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Lince Dorado Claims Cesaro Won’t Benefit From Joining AEW


Released WWE Superstar Lince Dorado has commented on the prospect of Cesaro joining AEW and says he doesn’t think the company will benefit him.

News broke on February 24th that Cesaro, real name Claudio Castagnoli, had departed the WWE after his contract expired. The initial report from PWInsider noted that WWE had offered another contract extension, but that Castagnoli turned down the offer when the two sides could not come to terms, and also that the expiration of his contract meant that there would be no non-compete clause in effect, meaning that he is free to work wherever he chooses.

An update from Fightful Select provided more information, confirming that Cesaro had been working on a one-year contract extension and that WWE had attempted to get him to sign a new deal. While there had been plans to feature the performer on upcoming shows, the plans were scrapped when he didn’t re-sign with the company, and there were no long terms plans in place creatively for him unless he were to agree to a new deal.

With rumours running rampant on The Swiss Cyborg’s future, a former colleague of Cesaro says he hopes the former US Champion thinks twice about potentially joining AEW. Speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions podcast, Lince Dorado gave his thoughts on the prospect of Cesaro becoming All Elite:

“If it was me, though, I would love to see Claudio kill it in New Japan or IMPACT, and the only reason I say that is there’s no difference for him in AEW. Not that he would be in the same spot, but I think he don’t benefit AEW and AEW don’t benefit him at this moment.”

“He’ll go anywhere and become the guy, but there always will be somebody that says, ‘Well, he didn’t do it in WWE.’ But, at the end of the day, they don’t matter. It depends on how he feels, and him leaving tells me – and knowing him – tells me that he’s leaving for himself, so no matter what he does he’s gonna be happy with it.”

h/t Sportskeeda