Legendary UK Promoter Brian Dixon Passes Away

Brian Dixon and Jushin Liger

The wrestling world is today mourning the loss of Brian Dixon, the founder of All Star Wrestling, the oldest promotion in the UK which launched the careers of many British wrestlers.

His passing was announced by ASW on their Facebook page on May 28th.

“We are broken hearted to announce the death of Brian George Dixon

“Rest in peace”

Dixon founded the Birkenhead-based promotion in 1970 after several years working as a referee. He initially established ASW as a way for his then-girlfriend, and later wife, Mitzi Mueller, to gain exposure when she was having trouble getting bookings from the dominant force at the time, Joint Promotions.

ASW saw success early with Martin Ruane, the wrestler who soon became known nationwide as Giant Haystacks. Haystacks became a household name in the UK due to his long association with Big Daddy.

The 1980s saw ASW grow to new heights as wrestlers became dissatisfied with Joint Promotions and began making the move to Dixon’s company. This included the likes of Johnny Saint, Mighty John Quinn, and Mark Rocco. Around this time, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger and William Regal could also be seen learning their craft in the company.

Brian Dixon secured a TV deal for ASW

Brian Dixon finally secured a TV deal with ITV in 1987 and its programming aired on the channel for two years, highlighting stars like masked UK icon Kendo Nagasaki, Rocco, and Robbie Brookside.

Despite only airing for two years, the TV exposure proved to be a huge boost for Dixon as ASW saw a box office boom with many new fans attending live shows even after the broadcast deal ended.

After this boom, Dixon famously kept the promotion running through tours of holiday camps and smaller venues. In the 2000s, ASW brought in up-and-coming stars such as a young Bryan Danielson and Robbie Dynamite.

The promotion saw another boom during this time and began putting on bigger shows as well as re-establishing their links with global promotions in Europe, Canada, and Japan. ASW’s wrestlers also began to be used by US promotions like IMPACT Wrestling.

While Dixon handed road management duties to his grandson, Joseph Allmark, in 2022, he continued to run the company from the main office up until his passing.

The influence of Brian Dixon on the UK wrestling scene can’t be underestimated and All Star Wrestling as well as the stars who got their start there will continue to carry his legacy for years to come.

Everyone at Inside the Ropes sends our condolences to Brian Dixon’s family and friends during this difficult time.