Lita Makes Shock Return On WWE Raw


An emotional rollercoaster of an episode of Raw was brought to a close by the surprise return of WWE legend Lita.

The January 6th episode of the show was headlined by the huge Cage Match between Becky Lynch and Bayley. The rivalry between the two women has been growing increasingly violent in recent months, so it was deemed that there was only one way to settle the score.

Earlier in the night Lynch cryptically said that she had one more hand left to play, and tonight would be the night.

Lynch began the match on fire, aggressively taking the fight to her rival and scalding her for talking about her family. This seemed to spark a comeback for Bayley, who even hit a Bayley-to-Belly from the top rope.

With both women on top of the cage, Lynch locked on the Disarmher until Bayley fell back into the ring. But just as she was getting ready to escape, IYO SKY scaled the cage and knocked her back into the ring. At this Dakota Kai slid one of her crutches into the action.

Lita Back With WWE

With Lynch seemingly in trouble, Lita’s music hit to a monster ovation from the Orlando crowd. Lita pulled SKY from the side of the cage and attacked her with Kai’s other crutch, before hitting a Twist of Fate.

Back inside the cage, Lynch slammed the door on Bayley and hit the Man-Handle Slam to score the win.

The two women embraced in the middle of the ring after the match to the delight of those watching from the stands.

Lita was famously involved in the first-ever women’s Cage Match back in WWE history in 2003 when she battled Victoria. Meanwhile, she has her own history with Becky Lynch having faced the Irish star at Elimination Chamber in February 2022.

Speaking after the match, Lynch described the WWE Hall of Famer as her hero.

“She was my hero, and she’s somebody who always championed for me when I was nobody when I was the underdog. I think maybe she saw a little bit of herself in me, and to be able to work with her and tell a story that wasn’t the typical, oh you’re a has been! Because she’s not obviously, you could see her go. She’s awesome.”

During the same interview, The Man also opened the door for a rematch between the pair.