“Learn How To Wrestle” – WWE Hall of Famer Recalls Working With Bruiser Brody

Bruiser Brody posing

Bruiser Brody was a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling. Beginning his wrestling career in the 1970s, he shared the ring with the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, and Antonio Inoki.

He held various tag team titles throughout his career alongside the likes of Kerry Von Erich and Stan Hansen as well as becoming a three-time NWA International Heavyweight Champion.

Brody is perhaps sadly best known for the tragic end to his life. At a show in Puerto Rico, he was scheduled to face Danny Spivey but was asked to step into the shower area of the locker room by José Gonzalez who had previously wrestled as Invader Number 1.

It was while in the shower alone with Gonzalez that Brody was stabbed. Fellow wrestler Tony Atlas came to his aid and helped him get to paramedics, however, Brody passed away from his injuries at the age of only 42. Gonzalez stood trial for murder but claimed self-defence and was acquitted by a jury in a hugely controversial decision.

Brody was the subject of an episode of the documentary series Dark Side Of The Ring which covered his life, career, and death. He was inducted into the Legacy wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2019.

Jim Duggan believes Bruiser Brody was the best big man in wrestling

The latest episode of Jake Roberts’ Snake Pit podcast was guest hosted by ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan. When the topic of big men in wrestling came up, Duggan named Brody as the best in the business.

“Brody’s the best big man in the business. He was a whole different guy. What a monster of a guy, what a physique. Great worker, knew how to work the office.”

Duggan went on to reminisce about getting a call to work with Brody, but initially turning it down as he was happy where he was at the time. However, Brody himself got him to change his mind.

“I was in Pensacola at the time, wrestling as Wild Man Duggan. I had a $500-a-week guarantee, I was living on the beach. I had a hot little girlfriend. I was living with Luke and Butch, the Sheepherders back then.

“And Buck Roby calls me from San Antonio territory, says, ‘Duggan, we got a good spot for you to work with Brody on top here in San Antonio.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, but things are going pretty good here in Pensacola.’ And Brody called me, just [said], ‘Get your butt out here and learn how to wrestle!’”

This proved to be a turning point in Duggan’s career, as it was there he developed the Hacksaw character he used for the rest of his career.

“And so I went to San Antonio, and that’s where I became the Hacksaw character. That’s where I started carrying a 2X4. Then I went to Mid-South, and that’s where I got my big break, was in Mid-South.”

H/T to 411mania.com for the above transcription