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Lio Rush Believes Bridge With AEW Isn’t Burnt, There’s No Bad Blood

Lio Rush on entrance ramp

Lio Rush has reflected on his departure from AEW, saying that despite a public disagreement with Tony Khan, he doesn’t believe he has burned any bridges with the company.

Lio Rush debuted in AEW at Double or Nothing in 2021 when he was revealed as the Joker in the Casino Battle Royale. He then signed with the company that September and became a regular on Dynamite and Rampage in the months after.

However, on January 1st this year, the Man Of The Hour took exception to comments AEW President Tony Khan made regarding Big Swole after she had been critical of the diversity within the company.

Lio Rush later revealed that he had discussed the situation with Khan and said he was “proud” to work for a company which was making “strides in social equality”. Despite this, he was released from his contract in February 2022.

Now, during an interview on the Generation of Wrestling podcast, Rush has explained that he thinks it is inevitable he will cross paths with Tony Khan again.

“I don’t think anything is ever closed. Nothing is ever closed, nothing. I feel like I made the best out of the opportunity I was presented while staying true to myself. That’s honestly what is most important to me. That’s what is most important to me.

“I can’t hop on a plane and go all over the country and not be myself. I can’t live this double personality lifestyle. I don’t have the energy for it. There are things in my life that mean a little more to me, that are closer to the surface than doing something that I don’t feel comfortable with for a paycheck. That’s one bag out of a million. I’m not tripping over it.

“I do think, one day, it’ll be inevitable for me to cross paths with Tony again. Look what New Japan is doing with AEW right now. Even with my departure, there was no bad blood. The situation was what it was, and we parted ways. I don’t think that door was closed, at least from what I know. I don’t know how they feel on the other end, and I’m not worried how they feel on the other end, I’m doing me. When that time comes, it comes. If it doesn’t come, it’s not meant to be.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.