Lita Discusses “Breaking Her Teeth” In The Ring


Everyone knows of the risks wrestling brings, and we can all recall at least one instance of injury happening in the ring that has made us squeamish – alongside broken bones and lacerations – has to be teeth escaping from wrestlers’ mouths mid-match.

On a recent Twitch stream,WWE Hall of Famer Lita would open up about breaking a tooth in a match and making the mistake of not getting it fixed immediately. Speaking while a video of her with a bloody mouth played, the former Women’s Champion opened up.

“There’s me with my bloody mouth… I broke my teeth, that’s the bottom line. My bottom right tooth, sliced it in half, and I was like, ‘cool… I just got back, and oh yeah, this s*** hurts!’ It was kind of like the exact opposite of popping into a stream and dropping a 25 bomb. It was like popping back into the ring and getting your teeth knocked out.”

Lita went on to elaborate on the actual breakage of the tooth, saying it was “perfeclt sliced in half” before revealing that she still hasn’t had it fixed.

“It was crazy the way it broke. It was perfectly sliced in half, and they pulled out the half that was broken and they put back this, I don’t know, like this putty [in there] that was temporary. They were like ‘let’s just put this on so it’s sealed up…’ A filler, sure, so they put this filler in there and fashioned a tooth, and they [told me] to come back and you can get your permanent one in two weeks. Well… once I got back on the road, I was on the road all of the time and I never got it fixed, so it’s just like half of a tooth with a filling over it. It just is. It’s just a janky-ass half of a tooth with some putty over the other half. I should have a veneer, yes, but I don’t.”

H/T WrestleZone