“Learn How To Sell A Ticket” – Raw Star Hits Out At Logan Paul

Logan Paul

A Raw Superstar has become the latest WWE performer to publicly criticise Logan Paul, calling out the YouTube star for his lack of promo skills.

The social media personality has been widely praised for his appearances in WWE thus far with many fans being genuinely impressed by his in-ring work.

Paul’s latest match came at last month’s SummerSlam, where he defeated The Miz in his first singles match in WWE, receiving plaudits for his athletic and charismatic performance along the way.

However, it seems as though the podcaster has not been impressing some of his fellow WWE talents backstage.

Bobby Lashley recently called Logan Paul out for not following the wrestling tradition of shaking hands with his co-workers, and now Ciampa has publicly criticised him for his underwhelming promo ability.

Whilst appearing on WWE’s The Bump, the subject of Logan Paul came up and Ciampa took the opportunity to bury his SummerSlam rival:

“I saw him stuttering and stammering trying to cut a promo that he can’t do for the life of himself. Learn how to sell a ticket, Logan Paul!”

The former NXT Champion was then shown a clip of Logan Paul cutting a promo on him before SummerSlam and Ciampa continued to condemn Paul’s verbal skills:

“’You’re not gonna want the frickin that I put down?’ That was his close. That was his out…I’m not wasting any more time on him. We’re not talking about Logan Paul anymore.”

Ciampa was likely delighted to hear reports that Logan Paul is not scheduled to appear in WWE again anytime soon as he is currently preparing for a proposed boxing match scheduled for December.

As for the ‘Blackheart’, he is currently experiencing something of a career resurgence and has been featured heavily on Raw in recent weeks since Triple H took over the booking of the main roster.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.