Les Thatcher Battling COVID-19 Pneumonia

Les Thatcher Thumb

Professional wrestling legend, Les Thatcher, is currently battling COVID-19 Pneumonia after testing positive for the virus.

Testing positive on Monday January 4, 2021, Thatcher is now said to be in quarantine in his Knoxville home and is receiving medical care to ensure he overcomes the battle and makes a full recovery.

On January 8, the former NWA World Tag Team Champion took to Twitter to update his fans on his condition, stating:

“Thank you everyone for the outpouring of love and prayers. I an fighting COVID Pneumonia which can be dangerous. But I’, old school and don’t plan to let it kick my ass! Love and respect to you all.”

Following his Twitter post, Thatcher then conducted an interview with PWInsider in which thanked fans for their support:

“I want to finally say a very humble thank you for all the thousands of prayers and love being sent my way over the last few days. I am battling COVID-19 Pneumonia, which can be very dangerous, but what it don’t know is it’s dealing with an “OLD SCHOOL” pro wrestler, not an acrobat! So, I plan to kick it’s ass before it gets mine. My best in well wishes and payers to all of you for your support. My love and respect go out to you all, May God bless you!”

Trained by Tony Santos, Les Thatcher soon made a name for himself across the United States as part of The Cousins alongside Roger Hall and Dennis Kirby and became one of the star attractions for Jim Crocket’s Mid-Atlantic Champion Wrestling.

During his career, Thatcher captured several doubles gold including the Memphis version of the NWA World Tag Team Championships, was a four time NWA United States Tag Team Champion, won the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship and reigns six times as the NWA Tennessee Tag Team Champion.

In 1994, he was inducted into the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Hall of Fame and in 2005 was awarded the prestigious Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award by the Cauliflower Alley Club.

Beyond in-ring competition, Thatcher’s influence spans generations of athletes including Nigel McGuiness and AEW’s Jon Moxley, who he helped train for a career in the ring.

Inside the Ropes wishes Les Thatcher a speedy recovery.