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Lita Spoke To Cody About Joining AEW, Reveals Why She Didn’t Sign


WWE Hall of Famer Lita revealed that she heavily considered joining AEW to work with former champion Britt Baker, but ultimately decided to stick with WWE.

Lita made her grand return to WWE as part of the 2022 Royal Rumble, entering at number 26 and managing to eliminate fellow legend Mickie James before ultimately being eliminated by SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Lita recently opened up about the fact that she heavily considered joining AEW to work with former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker.

“I was thinking about it. I was watching all the time and I was watching Britt Baker ascend. And I was watching the crowd really attach to her and they lobbed it up to work with her. As I was seeing AEW in general grow, I was like, Britt was at a point where I was like, ‘she needs to have a big moment with somebody bigger than her,’ and they have her, and Thunder Rosa, and Nyla Rose, and, you know, Ruby Soho later.

“But like, you can have those matches and elevate each other slowly but if there is somebody big that can come in like Sting did with Darby Allin, that’s where you can catapult somebody. So it did seem exciting.”

However, Lita ultimately decided that it was in her best interest to return to WWE, which led to her working with Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber following her Royal Rumble appearance. Lita and Becky Lynch even made history as the first two women to be featured on a billboard in Saudi Arabia to promote a WWE match.

“But at the same time, it’s like, their roster had a long way to grow and they’re still kind of getting their feet under them about how they want to present as a company, and then around that same time, WWE is talking to them. And just knowing how deep their roster already is, it just seemed like more possibilities and a better fit.

“Not to mention, like, it is home for me, right? I’ve been there since I was a kid. So, it was like, I wasn’t thinking about either company when I was, you know, when I was first approached and then Cody had reached out and I was like, ‘oh well, let me watch the program more from an aspect of maybe being there and seeing how I could fit in besides like catching it when I catch it’.

“And yeah, of course, I started brainstorming and thinking about the possibilities, but then on the flip side, when I’m talking about WWE, I was like, ‘it’s just right there for the taking,’ and just seemed to be the better fit. Plus, I had never met Britt. Becky is like a close friend of mine, and so to be able to have that and the possibility of that match, we just wanted to. I didn’t think that would ever happen, and to be able to have that was really special.”

Meanwhile, Lita’s prospective AEW opponent Britt Baker recently spoke to Inside the Ropes Magazine about the prospect of signing with WWE, saying that she feels “you can’t trust anything with that company.”

h/t WrestlingInc