Lio Rush Celebrates Lashley! Lashley! Lashley’s! WWE Title Win

Bobby Lashley Lio Rush

Lio Rush, who was formerly Bobby Lashley’s hypeman on Raw has congratulated the WWE Superstar on his first WWE Championship.

Lashley would win the WWE Championship for the first time after defeating The Miz for the title on Raw. It took three attempts for Bobby Lashley to get his match with The Miz. Miz would complain of stomach cramps to get the match postponed until later in the night.

Once the match did get underway, Miz immediately left the ring, grabbing his title belt and running out of the arena to lose by count-out but retain his championship. Shane McMahon made sure The Miz would compete against Lashley and sent out lumberjacks so the third attempt at the match could take place.

Once the bell rang this time, the match did not last long. Bobby Lashley would dominate The Miz before locking in his ‘Hurt Lock’ full nelson for the submission and the championship.

Lashley! Lashley!

Lio Rush took to social media to celebrate Lashley’s win – sending a video of him performing his famous “Lashley” chant from the pair’s time together.

Intercontinental Title Reign

Lashley returned to WWE in 2018 after a nearly ten-year absence from the company. Shortly after making his return, Lashley would be paired on-screen with Lio Rush. Rush had been competing as part of NXT before making the move to the cruiserweight division, appearing mainly on 205 Live. It wouldn’t be long into the partnership before Rush’s presence paid dividends to Lashley. Rush would cause a distraction in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship. That would be enough for Lashley to take advantage and win the title.

The partnership is perhaps most memorable for Rush’s enthusiastic chanting of Lashley’s name during interviews. Lashley would also show off his impressive physique, performing a series of signature poses at Rush’s behest.

The duo split shortly after WrestleMania 35 with Rush returning to NXT, where he would win the Cruiserweight Championship. Rush would leave WWE after being released in April 2020.

Lio Rush has most recently been competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling and MLW. He is currently the MLW Middleweight and AAA World Cruiserweight Champion.