Lisa Marie Varon “Uncomfortable” During AEW Backstage Visit

Lisa Marie Varon

Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria, a former two-time WWE Women’s Champion, recently revealed that she felt uncomfortable backstage at an AEW event.

During a recent episode of GAW TV, Varon expressed her discomfort at an AEW event. She mentioned feeling unwelcome and receiving looks of disapproval when she went backstage to greet friend and producer Sarah Stock. Varon said:

I went backstage to go find Sarah (Stock). She goes, ‘Are you gonna come back here to say hi to me?’ I go, ‘Um, can you meet me at the curtain?’ I go, ‘Oh no, all the new talent’ and then of course when I went back there, I got the look like, what the f*ck is she doing here? Excuse my language. I felt uncomfortable.

This is not the first time Varon has spoken out about feeling mistreated in the wrestling industry. In April, Varon claimed to have been treated poorly backstage at a WWE event.

What Has Lisa Marie Varon Done In Wrestling?

Varon, who is better known to fans as Victoria, has had a successful career in professional wrestling. She first attempted to get into the wrestling business in 1999 with WCW via her friend, Torrie Wilson, who was signed to the company at the time.

This attempt was unsuccessful however and after a chance meeting with Chyna, Varon was introduced to the WWE in the year 2000. After spending some time in the developmental system, Varon was moved up to the main roster in 2002, where she quickly gained popularity and moved up the card, eventually beating Trish Stratus for the WWE Women’s Championship at Survivor Series.

Varon remained with the WWE until she asked for her release in 2009 due to her being told that creative didn’t have anything for her. She started working for Impact Wrestling in 2009 under the name Tara and she stayed with the company until she was released in 2013.

Since then, Varon made an appearance as Victoria in the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble event, entering tenth in the women’s Royal Rumble match. On January 13th 2023, Varon made an appearance in Impact Wrestling, returning as her former character Tara.

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