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Lince Dorado Hits Out At Famous Fan – “F*** That Bully”

Lince Dorado in the ring

Former WWE Superstar Lince Dorado didn’t mince words when speaking about the father of a fan he says was too afraid to confront him in person.

During the 2015 rivalry between Sasha Banks and Bayley in NXT, one young girl came to prominence as a wrestling fan that became involved in the iconic rivalry. Izzy had been attending NXT shows for years, and as a huge fan of Bayley, she often found herself front and center in the Full Sail crowd. While she wasn’t present in Brooklyn for Bayley’s iconic NXT Women’s Championship victory, she became part of the follow up match when Sasha Banks broke her headband and made the young girl cry.

Izzy continued to make wrestling headlines when she took part in an independent wrestling angle in 2018. Izzy, who was 12 years old at the time, took a chokeslam from independent wrestling standout Effy during their bout.

Multiple wrestlers criticized the angle, including former NXT Tag Team Champions MSK and former Lucha House Party member Lince Dorado. Back in 2018, Lince Dorado posted on social media that he found the angle “disturbing.”

Izzy’s father Cody Silagyi didn’t take kindly to Dorado’s remarks, and when the former Lucha House Party member was released from his WWE contract in November 2021, he sarcastically wished the Puerto Rican star good luck in his future endeavors. Lince Dorado hit back at this remark, asking Silagyi to confront him in person.

Lince Dorado addressed these interactions with Renee Paquette on The Sessions, making it clear that Izzy’s father refused to meet up with him at the jiu-jitsu tournament he’d referenced in his tweet. Cody Silagyi deleted his Twitter account shortly after the interaction.

“I said, ‘No, you gotta talk to me in my face. This bulls***, I don’t have words through text, come talk to me like a man to my face,’ and then he wrote, ‘#apology.’ Then he put it out there and deleted his social, and at the end of the day I was like, ‘You know what, one for the good guys. F*** that bully, we’re done with him.’”

The Puerto Rican star also confirmed that he stands by his 2018 comments, saying that he doesn’t blame Izzy but can’t endorse her parents’ decisions to allow their child to take a bump in a wrestling ring. He also said that he didn’t want the feud to continue, but only brought it up because Renee Paquette asked about it specifically.

“I don’t ever want anybody [to suffer] because of some s****y mistake that their parents made. I want her to be successful. I just cannot support the idea of a child taking a bump. If you don’t like that idea and you want to chastise me for years, just know that, yo, I’m gonna get you, dawg!”

Lince Dorado also recently revealed that he only trusted a select few writers while he was with the company.

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