Legendary Wrestling Referee Returns At IMPACT Emergence

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The iconic Scott Armstrong donned the stripes once again during IMPACT Wrestling’s Emergence card, officiating Jordynne Grace vs. Mia Yim!

The former WWE referee returned to the IMPACT Zone for the first time in around two decades during the Anthem-helmed promotion’s latest monthly special, Emergence. He ensured Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim’s encounter for the former’s Knockouts World Championship was called down the middle.

Scott Armstrong’s return to IMPACT Wrestling wasn’t announced beforehand. Instead, he stood idly next to ring announcer David Penzer while he made in-ring introductions.

Most fans will remember Scott Armstrong’s refereeing from the decade-and-a-half he spent with WWE. First appearing in July 2006, Armstrong soon became a senior referee for the ECW brand and, later, for SmackDown. Outside of officiating, the 61-year-old also served as a producer for the sports entertainment giant.

Throughout his career, Scott was known for being involved in numerous controversies, usually suffering for his actions later in life. Breaking Point 2009 saw him ring the bell before The Undertaker tapped out, harking back to the Montreal Screwjob, while he later served as the crooked referee for The Authority.

A member of the legendary Armstrong family, Scott is the son of WWE Hall of Famer ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong, and has three brothers; Brad and Steve Armstrong, and Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James.