“Let Somebody Fresh Book It” – Ric Flair Sends Message To Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan

Ric Flair has suggested that it might be time for Tony Khan to put down the pencil and let someone else book AEW programming.

As well as owning and booking all of AEW’s television output, Khan also is also heavily involved with the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL franchise, and English Premier League football club Fulham, both of which are owned by his father.

Speaking on a recent episode of his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair said that with the Jaguars improving and potentially heading to the playoffs next season, it could be time for Khan to start delegating.

“I would continue to own the company, but I would let somebody fresh book it. He books and runs it, but he’s also very vested personally in football which he takes a lot of pride in, and the Jaguars are getting better, which I’m really happy for them. They will probably be in the playoffs next year. So what I’m saying is Tony has to divide his time and his passion between two things.”

The AEW boss recently claimed that AEW’s storylines and booking had improved after he altered the way in which he physically writes out shows and storylines.

Tony Khan Confirms More AEW Programming Is On The Way

Ahead of the February 22nd episode of Dynamite, it was revealed that Tony Khan would be making an “important announcement.” What actually took place was something slightly different as Adam Cole announced the launch of a new reality series titled AEW All Access. During the segment, Cole also confirmed that he’ll be returning to the ring in March.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co