Lilian Garcia Announces ‘Chasing Glory’ Podcast To Debut On WWE Network

Lilian Garcia

Earlier today, former WWE Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia revealed on Twitter and YouTube that her long-running podcast, Chasing Glory would soon be appearing on the WWE Network. Making the announcement, she said:

“It is with great excitement and gratitude that I announce my return home to the WWE!! BUT in a very different capacity….

I’m proud to announce that my show, “Chasing Glory” will now appear on the WWE NETWORK!!! That’s right! You will now be able to see it on the FREE side of the Network beginning Monday, October 26!!

This is a very special and exciting moment in my career that I owe to my AMAZING Chasing Glory TEAM, the WWE, and you, the WWE UNIVERSE!”

Chasing Glory has been running since 2017 and there have been over 100 episodes so far. On the podcast, Garcia talks to entertainers and athletes, including WWE Superstars, about how they got to where they are today and the challenges they faced in making their dreams come true.

Lilian Garcia left WWE in 2016 after 17 years in the company. She has made sporadic appearances since then with the most recent being on the special Raw Reunion episode in 2019.

As we reported earlier this week, WWE has been working to bring all podcast-type projects together in one place. They have announced that several other podcasts are on their way to the Network, including Corey Graves’ After the Bell, and NXT Superstar Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott’s Swerve City Podcast.