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Lilian Garcia On Which WWE Superstars Would Have Done Well In MMA

Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia has been synonymous with WWE since making her ring announcing debut with the company in 1999. Garcia left her full-time role with the company in 2016, but can still be seen making regular guest appearances on WWE television.

Since leaving WWE, Lilian Garcia has transitioned into the world of MMA where she performs as a ring announcer for the Professional Fighters League.

Speaking to The Sun Garcia was asked about the differences in performing at MMA fight nights compared to WWE events.

“With WWE there’s a flowing storyline that’s going on throughout the night and this is like one fight ends and it’s on to the next.

“So there’s really not this complessive storyline that going on through the night, it’s individual, but it’s an intensity that carries on because each fight is so important.

“Being in the cage I feel like I’m in an elimination chamber match for every single fight.”

Garcia went on to name two current WWE Superstars who she feels could have prospered in the world of Mixed-Martial Arts, saying that their athleticism would have stood them in good stead.

“I’d think someone like AJ Styles or Jeff Hardy maybe could have done something.

“It’s their athleticism, they’ve both had such long careers, physically they have an ability to withstand it night after night.

“So, having them do something like MMA, and then add their personalities, I could definitely have seen that.”

The host of the Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia podcast also recalled how she has invited some of her former WWE friends and colleagues to sit with her at cage side, revealing that on one such occasion, Mick Foley told her he could never be a cage fighter.

“I remember inviting Mick Foley, he came and sat with me a couple times cageside and we were in New York and he was so into it.

“He said, ‘I could never be an MMA fighter’. He sees the intensity of that world and how amazing these athletes are.”

During her time with WWE Garcia became known for singing the American national anthem at events such as WrestleMania, an opportunity she later revealed that owes to The Rock.