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Lita Fondly Recalls Working With Eddie Guerrero And Chyna

Lita makes her entrance

WWE Hall of Famer Lita has recalled her time working with Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, including convincing Latino Heat to powerbomb her outside the ring.

Lita, real name Amy Dumas began her wrestling journey in 1997, before enjoying a brief stint in ECW in 1999. It was during this period that she caught the attention of WWE and later signed a developmental deal with the company.

After making her television debut as one the Godfather’s ‘Ho’s’ in July 1999, Lita was repackaged and remerged alongside Essa Rios in February 2000. Shortly after debuting the pair began a feud with Eddie Guerrero and Chyna as Rios attempted to win Guerrero’s European Title. While Lita’s penchant for getting physically involved in matches performing a series of high-flying moves meant she was never going to simply be a helpless bystander.

As the rivalry intensified, Lita ended up taking a powerbomb from Guerrero outside of the ring on an episode of Raw in March. Not that Guerrero was overly enthusiastic about performing the move on the Hall of Famer.

Appearing at East Coast Autograph Auctions, Lita recalled having to convince Guerrero that she would be fine to take the bump.

“We were doing a storyline and it was me and Essa Rios vs. Chyna and Eddie Guerrero. The four of us hung out and interacted a lot during that time because that storyline went on for quite a bit. The main thing was, I went to do a hurricanrana to him and he reversed it and powerbombed me onto the floor and I fought so hard to have him do that to me and he kept saying, ‘No, it’s going to hurt you. I don’t want to do that.’ I kept going, ‘It’s going to be fine.’ Sure enough, it really hurt me. I couldn’t let him know because he felt so bad about even doing it,”

Later that year Lita famously went on to team with the Hardy Boyz while also branching out into a singles career of her own. The high-flying star effectively retired as a full-time performer in late 2006, leaving WWE after her often controversial run alongside Edge.

Lita has sporadically returned to the ring since, most recently on an episode of Raw in 2018. The four-time Women’s Champion was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.