraging because the boss didn’t want anyone to see me not on TV and find a form. I was like, ‘Oh cool. I’m not forgotten about, everyone still cares. We want my new character to stay under wraps until its debut.’

So, I ended up taking it as a little bit of a positive. It was positive. Even though I didn’t wrestle that night, I felt the momentum was going my way. A few weeks later in October, another pleasant surprise. I was sitting at home during the draft, watching the draft on TV. ‘Okay, I’m going to RAW’, and it was televised. I took that as a positive as well.”

As it would turn out, Morgan was gone from the company for six months when it turned out the company had nothing for her. It took Paul Heyman and several pitched ideas from the talent herself before she was brought back to Monday Night Raw to be revealed as Lana’s lover:

“It was the slowest burn ever. Over the next couple of months, I waited and waited until I got the news in September of 2019. All I got told really was, ‘We want a stripped-down Liv with less makeup and less distraction.’ So, I played it safe and I was like, ‘I’m going to just go back to blonde.’ No one’s really telling me anything of what this new look should be. So, I just took it upon myself and I just dyed my hair blonde.

I got a FaceTime from Paul Heyman. Tell me this is your debut. I’m like, ‘Yes!’ because none of my pitches worked. None of anyone else’s pitches worked; I’m about to debut. He says that I will be crashing Bobby and Lana’s wedding and revealing myself as a past secret lover of Lana,” remembered Morgan. “The thought process was to re-debut Liv in the biggest way possible.”

Since crashing the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley, Liv Morgan has been a constant presence in WWE being involved in rivalries with Ruby Riott before the pair reformed the popular Riott Squad.

Recently, the young star has competed at WWE Survivor Series as part of Team SmackDown but hasn’t been seen on television since November 22.

Credit for the interview: WWE Network

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.