Lio Rush Reveals ‘Best Friend’ Status With Vince McMahon

Lio Rush is coming to MLW

One of the most surprising releases from WWE in recent times was the outrageously talented Lio Rush, who departed the company earlier this year.

Any release calls into question the relationship between the wrestler and the owner, however, for the ‘Man of the Hour’, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now, Lio Rush has revealed in an interview with Wrestling Inc. that he considers Vince McMahon to be his best friend. This revelation came out whilst speaking ahead of his debut for MLW.

“I think that my relationship with Vince was great, he was like my best friend when I was on Raw. [I was] probably closer to Vince than I was with Bobby[Lashley]. I was in his office every day, every Monday. We were always talking about what was next; what he wanted to see from me to make my character elevate Bobby. I wouldn’t have had so many segments on Raw if I wasn’t likeable by Vince.”

Also revealed was that putting Bobby and Lio together was Vince’s baby. One of the hallmarks of the Lashley-Rush partnership was the ‘favourite pose’.

“Doing the stuff with the ‘Lashley’ and the pointing at the ass – that was all Vince.”

It is a shock therefore that despite having such a strong rapport with the man in charge that he was let go in April. When pressed on why he was released, it turns out it was a combination of factors. The mostly prevalent originated from Lio’s self-value not aligning with WWE’s view on him.

He also went into detail on other promotions he would like to be in, as well as opening the idea that he could be signed again after becoming a free agent.

“I’m in no rush to sign somewhere, but if somebody offers me something I’m not going to just turn it down. I’ll take a look at it and see if it fits best for my family.”

This follows on the back of the news that Lio will be part of the upcoming NJPW Super J Cup a well as a factor in MLW The Restart coming November 18. Lio Rush has a strong winter ahead of him.